The entire series was inspired by the brilliant work of Paul Ekman. This gave its makers the edge of taking the series to another level, which they did. After the conclusion of the third season, fans began to wait for its fourth season. It has been ten years and it’s time to find out if the series will ever return.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The American Crime Drama series was centered around a group called, “The Lightman Group”. The group acts as an assistant to others in solving a crime. The series starts with Dr. Cal Lightman hiring a new assistant for the group. After their interview, he crowns the newly hired assistant as a natural detector of deception.

All the members of The Lightman Group work on separate cases during the initial episodes of the series. With the passage of every episode, the members come to an understanding that every case they are working on is linked in one way or another. This brings them together as a team and they start helping each other with their cases.

Every crime they solve is based on the main characters studying the psychology of the prime accused. Their study deals with expressions, body language, and voice, to name a few points. The series has a sensitive emotional part too that is related to Dr. Cal Lightman. He shares a conflicting relationship with his teenage daughter who, he believes, hates him for rejecting all her boyfriends throughout the series.

The Cast


The three main characters of the series were Dr. Cal Lightman, Dr. Gillian Foster, and Emily Lightman. They were portrayed by Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, and Hayley McFarland, respectively.

Dr. Cal Lightman, the Founder of The Lightman Group, is an expert when it comes to body language and facial expressions. He uses this skill to identify the criminals and also to scare his daughter’s boyfriends. He does not miss an opportunity in showing off in front of the new assistant.

Dr. Gillian Foster is the right hand of Dr. Cal Lightman. She is an expert in the field of analyzing one’s voice, language, and behavior. She is popular for her impulsive behavior and this often misrepresents her professional image. However, she proves her capability by solving every case that is assigned to her.

Emily Lightman runs high on her youthful energy and is notorious in her father’s eyes for being too active with her boyfriends. She believes that her father hates her and her belief remains as it is throughout the series until her father confesses his love for her.

When Can We Expect The Release


The series has concluded with the third season. Neither Fox Network nor Samuel Baum is working on bringing it back for the fourth season. The poor rating of the series during the second and third seasons is said to be a reason for makers not coming up with the fourth season.

Things You May Want To Know About Lie To Me Season 4

The network renewed seasons two and three due to the unavailability of an alternative. After they showed poor performance and a drop in rating, the network decided to call it off and create an alternative.

Summing It Up

A series can always get revived. Lie To Me might have ended with zero chances of coming back but, you never know as anything can happen.