Anyone who decides to do business must hire an independent accountant or agency from the very beginning. Regardless of the type of activity and the size of the company, and especially if it is a small company, it is necessary to include an accountant, from the very beginning of the business. Cooperation with a good accountant or agency is invaluable for the development and operation of the company.

The job of an accountant is not exclusively bookkeeping. That person must be an excellent connoisseur of the law, follow all changes, be up to date and give important guidelines and information to the businessman who runs the company. Concern about the company’s income and expenses, taxes, possible investments, human resources, various types of financial advice, final accounts, and many other things that fall under the activity of an accountant. So, the accountant must be a responsible, credible, and educated person, preferably with recommendations. It doesn’t matter to whom you entrust the most important and key things of your company. While we would all like our bookkeeper choice to be a complete hit right away, mistakes are often made, so it’s good to know what to look out for.

1. Fail to identify your goals and expectations


One of the biggest mistakes can be that we ourselves are not sure what exactly we expect from an accountant. What should we entrust to him to do, how much authority should we give him, what exactly do we need. Maybe we are beginners, inexperienced, and new to the business, so we don’t know how things work in that field. It is always good to seek advice and consultation with an experienced business person, explain your doubts and try to clearly define the needs and determinants that we will follow. With that, we will be able to make a list of requirements and jobs that we expect the accountant to do for us. This will make it easier for him and us to reach an agreement and determine whether we have found a suitable employee, and be an employer with whom that person will successfully cooperate.

2. Fail to ask for recommendations


In such an important matter, as the job of an accountant in a company, it is inadmissible not to look at the recommendations that every serious businessman should have. We may like someone at first sight, that the candidate speaks nicely, behaves culturally, which is certainly a plus, but that says nothing about his expertise and experience. Also, someone may be a little repulsive or uninteresting to us, and his abilities and skills can be exceptional. In order not to make such important decisions lightly and superficially, it is very important to look for recommendations and evidence of education, previous jobs, experiences and perhaps a special specialization in one of the areas in a wide range of bookkeeping. Women business owners are less likely to make that mistake, while men trust their instinct instead of reassignment and then make the wrong decisions.

3. You do not ask additional questions


It is understood that, during a job interview, the employer must ask certain questions. It’s not just about general facts like education level, age, some preferences or hobbies. This falls into the domain of chatting and it is necessary to include it in the job interview both for the sake of the potential employee and for the sake of the employer. This shows the way the candidate communicates, how he behaves and what general impression he leaves. It is much more important to have a professional, who can be hired for the occasion if one of the employees does not already have knowledge of accounting. Some crucial questions need to be asked about the profession, experience, maybe even devising a couple of tasks that the job candidate needs to solve. Such a conversation makes a lot of sense and is useful because it will save you a lot of trouble and problems if you hire an inadequate person.

4. You hire an inexperienced accountant


Every start of a business is uncertain, and we cannot know how it will develop. Will we succeed in our ideas and plans, or are we wrong to start something like that. Therefore, the need not to waste money, in the beginning, is important and necessary. Therefore, we can fall into the trap of excessively controlled spending, and excessive savings on various things. We must be aware that we can save on something, but on important things, such as an accountant – not at all! Sometimes it can happen that due to a lower price, we hire an inexperienced person and then pay much more and learn a lesson in a much harder way. Perhaps an inexperienced accountant does not have bad intentions and does his best but simply, still, does not have the knowledge and skills needed. So it can happen that they make cardinal mistakes, that makes a big debt, for example, to the state when it comes to taxes, and these are things that are complicated and expensive to correct. According to, good accounting will help you very much with tax returns.

5. You are not checking to see if it has a license


A valid license is implied, we absolutely have to check it. It is also very important that the person is trusted, that he cooperates well with you, that you understand each other, and that he understands in which direction you want the company to develop. It is invaluable to have intelligent, professional associations with whom he cooperates well and who keeps business secrets of the company, and he cares about success and progress. Don’t regret paying such a person more and keep it with you, because it will benefit you in the long run. You will work more relaxed and both parties will be satisfied.

6. You forget that women often do this job better


We do not want you to misunderstand what we are telling you, but in some jobs, men achieve better results, and in others, women. Accounting is certainly a type of business where women are much more successful. There are several reasons why this is so, but above all, it is because women pay much more attention to detail. This feminine quality is very important for a successful accountant so that she does not miss something seemingly small, which is actually very important. So look for a female accountant.


Although sometimes we take all precautions and do our best to do a good job, it happens that we are unlucky, so we hire the wrong person, in this case, an accountant. As soon as we notice that things are not going well (double control is needed in the beginning, until we are convinced of the work of our new employee), we should react. Things are subject to change and there is no need to panic and make drama. Also, it can happen that we are lucky and immediately find the ideal person who meets our criteria. It is up to us to take the search for our accountant seriously, and when will we find him.


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