A rising Taiwanese drama, the Triad Princess is a romantic drama that has recently gathered speed and a large fan base due to its quirky humor, cute characters, and a lovable storyline revolving around two lovers from different backgrounds.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The story revolves around Angie, a young girl who has big dreams. She is the daughter of a triad gangster boss and lives a monotonous life without any adventures or challenges. Soon after she takes her life into her hands and takes on a new identity. Then she takes on a gig and begins to work secretly as a bodyguard to a famous actress.

And So, her journey begins, and then she meets her crush, a celebrity actor Xu Yi Hang. He being a celebrity is constantly under the eyes of the media and he finds Angie a refreshing, infectiously happy person. Her enthusiasm, friendliness, and companionship lead them towards Love.

Both of them soon hit off together, and so begins their whirlwind romance. But, true love never comes easy, it has its share of obstacles and so we see. Angie’s background of gangsters and the constant media gaze on Xu Hi Yang clash and threaten to expose the activities of the gang.

How they both maneuver the hurdles on the path towards love and what they face, from Angie’s father and the media, and what path they choose completes the six episodes of Season 1. Season 2 shall most likely show further complications in their lives and how they end up.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


In Season 1 of this rom-com, the girl Ni An Qi was brought alive on the screen by famous Taiwanese actress Eugine Liu, and the famed Taiwanese musician Jasper Liu plays the role of lover boy Xu Yi Hang. It is speculated that in Triad Princess Season 2, the main characters will most likely reprise their roles.

The recurring cast, apart from our main characters, was made up of Michael J Q Huang who played the role of Angie’s father, we also saw Chang Shu-Wei who played the role of Wang Jin Guo, and Chang Xhang-xing, Tsao Yu-Ning, Lee Lee-Zen, among others.

When Can We Expect The Release


The first season came in December  2019. Soon after the fans were eager for the release of the Second Season, and the viewership increased drastically. However, there has been no official news or date of release for it.

Hopefully, with the increasing popularity, the producers might bring the good news soon!

Things You May Want To Know About Triad Princess Season 2


Ni An Qui, the female lead is not your typical sweet and funny, dainty character but she is seen as a badass lady with a gun.  The gangsters are also not the typical mean, dirty ones but they are quite a bunch of comedy.

Summing It Up

If you are looking for respite from the dark political, thrillers, and web series then this should be your go too. Filled with emotions of love, friendship, bonds, and responsibility, it is a cute story that will go a long way in improving your mood and making you wish for the love of a lifetime.