We crave good things to go on for a lifetime and Medici is no different. All the fans of the series were left with disappointment after the third season concluded as no sign of the fourth season was hinted at even in the finale. In this article, we explore the possibilities for Medici to return with the fourth season.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The historical drama series is set in 1429. It revolves around the Medici Family and their business of running the largest bank in Europe. One of the crucial clients they serve is the Church of Rome. Things begin to heat up when the head of the Medici Family dies and Cosimo de Medici takes over the bank as the head.

He continues the process of establishing a relationship with the newly elected pope. During the process, the marriage of Cosimo de Medici makes their bank grow economically. Surprisingly, the first season ends on a note of disruption of the power of the Medici Family.

The second season kicks off twenty years later, showing that Lorenzo The Magnificent has taken over the banking business of the family and is determined to grow it further. His position and management are questioned when assassination is attempted. To keep the family and business safe, he vows to make peace by going on a diplomatic journey. The second season had two parts with the second part being termed as the third season.

The Cast


Out of various recurring and non-recurring characters, the series had two main characters. One main character was Cosimo de Medici. He is portrayed by Richard Madden. The other main character was Lorenzo The Magnificent, portrayed by Daniel Sharman.

The first season is carried by Cosimo de Medici. He takes over the business and works diligently to make it the most powerful business in terms of economics. The second season explores the life of Lorenzo The Magnificent as he tries to establish his authority and prove that he deserves to be the head of the family business.

When Can We Expect The Release


Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer, the creators of the series, officially announced that the third season was a wrap for the entire series. They expressed their disinterest to return with a fourth season.

As fans started to guess the reason, several rumors surfaced on the internet claiming that the creators were not returning with the fourth season due to the lack of reference material. The rumor has not yet been confirmed by the creators but since it is a historic series, one may assume the rumor to be true.

Things You May Want To Know About Medici Season 4


All three seasons were a huge hit among fans. They even had one of the best ratings on the internet. Given all these circumstances, the fourth season was the most awaited season of the series before the creators officially canceled it.

Summing It Up

Medici is currently available on Netflix. Even though the fourth season appears to be a distant dream, there is a possibility that Netflix will pick it up.