Attractiveness is something that defines Nikki Charm as her name which she lived by more than just her name. This stunning personality has a lot more that will grab all your attention towards her including her hobbies, reading, photography, etc. And especially her personal life and career. Let’s move forward to the pile of Nikki’s story.

About Nikki

Shannon Louise Eaves sounds familiar right? It’s none other than Nikki Charm who has burst out the social world with her powerful performances.She introduces herself as an adult actress and is also famous for her ‘Talk To Me Dirty One More Time’.

She hails from the US and has been an American pornographic star since 1980s.This blonde American ruled almost every heart of the adult film viewers.She was also suspected to be a gay.Her face was always highlighted with the beam of her smile. This was as she involved herself completely into her career.

Nikki was usually portrayed in her cinema as a credulous  girl who was being seduced.By the end of the decade she left the adult industry. She had to spend some time in jail due legal issues and soon got freed in the 2000s giving an imposing entry with comeback releases. She was such an alluring personality at a very young age that made her prominent.

Career Life and Milestones


The Kickstart for her career was mainly through adult films and this part of the career itself got her to fame.

  • Between 1984 to 1990, she starred in 50 videos.
  • In the same period also signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment.
  • She put an end to her pornographic career in the 1990.At this time of cease she adapted strip dancing.
  • In the near 2000s she got back to the adult industry and appeared in 6 films.
  • It was claimed that she had not attained the age to act as a pornographic actress and ended up in investigation which proved that her age was legal to play adult films.
  • In 2011 she came back to her early business in the adult industry and performed in ‘Seasonal Players’ with Tom Byron in a scene.

Facts About Nikki Charm


There are some phases of Nikki’s life about which is not known to everyone so let’s throw light on her achievements.

  • Nikki was both an arm at News Hall Of Fame and XRCO Hall of Fame.
  • She posted her first pornographic video as soon as she turned 18.
  • In 2002 she went through a five year sentence for theft and burglary.
  • For a stretch of 10 years she kept herself away from the adult world or like almost disappeared and returned back in 2011, working till date.

Net Worth

By her fascinating profession she earns a net worth of about 1 – 9 million dollars and this is why she is ranked top in the list.Her profession is her identity which has engrossed fans to constantly love her. In recent days (2020 -2021) it is heard that her worth is that her income is hiked.