Maintenance of your home is a priority if you want things to last without having to replace them very often because of poor management. In this situation, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman because everyone should know how to fix some things that are really easy without calling professionals and being charged for it. Women are not taught to fix things and that is a problem because it is not hard to do, but the actual reason for that is because the parents can’t do that as well.

We all know that we should take care of things in our homes and that we occasionally have to replace some things if we want everything to work properly, but plumbing maintenance is something that is usually forgotten. We pay attention only when a problem comes up and usually, that is when we pay more for fixing instead of preventing those things from happening.

In this article, we will talk about things that every woman should know about plumbing for maintaining and especially for her safety.

Change the flapper


This is a thing that everyone has to know how to do because it is not hard at all and you cannot break anything while doing that, unlike working on the pipes. You have to change this thing at least once in a couple of years, so you prevent water from leaking inside the toilet. This may not seem like something that is important, but you will feel it when the next bill comes. The water is leaking a little bit but constantly, so it increases the usage without a purpose.

Learn how to unclog


You will need to learn to unclog your toilet, sink and shower drain because they are annoying and can disrupt your normal living. Before learning how to solve the problem, you should prevent it because it is easier to prevent things than solving them. You should never throw things inside your toilet that cannot decompose. They will get stuck somewhere in the pipe and they will obstruct everything from passing further. If you happen to have problems with it, you should avoid throwing paper as well.

Before calling a professional, you should always try to do this by yourself because if you make a mistake, it will not be crucial. Try to make it passable with the rubber vacuum tool, just insert it and pump so it moves things down there and maybe unclog it. If this does not work, you will have to try to unclog it with a metal cable that you need to insert down the hole and spin it so it mechanically moves things and solves the problem.

Solving the problem with your sink and shower is pretty much the same process, you insert the same cable, and you twist it. That will push things down, or it may bring them up so you can pick them and throw them away. If you happen to have a problem with your sink and shower, you should put guards on the drain to prevent hairs or food, depending on which sink, to go down and to cause a problem.

If nothing works, you should call a professional that will surely fix your problem, as suggested by They have experience and they will not make a mistake that might cost you more than the problem itself.

Avoid using products that can damage things


You have surely seen products like this in your store that are meant to unclog things using some kind of special formula. You should really be careful with them because they might be too strong and cause problems with the pipes. If you use them too much or you add too much of the product, you can damage the walls of the pipe and cause a leak that will cost you a lot. That is why you have to learn how to unclog your drains without these products.

Learn how to stop the water


This is an essential thing to know for your safety. If something happens and there is a big leak, you will have to know how to stop the water in your home. It typically is one valve that is important for the whole house, you will have to know which one and how to turn it off.

Look for leaks

If you notice that your bills are increasing in the past months, you will have to look for a leak. It might be something really small that adds up to the price, like a faulty flapper that lets water run all the time. How to check if there is a leak? Well, that is pretty simple, you reset your water meter and you make sure that you have everything off. If the numbers still move, then you will have to find where the leak is. It is always recommended to find a professional to fix the leaks because you might cause a bigger problem without the proper knowledge.

Check the pressure


This is easy to do with a pretty cheap device. You place it on the faucet like you would attach your hose on and it will measure the pressure that you have. If it is too big, it might damage something, if it is too little, some machines might not work properly or get broken because of that. If you notice a variation in any way, call a professional to fix this problem for you.

Use the heater properly

This tip can save you a lot of money because of the efficiency of the heater. You have to check the temperature that you have set in the past. If it is too high, just turn it down because you don’t need that much hot water, and you waste resources on something that you won’t use. Instead, place the circle on a temperature that is acceptable and start saving money.


Learning new things when it comes to maintaining your home is really beneficial for you. Not only that you will save money doing it alone, but you will also prevent bigger problems from happening and you will have a safer place for living.