Into the Badlands has been one of the finest martial arts dramas of all time. After having run for over 3 seasons, we see that the series has taken a bit of a stop for a while. Now is this halt just a suspenseful wait for the next season or an actual full stop to the series? Let’s find out.

Peek in the Plot


The creators wished to create some groundbreaking action drama and that’s exactly what we got. This series is based in a post-apocalyptic world where the directors take us on a journey where the world is destroyed due to wars.

The rising feudalism, monopolies, and barony are putting people at stake and a city like Badlands fights through. With a world that has now banned guns, a young boy and a great warrior tread through with crossbows and arrows to find enlightenment. It is truly a journey with an extraordinary premise.

Into the Badlands Next Season


This mind-boggling series dominated its audience for 3 seasons and now we can’t get enough of it. However season 4 has surely created a long wait for the fans and if you are one of them, we have bad news! Into the Badlands season 4 is not happening. The AMC has announced in 2019 that there will not be the next season so of course, we don’t have any release dates or air dates.

For now, we don’t have any chances of revival for the story but we can surely expect a revival of it on new channels (although none of it is in news). Into The Badlands has a dedicated fan base who is striving to #savethebadlands. Yes, they actually started a hashtag to continue the series! Despite these efforts, the series has struggled with critical reviews from the industry. This has made the revival of this series even difficult.

The Story Ahead


Poor ratings and mediocre reviews from all around have forced AMC to stop at season 3. They wrapped up the show with the season finale and they have their lips shut about it ever since but what about the story ahead, right? Even the cast and crew are excited about it!

So the AMC introduced digital copies along with the series where the people could find the storyline in the form of a comic book. We do have hopes that even if the series is stuck, the story could pick up in the form of its next comic book. There are also chances that we could find our favorite Into The Badlands converted to an anime series but nothing is official yet.

Summing it up

Into The Badlands has an extraordinary plot filled with action, drama, and thrill. However, it has been severely underrated and now we have no option but to wait till the creators decide to bring it back again. Although there are high chances that the series gets adopted by a new channel, we must wait for official news. Let’s hope we see the story pick up from where it left!