If you have been searching limitlessly for a sequel to Limitless, then your search ends here. We have some brand new information about the upcoming Limitless 2 movie and its release date. Excited to know? Stay tuned!

Response to Limitless 1


Limitless was an experimental story (quite literally). With its wonderful plot and great additions, the movie made it to a pretty good benchmark in the industry. It received a 69% Tomatometer and a 74% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though the critics were not as pleased as the audience, the movie managed to thrive well enough to have made it back to us again.

Everyone waited to know what happened with Morra and the movie came back with a blast. Nobody expected a continuation to the story in the format of a TV series. That’s how we got the Limitless season 1 where the story picked off 4 years later than the end of the movie.

Even the series received positive reviews and we saw it doing better than the movie. CBS added striking features, remarkable history and created an outstanding storyline out of the given plot. The series first aired on 22nd September 2015 and ended in 2016. Well, it’s been a good 5 years since the end and we see no traces of the next season! Is it happening, is it not?

Limitless 2 Controversy


The story of Limitless revolves around the protagonist using a special kind of drug. This drug turns the person using it inside out. It gives them some supernatural powers that make them overly intelligent and smart-working. As great as this plot is, CBS is now facing controversial reports and comments from all around the world that this series is giving out a bad message altogether. Even though it might just be a fictional idea, a lot of watchers seem to think of it as the promotion of drugs.

This controversy has put CBS and the creators in a huge dilemma. While the fans are waiting for the next season assuring its good responses, the rising controversy might tamper the whole reputation of CBS on the other side. This dilemma might lead them to take a break from any limitless franchise’s upcoming material.

Is Limitless 2 happening?


As there is no official information from the site, it is difficult to say whether or not we will see a second season. If you are waiting for an actual Limitless 2 movie, then no, that’s not happening for sure. We can have hopes for a new season of the series but that’s still unclear.

There are rumors that the next season would focus on a story where the drug has somehow disappeared and the users have to manage without it. Considering this to be the storyline, it could go against the controversies for a change.

Summing it up

Limitless has gone from a movie to a series and with equal engagement rates. Although we can’t expect a sequel to the movie, we have hopes for a new season. Nothing is really official yet so all we can do is limitless wait!