Your home’s security is vital because it ensures that your possessions and the people living there are safe, secure & sound. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the many steps you can take to ensure that your property is secure. Have you ever thought about safety alarms, camera set-ups, or proper security systems? If not, now is the right time to give them a go. These are important dos and don’ts every homeowner should know.

Top 5 Important Dos


1. Do: Ensure All Windows and Entrances Are Sealed

Although locking your windows and doors is a must, many overlook that these areas also need to be sealed so that the locks can do their jobs. Ensure that the waves on every entrance function well, that when they’re locked, every window and door is well-sealed, and that nobody can open them or wiggle them free from the exterior. Most burglaries do happen because people forget to close their windows or garage doors.

2. Do: Consider Installing A Camera Doorbell

A camera doorbell can offer a lot of security! Not only can they record whoever approaches your door, but they can also alert you to any cars parking or people walking close to your property. In addition, simply having a camera like this installed can lower your risk of people trying to break into your property since they assume other measures are being taken to guarantee your safety. They are not too pricey yet they have a lot of benefits and can help with ultimate prevention.

3. Do: Keep Your Home Exterior Well Lit


If your home’s exterior is well lit, people are far less likely to try to get into your home. Not only because it implies that someone is home, but it also would put them in the spotlight if they approach your property. No one wants this kind of spotlight or attention, trust us. You can either have classic floodlights that stay on or motion-detecting floodlights, which are more likely to spook and scare off an intruder. They are a bit more complex to set up, but once done they will do their magic.

4. Install New High-Quality Locks

Quality deadbolts should be on all gates and exterior doors for your own safety & ease of mind. Locks should also be installed on all windows as well since, statistically speaking, they can help with forced entries by professionals who know how to take down any type of lock.

PS: You should also change all the key locks when moving into a new home. To avoid someone from entering your home, change all your exterior locks & get a set of new keys.

5. Ask For ID

Oftentimes mailmen, salespeople, handymen, and landlords will walk into your home, announced or at random. It is up to you to ask for credentials from any salesperson who requests entry to your home. You should ask for their ID since you don’t want to let just anyone walk in unannounced. A lot of professionals know how to take advantage of this situation, which is why it is up to you to do the double-check before you let them snoop around.

Top 5 Don’ts


1. Don’t: Leave Street-Facing Windows Open At Night

When the weather is nice, we all want a lovely breeze to sweep through our homes. Unfortunately, doing that after dark while you’re not in the room can be dangerous & risky. Lock your windows before you call it night, as well as any time you’re outside of your home. Street-facing windows are at higher risk since someone can easily see from their car or bike whether your home is secure or not.

2. Don’t: Get A Dog As A Security System

Dogs are a cliche that should no longer be used in home security. Although the practice is out of date, and pets are viewed as family members more than animals these days: many people still get dogs with the intent of training them to keep the home safe. But why risk your dog getting hurt in the process when you can build in a home security alarm that can scare off people twice as good?! brings you the best solution for your in-home or flat use!

3. Don’t: Allow Hedges To Block Views to Entrances


If you can’t see the entrance to your home while you’re walking up to it: it’s not safe. This could give someone enough cover to break into your home or could leave you open to someone waiting to attack you when you arrive home from work. Instead, try to trim back any hedges that could block your view and work to make it so that your door is as visible as possible from the street. Make sure that your yard or your backyard is trimmed & taken care of on a monthly basis.

4. Do not Leave Hidden Keys Outside the Home

To have a hiding place might be a clever idea and it does look like a good move in a lot of movies, but the reality is a lot different. Although your loved ones & family members may be aware of where your key is hidden you should know that anyone from the outside can spot it as well. Do not risk your chances and play around with your safety.

5. Do Not Publish Or Post Where You Are Online

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites allow us to tag at any location at any given moment. A lot of teens tend to do this and they leave their followers aware of their current location. By doing this you are raising your chances of potential burglaries that can take place when you least expect them to. Turn off your location and stay away from social media exposure. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Ready to take care of your house or your flat?

Simply apply these top 10 bits and pieces of advice into your everyday routine. You will be at ease, you will feel protected and you won’t have anxiety when leaving your home.