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As the name suggests this series is full of love and the struggles that come with it. It has been beautifully created and presented. With three successful seasons love has several fans and is a must-watch. To know more about this beautiful series make sure you read till the end.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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The series love on Netflix has portrayed a very different site of dating and relationships. Everything shown is extremely down to earth, it presents the perspectives of different genders. The plot is about two people who have major trust issues and are themselves not trustworthy. They carry a huge amount of emotional baggage with them while they try to have a healthy and successful relationship together.

The series is based on how they both work with each other. The character of Mickey is shown to be an alcohol addict and also a sex addict, she is shown to be hungry for love. She even does pot and is known to be not honest with everybody around her including herself. The other character is Gus who has a severe need emotionally and he is often seen to have emotional outbursts because of his needy behavior. He has also been shown to be awkward and he doesn’t understand when somebody gives him social cues. Other than that the series has several romantic and intense scenes it has been created with the perfect balance of emotions.

The Cast

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The main two characters are that of Mickey which was played by Gillian Jacobs and the other main character is of Gus which was played by Paul Rust. They are shown to be the couple in the series and the whole story has been perfectly acted by them. Fans say that they are the best fitting actors for the roles.

Other than that many other side roles were also seen in the series including that of their coworkers and family members.

When Was The Release

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Season 1 of love had only 10 episodes but it was enough to win several hearts, it was released on the 19th of February in the year 2016. Later in 2017, the second season was aired on Netflix which has 12 seasons. The final and the third season came out in the year 2018 on the 9th of March. After this Netflix announced that they will not be making more episodes for this show.

Things You May Want To Know About Love

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It has now been removed from Netflix and as of the year 2024, there is no information of it coming back. Netflix tried to create similar series but the fans of love still want it to be back.

Some rumors suggest that there was also some on-set romance between the two main characters.

Summing It Up

Love is a really simple yet amazing web series. It has been wonderfully created and is known for its nature of showing many parts of reality. Even though it has only 34 episodes in total, the beauty of the series manages to gain several fans.