While the two seasons that have been launched so far became super hits among the lovers of anime, the creation of a third season is highly in demand. To know all about the storyline and the release date of season 3 of the series, read this article till the end.

A Peek Into The Storyline

Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, the story proceeds to talk about an imaginary mysterious academic institute that houses only monsters and no humans. The institute however is not hidden from society, only the reality of the students studying there has been concealed from the social eye.

The twists in the story emerge with the appearance of the hero, Tsukune who is caught in a problematic situation inside the institute, in which his life and love for a vampire is put to serious questioning. Season 1 and 2 shows Tsukune entering the institute just because his poor skills in academics have prevented him from getting admittance into any higher institute.

Getting to know the reality of the students there, he plans to leave Youkai but soon falls in love with a beautiful vampire, Moka. The series depicts his struggle for survival in Youkai as well as his efforts to conceal his human identity. The latter is essential because the institute is not meant for human admittance.

The Cast


The most important cast of the series is the hero himself, Tsukune Aono who comes to Youkai for higher studies. The female protagonist, Moka Akashiya who is cast as a vampire is yet another character. The entire story revolves around these two.

The other important cast members are the other female students of Youkai who are infatuated by Tsukune. These include a witch, a succubus, and a spirit named Yukari Sendou, Kurumo Kurono, and Mizore Shirayuki respectively.

A further twist in the plot is ensured with the advent of yet another character who happens to be Moka’s sister. The character is given the name Kokoa. Her function in the story is to arouse the sleeping evil inside her vampire sister.

When Can We Expect The Release?


Since both the seasons of the series came out back to back without further delay, the audiences expected a third season to be launched in the same frequency. However, after the conclusion of the 2nd season in 2008, no news of a third season coming has been confirmed to this day.

Things You May Want To Know About Rosario + Vampire Season 3


Although the series is based on manga, in many cases the anime series has been slightly changed from the original story that the manga holds. To speak of one, the manga upholds an almost destruction of the institute after the incident of Lilith Mirror which the audiences in the anime never get to see.

Summing It Up

The anime series Rosario + Vampire encapsulates the simultaneous living of humans and monsters in society. Finally, it can be said that the anime has a rich store of surprises for the viewers. It is said that to this day, no 3rd season has been launched of the series.