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Passion, determination, and dedication are the key to success in one’s career in their specializations. Kutty Surumi, the daughter of Mammotty, one of the popular Malayalam actors and producers, is a perfect example of the above statement.

Despite having famous personalities in her family who are always shadowed in the media spotlight, she achieved success in her interested field as an artist through immense persistence and passion. Today, let’s dig into some of the exciting stuff about her net worth, family background, interests, career, etc.

About Kutty Surami

Kutty Surumi was born to the famous Malayalam actor Mammotty and his wife Sulfath Kutty in 1982. After her marriage, she’s most popularly known as Surumi Mammotty. And she’s an artist who adds life to the pencil drawings.

Early Life And Family

She’s a native of Kochi, Kerala. She has a brother, Dulquer Salman, a famous actor in the South Indian Film Industry. Initially, he worked in an IT firm as a business manager. Kutty’s father, Mammotty, is also a great producer. He worked on over 400 films in various industries such as Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, English, and Hindi. That’s why he has a whopping net worth of over 40 crores.

Kutty studied at Toc-H Public School in Kochi. Later, she joined Stella Maris College in Chennai to pursue fine arts. Finally, she completed her post-graduation in London from Chelsea College of Arts.

After her studies, she happily married a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Rehan Sayeed. He founded a hospital chain connecting various specialists to treat multiple diseases, namely, Motherhood hospitals. Now, these happy couples have two cute children and reside in Bangalore.

Career And Milestones

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Surumi’s interest in paintings and sketches brought her numerous prizes, awards, and honors. She got several honors at the school level for her fabulous sketches. Her family constantly supported her in pursuing her dreams in fine arts.

Surumi’s drawings get much attention as she reflected the real-world problems through her sketches. That’s why they are sold widely. All her processes go directly into the Vaz organization that Mammotty and Dr. Rehan lead.

Exciting Facts About Kutty Surami That Nobody Knows

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Here’re a few less-known interesting stuff about Kutty Surimi. So, read-on!

Her family always supported her to improve her skills in fine arts especially sketching and painting. Despite, Mammotty’s busy schedule, he’d gift several painting kits to her daughter on returning his home.

Due to the constant support from the family, she became an established artist and a philanthropist.

Net Worth

Despite having two famous personalities in the family who live primarily in the media spotlight, Kutty kept her private life away. To date, no one could estimate Kutty’s net worth. Surprisingly, there are no articles or resources to estimate her net worth.