The 35 year old stunningly beautiful Jenna Shea is a model in America. Her family comes from Poland. She is a hot sensation in the modelling world which doesn’t end here. She has also starred in with famous celebrities, one of which includes her encounter in ‘Black Men’.

About Jenna


On September 8, 1985, Jenna Shea felt her presence in the world. Inglewood in California was her native. Jenna Shea Cosgrove is her full name. She is an extremely popular model with a great fan following. Even Brandon Spikes, an American football linebacker follows her along with other famous personalities on the social media. She has worked for various production houses as well as accompanied several personalities for a lump sum payment.

Early Life And Family


Jenna was born in America but is of Polish descent and currently stays in America. She is taciturn when it comes to her personal life. Even nothing is shared about her education. She is not married but has rumours state that she dated several men and to have a link with some of her usual clients. She started as a model has soared a heap in the following years with a great fan base.

Jenna’s Career And Milestones


We know as a model she is famous but more than that Jenna is known for escorting celebrities. She charges 1000 dollars for one hour and 5000 dollars for a day added with 10,000 dollars for two days. It may increase according to the person. As she is very popular on all the social media platforms including her website, she earns a good profit by selling her photos, shows, etc.

Jenna as a model is exceptionally professional. She has no doubt on her works while dealing with her clients leaving a great impact on popularity. And not just this, in 2019, she also showed up in the ‘No Jumper’ TV series.’Aaron Carter Pulls Up With His Girlfriend Jenna Shea’ was her first film.

Interesting Facts About Jenna


Jenna is an exceptionally hot model who is proud of her body and dazzling smile. She is unhesitant about her career and her take towards her sexual experiences. She claims herself purely as an avaricious. Her body physic is extremely amazing with her ample upper and lower figure.

Her tiny waist is a life sprinkler to her beautiful model body. It’s said that her body is perfectly designed for her clients. When it comes to dating men or about their structure, she is a frank speaker. Many rappers, players, celebrities have set as their company to her to spend some time with her. Aaron Carter and Jenna were rumoured for date but it came to an end in 2024.

Seducing is known to be her master field. Her confidence is at heap when it comes to her body and sexual affairs. Although she is rumoured to have some cosmetic surgery, the magic in her body is what attracts every man.

Net Worth

Most of her wealth is from her celebrity escorts and modelling, which is estimated to be 1 million.