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You might be familiar with the famous Gospel singer and a holistic pastor, Le’Andria Johnson. She has greatly contributed to changing flawed people and runs a Ministry in Atlanta, US. Imperfect People Changing Ministry is the name of the Ministry house that she runs but she has faced a lot of criticism because people blame her for being ‘imperfect’ herself. This hits a question in your mind right? Of Course, to know more about her, keep reading to satisfy your curiosity.

About Pastor Le’Andria

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Gospel singing is what gives an identity to Le’Andria Johnson. The attention that she gains from across the world is what yielded her the title of ‘Sunday Best’. ‘I Shall Leap Into My Destiny’ ranked her on #1 in the charts of Billboard for Gospel and it was known to be her most praised coronation song. After her super hit Gospel album, Sunday Best she further continued to render her voice for many more.

She was the first to bring in the evolution through her Imperfect People Changing Ministries and hand in hand introduced IProgress that provides progress updates to help the needy in Atlanta, US which aims at providing Bible, clothes, food, etc to the poor.

Le’Andria Early Life And Family

Le’Andria the legendary singer came into existence on January 23, 1983. Gregory and Sharon Johnson are her parents who birthed and brought her up in Florida, United States. The incentive to be a pastor came from her father who was a bishop at the HQ Ministries and her mother who was a pastor which empowered her to spread the word of God. Her talent of singing gave a spark at the early age of 2 who initially started singing in her father’s church in Altamonte Springs.

She got divorced and engulfed herself in a financial crisis and as she had to fill the stomach of her three kids she participated in the auditions of ‘Sunday Best’. She was helped by her family and friends to seek the audition but her appearance was a barrier, eventually by God’s grace she was able to acquire votes and finally won the audition and gained the title of ‘Sunday Best’.

2013 was the year she married Forrest Walker and was blessed with two more children altogether five children. In 2016 her brother passed away in the month of November.

Career and Milestones

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  • She won the auditions of Sunday Best in 2010 and acquired the title for it.
  • ‘The Awakening of Le’Andria’ was her foremost album that was featured in 2011.
  • She also promoted her albums ‘First Ever Holiday’ and ‘Christmas Best’ in 2011.
  • As a female artist for Gospel singing, she won the 2011 Digital Gospel Music Award.
  • The Experience was her first studio released album of 2012.
  • In the same year, the Best Gospel Award won all hers in the Grammys.
  • The Stellar Awards for the nomination of Best New Female Vocalist in 2013 was received by Le’Andria.
  • She even filmed a reality show named ‘Preachers Of Atlanta’ which featured 5 unusual preachers from Atlanta.
  • Le’Andria received the Steeple Awards of 2016 for the nomination of best female artist of the year.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About This Pastor

  • She faced criticism for singing while drunk from the Christian community.
  • Le’Andria once blamed certain people who were more like hypocrites and criticized the church for admiring those who pretended to live a life according to the Bible. It was in 2015.
  • During her charity programs, criticisms hit her for disturbing contraceptives and cigars.

Net Worth

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The latest update shows that she earns an estimated income through all her programs including music concerts and Gospel singing is $1.25 million.