The adult industry is rejuvenated by the most stunning and famous, Raven Riley. Popularity heaps when she intensely performs her role which is why she is termed to be impressive by her fans. This top listed actress rules the minds of the people.

To know more about this dazzling personality let’s proceed.

About Riley


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Sara Pate? It’s Raven’s original name. September 6 was her birthday. Heaven in Arizona, USA became her native in 1986.

Raven initially started as a model in 2004. ‘Third Pentacle’ was the company she established along with Jay Man (Business Partner). Raven along with Jay continued to get recognized further by establishing another company “Evil Motion Company” to get going into producing horror movies which in 2007, November’s promoted ” Succubus” as their first adult horror movie wherein Raven starred as a main actress. And later on she started her own website.

Virgo is her astrological sign in the Zodiac. In the New Haven Festival held at Connecticut, “Skin In The Game ” documentary was showcased featuring Raven Riley that reflected her own story from her rise to her withdrawal from the adult movies.

Early Life And Family

Raven Riley came into the spotlight mostly because of her adult movies which were highly impressive and was credited more by her fans. Despite being involved in the adult movies she never revealed anything about her personal life. He left no chance for an usher between her career and private life. Including her parents name, education, dating life everything is intimate. She did not disclose anything because of security reasons.

She was not born into fame. She lived like a middle average family before she screened herself in the adult industry, her style of living was straightforward and uninvolved.

Things You Didn’t Know About Raven Riley


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Despite having limited information available about Raven, few facts which add flavour to her life and career as she is as unique as the echo in the forest are:

  • Riley comes from American and Italian descent.
  • In 2007, Riley triggered on the front cover of the magazine for the enumeration of ‘Girls Of The Web’ in the top 20 list wherein she was the topliner.
  • As her popularity was at heap, people usually scammed men in search of private searches with her photos on social platforms.

Net Worth

Raven Riley has gained her wealth mostly from her career as a model, producer, actress and queen of adult films. The estimated worth is $1 – $2 million.

Over the years people tried sneaking into her personal life though nothing was disclosed. She is being appreciated for as she distinguished between her profession and privacy. Fans’ admiration towards her is endless. She is being portrayed as an irenic sensation in the social world.