Saori is a model, actress, singer, producer, and most importantly, a hardworking woman in entertainment. Through her awesome skills and talent, she is earning millions at a very young age. She has also become an inspiration for many young talents. Do you want to know more about her? If yes, here is a perfect article for you to know more about her net worth, less known facts, family background, and personal life.

Who Is Saori Hara


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Saori is a Japanese model who worked under the name Mai Nanami for Japanese AV industries. Within no time, she rose to peak heights in her career. Saori gained a huge fan base through her attitude and unique modeling talent. Also, he is a hardworking and passionate soul. This hard work made her succeed in her career. Apart from modeling, she is also a great actor who performed numerous television serials, shows, and movies. Meanwhile, she started producing awesome movies. That’s why Wikispro called her the most popular actress and producer.

Saori Hara’s Early Life And Family

She was born to a Japanese couple, Bruno Friendlich and Larisa Luppain, in 1988. She is a mixed breed as her parents are from two different countries. Her father is Japanese, while her mother is native to Germany. Her career started in 2004 and continued till 2011. Later, she took a small break and resumed in 2014.

Her Milestones And Career Highlights


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Saori entered the film industry at a very young age as a singer. She sang several popular songs such as Spicy Days(Japanese show famous theme song), Marshmallow Times, etc. She used her pseudonym(Mai Nanami) in the industry up to 2007. After that, she revealed her actual anime to the public. She was a successful AV model who was featured in multiple magazines, videos, and pictures. Surprisingly, she was also featured in the Sabra magazine, which is a renowned men’s magazine.

She signed the SOD contract. Apart from modeling and singing, she entered the movies from 2005 to 2012. She performed numerous roles in films, including Yuriko’s Aroma, Honry House of Horror, Venus in Eros, and many more In 2010, she won the best actor award in Adult broadcasting. After a few years of break, she entered the entertainment industry. Soon after that, she was called Miyabi Matsuno. In one magazine, she was featured with the headline, “Rebirth.” She has been working in the show Garo: Gold Storm Sho since 2015.

Less Known Interesting Stuff About Saori Hara

Here are a few interesting facts about the Saori Hara that you might be interested in. So, dwell more.

  • Aren’t you wondering why Hara stopped working after 2011? Let me tell you. Due to the earthquake that was hit in 2011, she was mentally disturbed and faced severe trauma.
  • After resigning from the AV industry, she worked in a small bar for a while, where she met a guy who is 24 years older than Hara. Later this news went viral. However, Hara and that guy got married in 2012.

Net Worth of Saori Hara


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She garners a whopping $5 million to $10 million from her primary income sources, such as producing films, acting, and brand sponsorships. She is one of the most famous personalities on the internet and social media handles. She is an exceptional lady who left a tremendous identity in the entertainment field.