Late John McAfee was in the news recently after the sad news of his passing away. This also brought light to Janice Dyson, the wife of this famous businessman, programmer, and politician. John once described how the couple met and instantly fell in love. The incident happened in Miami, Florida which changed the life of Janice and John.

The couple were a happy and prosperous family who lived in their multi-million dollar mansion in Tennessee. Also, John Pool, the family bodyguard, was always by her side.

About Janice


Janice Dyson has an incredible life story with so many unexpected twists. As a child, Dyson hailed from an extremely underprivileged root and was poor. She grew up with lots of struggle and challenges surrounding her family. To get rid of the financial burned on herself, Janice had to turn to prostitution as her profession. Hence, she lived a life of despair and torture. However, all this changed when she met billionaire businessman John McAfee as part of her job.

John hired Janice as part of a personal escort service in Miami and they never looked back. Rather than seeing her as an object, John was considerate and treated Janice humanely.

Early Life And Family


Due to her impoverished beginnings, Janice had to do some less than reputable things. She also faces a lot of public criticism due to her history with prostitution. Also, she comes under fire for being an alleged gold digger because she marries a rich billionaire who’s almost double her age. The couple got married in 2013 and began their dream life in the world of the mega-rich.

Her Career And Major Milestones


As an individual, Janice hasn’t had a great deal of a career. As a sex worker, the life was extremely rugged and hideous. However, that career path lead her to meeting John and turning her life around. However, now that John McAfee has allegedly committed suicide in a Spanish prison cell, she’ll have to hold the family legacy. It’s reported that Janice was totally broken when she first saw the body.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Janice Dyson


The Wife of one of the influential tech-magnets doesn’t know anything about technology. She isn’t interested and John never tried to make her understand anything like that. However, she does have a certain level of skepticism regarding the security related to the virtual world,

Janice considered John to be a great man, as he was the only man who treated her as a human even when the transaction was as a sex worker. John gave her a chance and Janice gave him the beauty of her soul.

Even when John was in legal trouble, Janice stayed by her side and defended him against all odds.She also claimed that the allegations on John were baseless and a publicity stunt.

Net Worth

After the death of John McAfee, the net worth of Janice is bound to increase many folds. However, as of now, her net worth is just over 1 Million Dollars. John himself was worth over 4 Million Dollars after he lost most of his earnings after a series of bad investments.