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Elizabeth is one of the most remarkable names in history who survived a kidnap which was almost for three fourth of a year. Getting kidnapped at a very young age is terrible and here Elizabeth was just 14 when she got kidnapped. This very tragedy and a dreadful experience has made her stand for all the children who are going through the same. Today she is the world’s best supporting commentator presently working at ABC news. She is striving as an activist for the safety of the generation. She has been a part of movies and books which portray her terrible experience.

Guess right! You’re sick of this personality, right? Then you will definitely like this article as it explains her life in a streak.

About Elizabeth Ann

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November 3 was the Birthdate of Elizabeth Smart and 1987 was her birthyear. She grew up with her sister and four brothers. Not much is known about her parents. Some of the compact details about her family are highlighted in her movies and books. Her story sparks an idea about her relevant experience.

It was in 2002 that she was deceived at the mere age of 14 from her bedroom. All this happened in a fraction of seconds as the kidnappers threatened her with the knife. She was in a constant place for 9 years, which was too tiring. Not just this, she was raped every single day and they would shut her mouth by gun threatening if she tried escaping. This was breaking telecasted on every news channel of that time along with the criminals, after they were caught in the whole of America.

Her Life And Family

Her life had been miserable since her childhood. After the criminals were caught along with their heads, they were sentenced to prison for 15 years with the head for life imprisonment for sexually assaulting and abducting Elizabeth.

Before all this happened she attended Bryant Middle School in America. Later she joined East High School for her further studies. She was passionate about music and so attended Brigham’s Young University to fulfill her dream.

Although she had to go through all difficulties, she was blessed with a partner, Matthew Gilmour. In 2012 they got married and had three children. Today she is a live role model for her children.

Career And Milestones

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In 2011, she started her career as a child activist to safeguard all the children from the troubleshooters, assaulters, kidnappers and such horrible incidents. Her foundation is aimed at safeguarding children. She also promoted awareness of sexual assaults across the world. She is also a well-known commentator who is managing both her jobs with great pleasure.

Facts About Elizabeth Smart

For her brave acts she has been awarded many times on the basis of her survival. Her movie name is ‘The Elizabeth Smart Story’.

Net Worth

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Through all her initiatives and passion at her work as both commentator and activist she earns an estimated income of $2 million.