Who wouldn’t love talk shows of famous personalities? Don’t you? But have you ever tried to remember the producers and other artists of the talk shows? So today, we’re going to learn about the backbone and robust supporter of the famous talk show Conan O’Brien, Sona Movsesian. Dwell deeper to find more about her net worth, personal life, education, achievements, etc.

Who Is Sona Movsesian


Her complete name is Thailand Sona Movesesian, who belongs to the blend of Armenian and American ethnicity. She is one of the famous media personalities who works as an executive assistant. Since 2009, i.e., she has been working with Conan O’ Brien for over a decade and has gained much popularity. In 2019, she was welcomed as a guest in the same show. She even took part in podcasts and was the co-host of one of the most famous shows, “Conan O’ Brien Needs A Friend.”

Sona Movsesian’s Early Life And Family 


Sona grew up in her native place, Montebello, in California. She resided in California till her graduation. She studied at the University of Southern California and completed her education by 2005. Later, she was happily married to a famous graphic artist, Tak Boroyan. Recently, in the Conan O’ Brien talk show in 2024, she stated that the happy couple was expecting twin babies soon. 

Her Milestones And Career Highlights 


She had a wonderful career even before working in the Conan O’Brien show. She worked as an event coordinator at NBC. Sona held a significant role in the Conan show. That’s why she was featured in 2011 in the documentary called “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop.”

In 2015, one episode gained huge attention from the public where Sona was taken to Armerina to recollect her roots by the show team. Once, she participated as a guest in the show as Kumail Nanijani could not attend the show.

Despite the absence of major guests, the show remained extremely joyous and cherishing. Have you ever watched American French Characters? If so, you might be familiar with the voice of the beautiful and cute Princess Sugar Salt. To your surprise, Sona voiced this Princess character.  

Less Known Interesting Stuff About Sona Movsesian

Are you curious to know a few interesting and less known facts about Sona Movesesian? SO, read on!

  • Until she entered the Conan show, she was an intern in her previous work roles. She reached Conan most surprisingly by sending emails to people asking about her Gigloo’s Coffee Mug that somebody stole. Initially, Conan thought it was a joke and asked Sona in the show.  
  • She loves playing volleyball and soccer. So, she participated in several matches. 

Net Worth of Sona Movsesian

A few resources state that Sona’s net worth is around $1.3 Million, while others mention it as $1 million. Yet revealed her annual revenue as $1 million in a show. Also, she garnered a few bucks from co-hosting the podcast. Brien and Sona made the podcast famous in no time with their innovative thoughts. Sona has been the robust support for him on bad days. In a nutshell, their relationships are adorable and heart-touching.