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Snow Tha has several taglines, including businesswoman, remarkable entrepreneur, pioneer, singer, actress, and son. So, describing her with a single role is impossible. Snow Tha is a persistent, passionate, and hardworking soul who achieved tremendous success in the music industry without any support.

She became successful and an inspiration to many by her skills and never-give-up attitude. So, do you want to know more about her? If yes, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Who Is Snow Tha

Snow Tha is one of the remarkable and dedicated rappers who raps in both English and Spanish languages. She reached the peak in her career with her tremendous persistence and talent without any background support.

She pursued graduation in the Social Working field at the San Diego Mesa College. Later, she discontinued her career in the music industry. Her name is derived from the Disney characters Snow White and The Product. On combining these two names, you get Snow Tha Product.

Snow That’s Early Life & Family

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She is a native of Mexico. Her parents migrated to San Diego from Mexico, and she was born in CA, San Diego, on June 24. She is blessed with a charming child of 8 years old, namely Andrew. It’s also known that for over three years, Snow Tha and Julissa were dating. They both together run a youtube channel and podcasts.

Her Career And Milestones

She began her music career when she was 6. She performed in several Talent shows and even won the MTV VMA Award. She used to upload her singing videos on YouTube and increase her fans. As she was mesmerizing with her unique voice in English and Spanish, her videos went viral. Hence, she reaped much attention for her raps and other albums.

In 2017, she started acting, and her debut character was Lil’ T in the Queen of the South American Show. VALEMDERE is one of the much-awaited albums of Snow Tha that would be released in mid of 2024.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Snow Tha.

Despite her stardom, there are a few unnoticed facts about Snow Tha. So, let’s dwell on some of them here. Read-on!

  • She made a video and recorded it in her living room. After a few edits, she released the video, namely, “On My Sh-Freestyle.” It received over 5000 comments. Sadly most of them were negative comments which made her take off the video.
  • She believes in following one’s heart and passion. So, she constantly encourages youth and young talent to follow their dream and achieve success.

Net Worth

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Her estimated net worth is around $3 million as a Lyricist, Brand Ambassador, Marketing Executive, Singer, and well-renowned actor. Also, she reaps around $12.3K from her other major sources of income are albums, raps, and clothing brands.