Andy Muschiette’s Mama is not only his debut but also a breakthrough of his success and fame as a director. He and his sister, Barbara Muschietti, have previously created a short film which is then made into a feature film.

A Peek Into The Storyline

Due to financial crashes, Jeffrey Desange kills his wife and colleagues. To kill his 2 daughters as well, he leads them to a cabin within the dense forest. However, the little girls are saved by a paranormal being who kills him instead.

After searching for 5 years, Jeffrey’s brother Lucas finds the girls inside a shabby cabin. Lucas and his lover Annabel take charge of the girls Lily and Victoria. Soon, they realize that a paranormal figure has also accompanied them home. Lucas is attacked by this unseen Mama and goes into a coma. Consequently, Anabel, who avoids motherhood, becomes their only guardian.

As the story progresses, Mama is revealed as an asylum patient, Edith Brennan. She ran away from there for her child and they both jumped off a cliff. However, her child gets hooked to a branch while she dies. From then, Edith keeps hovering in the forest searching for her lost child. Eventually, she finds Lily and Victoria, saves them, and becomes their Mama.

The remaining story is a tussle between the two women, one who avoids motherhood and the other who is dead yet would do anything for motherhood.

The Cast


The lead role of Mama has been fantabulously played by an eminent actress Javier Botet. Her voiceovers were done by Laura Guiteras and Melina Matthew. On the contrary to the horrific figure of Mama, the beautiful Edith Brennan has been enacted by Hannah Cheesman.

The child actors did a commendable job too playing the roles of little Lily and Victoria. Maya Dawe plays the character of little Lily. Whereas, that of little Victoria was acted out by young and cute Morgan McGary. As the girls grow up, their roles are replaced by actors Isabelle Nelisse for Lily and Megan Charpentier for Victoria.

The independent care-free role of Anabelle is portrayed well by the actress Jessica Chastain. Opposite to her, the role of Lucas is played by Nicolaj Coster Waldau. He also did the role of Jeffrey Desange, his brother.

The supporting characters were acted well by a team of very talented actors. They were Daniel Kash, Jane Moffat, David Fox, Julia Chantrey, Elva Mai Hoover, Dominic Cuzzocrea, and Diane Gordon.

When Can We Expect The Release

The release of a sequel to Mama cannot be anticipated at the moment. There is nothing planned as of now. If released at all, it might be after 2024.

Things You May Want To Know About Mama 2


It was heard that Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsh were writing the sequel afresh in 2016. However, no updates are heard after that.

Summing It Up

Mama received great admiration from its viewers. However, there is no plan for a sequel to the movie yet.