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Hide a key is a far more complicated task than just putting it under the welcome mat. Modern-day robbers know about this trick and it is believed that that is the first place they look.

In a rock

This is one of the most popular options. The rock has secret concealment capabilities. That is designed for your keys. It is an intelligent idea grated that your concealment stone matches the ones already present in your garden.

Security companies ask that you make sure that the rock you choose blends in seamlessly and that it perfectly matches the color, size, and shape of those that surround it. There is a key hider that is a rock

There are drawbacks to the actual rock option. Even though it does blend in, the actual rock itself has no lock. If it did have a lock, a well-versed thief could just pick it up and take it home to open your home at his/her discretion.

So we suggest hiding your keys inside a fake rock, that way you won’t lose them either.

Keep it under lock and key

A safe, that is opened up by using a number pad or combination code is still a very popular option, This method is often used by Airbnb hosts and the real estate agents who are hosting viewings.

This is a perfectly fine and safe idea. Just make sure that you commit the code to memory that you write down the combination and keep it in some low key locations

If you are torn by which safe box is the best to do some research, there are a number of blog posts on the subject as well as Youtube videos to view.

Keep a spare set in your car

Car inside

According to an online safety survey, the most uncommon place to keep your spare key is in your car. This is the most practical place in my opinion.

The best place that was suggested was to place your hidden extra key under the driver’s side floor mat, or locked in your glove box.

If someone decides to break into your car their time is limited they only have a few minutes to find what they want and get out.

Smash-and-grab robbers are not looking under your floor mat for a key or any other valuables as these will be in full view. This is my favorite idea for key concealment.

On the outside

For those people that want a low-tech hiding place but still discrete enough to be unusual this one is for you.

This method involves a piece of string or fishing wire. Just simply tie your fishing wire or string to your key and then lift one of your sideboards and drop the key in. To get it back just simply pull on the string and retrieve your key.

Please, make sure that you memorize where your hiding place. When needing to retrieve your key try to not attract awareness to yourself when you pull it out.

Automate your garage door

House & garage door

Got a garage, another alternative is to add a keypad for an automatic application garage door.

How you achieve this is by typing in the unique code that you use to open it. This is a popular option if you have older kids that let themselves in. It is a nice simple option because it doesn’t require any lockboxes.

However, do not just give the code out as this can become dangerous. Only give it to your immediate family.

If your gardener or Aupair needs to gain access rather make sure you are available to let them in.

Hide and seek


Another very secure station to hide your spare keys, is at an assigned neighbor’s residence and not just because a criminal isn’t going to worry busting into your neighbor’s house just so they can get your spare key.

Being great friends with your neighbors is such an essential part of home surety because the more endowed they are in your life, the more likely they are to assist you if you ever had to confront a threatening circumstance.

Your fellow neighbors can be your most prominent collaborators in times of difficulty, This includes accidentally barring yourself from your home.

One for the tech-heads

Are physical keys even a viable option in this technological age? Why are we even bothered with them or worried about concealing them?

They’re so 20th century Also, 19th we have the capabilities and technological no how to render these outdated means of security obsolete. So why we still debating and or delaying the natural progression?

The fundamental dilemma with keys is that all of them operate all the time. Keys are also cheap, often misplaced, and simple to replicate. If you’re worried about giving a spare key to someone so that they can use it, Maybe it is time to contemplate an electronic, key-coded lock.

The main benefit of employing a commodity like this is that it is re-programmable easily and virtually from anywhere. it allows you to respond swiftly to last-minute events like discharging an employee from your premises.

No need to run to the hardware store to create new keys. No calling a locksmith in a flat panic to replace old locks or to open your home when you have accidentally locked yourself out and lost your spare key.

This is also the safest of all the options mentioned as it’s automated and completely customizable.

The keyless door lock solves all of these problems and more, its almost like you have your own personal security expert guarding your home 24/7/365 plus the design is uber sleek and very modern. I say that it’s worth the investment.

You can find a punch-button lock that locks pickers scoff at because they are so easy to crack, or option 2 is to go high-tech with a “smart lock” that lets you unlock your home using your phone.

Yes, you heard me right your phone is the key to your house! The built-in app is also highly responsive and easy to use. It features additional security measures that make this the smartest investment that you could make for yours and your family’s security.

Depending on what model you get the UI can integrate with other smart devices in your home on a shared network welcome to the future kids.

All you need to do now is just have to make sure that you don’t misplace your phone.

In a boot 

Most people have shoes by the door. Keeping your shoes there is both smart and very practical. So why not place your spare key in one of your shoes that are on your porch?

Who would actually think to look in your shoe? If you want to be even more stealthy put your key in a small card envelope and tape it to the sole of your shoe.

In a tree in your back yard

So you have a tree that has a nice hollow point? Why not use this natural hidey-hole?

Tie your key onto a piece of string or fishing wire and drop it into the crevice. These trees and stumps are the perfect spots for concealment.

You could even take your key rock and hide that in your tree stump if that would put your mind more at ease.

These are all great options with one Idea. Even if you don’t have a hollowed-out stump a tree with some loose bark works just as well. Tie your wire to the key and wedge in between the loose slats of bark.


Safety is a concern for most. We live in an unpredictable world. People will rather hurt you than help you. I know sad but true. The same can be said regarding your stuff, to ensure its safety try some of these methods that I have listed.

A quick tip: Don’t flash your gadgets as they attract unwelcome and sometimes dangerous attention. Be cautious and vigilant of your surroundings and always know your way out even in your own home.

Like I said unpredictable times. Have a spare set of car keys in your room for easy access if you need to make a quick getaway.

Make sure where ever you store your spare key that it is well hidden and tell only trusted individuals of its location. Out of all the options listed the smart locks is the safest as it puts you in complete control. I would suggest making that investment to ensure your family’s safety and for your own peace of mind.

We all need to be a bit more discreet when it comes to hiding your spare key and how to have it not be discovered.

I really hope this article has shed some new light on how best to hide your keys and given you a few novel ideas to ensure your home’s security for years to come. Just by making these few small changes.

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