Although Goldendoodle puppy requires specific hair care, it is the bread that is a great choice for families. It is also good for strangers, children, and has a good temperament. All this makes it an ideal candidate if you want to surprise your child with a new pet. Thanks to their beautiful appearance, they are ideal for girls who will adore their hair.

It will be love at first sight. Due to hypoallergenic hair, it can also be kept by people who are otherwise allergic to dogs. Thus, their owners rarely have a problem with maintaining hygiene in the home. Read below why we recommend this enchanting combination of Golden Retriever and Poodle.

1. A healthy dog


The Goldendoodle puppy is first and foremost a very strong dog when it comes to general health. We can say that he took the best of both races. That is why they are often said to have hybrid power, and in that case, they avoided all the bad traits of parent breeds.

2. Possibility of training

So, this breed is highly trainable. What is great about them is that it does not refer exclusively to the period of youth, but also to older years. A lot of people think that they can’t teach an older dog tricks, but that’s not the case with Goldendoodle. They have a unity of personality that is infinitely curious. This is what constantly drives them and keeps them active. That way, they will be able to send all the children’s activities.

3. Goldendoodle loves family

Although puppies generally cannot be calm and will entertain you rather than sit on your lap, this is not always the case. Goldendoodle will sometimes resist this urge and find a way to get stuck with you while watching a movie or reading a book. They just can’t do without your attention, but they’re no less sociable even when your friends come. That is why you can be carefree because they will be very happy to play with other children and people.

4. Goldendoodle is not loud


We must not forget that they will not make an unpleasant noise. This means that they are very quiet most of the time. You can hear their barking only when they feel threatened, they need something and the like. In all other situations you can be calm. Whether or not there are a lot of dogs around you, they won’t be provoked unless something exciting happens. For example, a squirrel running around the yard or a game of bringing can activate them a lot. However, forget about annoying barking non-stop.

5. Goldendoodle loves swimming

Does your child love water activities? Then get them a best friend to accompany him on that. They are outstanding swimmers and love water. Remember that they are so good at that there are organizations that train this breed to become a rescue dog. This is great news if you want your child to develop healthy water habits.

6. It adores children

Their energy may seem a little strange to you in the presence of children, but know that they are very gentle. In fact, they have the best combination of features, because they are interesting and endearing at the same time. This is what every girl is looking for in her pet. You don’t have to think about boundaries with them, because they are very tolerant. Since children often overdo their games, they can become too hard on dogs. However, not to this race that offers only patience and tenderness.

7. Hypoallergenic


Although your first association with this breed is puffy and soft fur, they will not leave a mess behind. This means that they shed less than other long-haired dogs, because they get stuck in their thick fur. That way, they stay closer to the skin and don’t scatter around, which is great news for people who are allergic.

8. Three available sizes

You can find this adorable breed in several different sizes. This means that you will easily adapt them to your living space and habits. For example, a miniature version will be the right option for people living in an apartment. You can also choose medium or large varieties that will bring a little more energy into your living space. You can see how Goldendoodles of different sizes look like at

9. Friendly with other animals

Apart from the fact that this breed adores families, they love other animals no less. If you already have one or more pets in your home, you can rest easy. Goldendoodle will have no need to show dominance. On the other hand, their gentle nature affects everyone else. This will significantly calm other animals and make them less protective. This dog will immediately show that he is not a threat to anyone, but that he is in the mood to play and cuddle.

10. Goldendoodle is beautiful


In the end, your child will only be thrilled if he gets something nice. You really can’t go wrong with this breed, because the golden doodle puppy is every girl’s dream. As soon as he sees him, he will get the need to beautify him, walk and carry out the craziest activities with him. Their appearance is unique and that is why they belong to the most beautiful group of dogs. In addition to being gentle and endearing, he also looks magnificent.

11. Smart breed

We must not forget their clear mind. No matter how old they are, they will never stop learning and researching. They are extremely smart, which is why they like to use logic in everything. Therefore, they will successfully respond to most of the challenges you set for them, such as tricks and other activities. Children love such things just like this breed of dog. When their playfulness and intelligence are combined, you will simply fall in love with the personality of Goldendoodle.



So when you buy a pet for your daughter, you expect him to be tolerant, affectionate, and in the mood to play. With the Goldendoodle race, you get all that, but also much more. In addition to the beautiful look, you will get a playful spirit that will leave everyone breathless. We hope we have helped you prepare a fantastic surprise for your child.