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This one is not new to me, my gran swore by this method. By washing your underwear in vinegar you prevent accelerated deterioration and it also takes away any odor or unpleasant smell. 

Washing underwear in washing machine

If you had to ask anyone that works in the undergarment industry, they would tell you: To prolong the life cycle, of your bras and underwear they should be washed with care and attention.

The best option is to hand-wash and then to air-dry. Underwear is made from a host of different fibers and fabrics and use elastics It has to breathe it’s pressing up against sensitive areas of the body all day and needs to be able to be comfortable but also functional.

The constant and vigorous motion from your washing machine will shorten the life and functionality of your underwear. 

How to wash your bra in the washing machine

When we use the machine to wash bra we have to ensure that our bra is clasped, and then safely put them into a type of lingerie bag that is invented for the washing of delicates.

At times, you don’t have the time or energy to hand-wash your intimates, and that is perfectly fine.

Leading underwear experts agree that if you set your machine to the gentle cycle with either cool or warm water is fine if you have no time to hand-wash.

If you just throw them in the machine unhooked and with everything else is a sure-fire way of damaging the delicate fibers and elastics just throwing them in the machine is a big no.

If you put your bras in the machine with other clothes, this can cause them to get tangled. But the main issue that you want to avoid is the main stretching out the elastic of your bra. Once a bra’s elastic is stretched out, it will never fit or support you the same way again.

Also, bra hooks can easily get caught on other clothes and items like towels and then the hooks become bent or misshapen.

Using dryer to dry bra

Using a dryer will corrupt the elastic, this means your bras and your underwear won’t have a long usage period.

The heat and motion of the tumble dryer wreak havoc on the elastic in your bras and our underwear, whether you’re talking about the delicate lace panties or the more comfy cotton boxer shorts both run the risk of complete ruin.

This is why air-drying is the only viable and best option for your undergarments. It is the absolute worst thing you can do is use the dryer on your unmentionables.

And if the underwire of your bra gets heated excessively it becomes more prone to just loosen out of its protective casing, causing your favorite bra to try and kill you.


There is a proper window for washing and caring for your bras this is every two to five consecutive wears, These numbers are dependent on a few factors how much you sweat and if you have sensitive skin or not.

If you sweat excessively, then washing your bra after every use would be highly recommended also I would recommend daily washing for women who have eczema or easily very sensitive skin.

Although, some people can use their underwear for multiple days, more so if it’s cooler weather, These people tend to find that they can wear their bras two to four times before feeling the need to wash them.

There are benefits to this as it helps to hold the shape and elasticity of the bra. This means that your bra will be able to be used a lot longer and have its full support still. 


Your bras may not look soiled or in need of a clean but after long periods of use they do, the oils from your skin are affecting the fabric, this we can assure you of.

The natural oils that your skin secrete affect the elastic over time, this means that our natural skin oils add to the degradation of your bras.

This method can be provoked by perfumes, moisturizers, sunscreen, to prevent the build-up of these foreign bodies wash and air your bras regularly.

Sweat and your dead skin cells are also messing up your intimates, Keep to the two-to-five-wears rule to make sure that your bras have an above-average lifespan in your closet or draws.

Bleach blonde lace

Bleach is a harsh chemical, using it on your delicates is not recommended. Even though white underwear has a fierce inclination to get a bit shabby, bleaching it with every time after use will send it to the underclothes cemetery before its due to be there.

If you must use bleach use it sparingly and only in dire cases (accidents and such). Using too much bleach will destroy the elastic.

To keep white underwear as white as possible only wash it with whites set onto the gentle cycle.

Alternatively, you can use vinegar to remove stains as well as a solution of vinegar and baking soda. Lemon also works well and leaves your clothes smelling amazing. 

Rough hands

Scrunching fabric together or rubbing it on an abrasive surface is too aggressive for your delicates and for underwear of any kind.

To properly wash your bras here are the best methods simply steep bras and underwear in tepid, soapy water for 15 to 20 minutes.

There are time variations some online guides recommend as little as five minutes while others say up to an hour, but unless your bra is very ruined, a quarter of an hour is the standard.

If you have areas that require more attention, you can use a facecloth or soft-bristled toothbrush to get those tough messes out.

Tepid, room temperature and lukewarm water are all acceptable to wash your delicates in but use specialty underwear wash.

As these detergents have less harsh chemical and are made for more delicate fabrics, such as Soak or if you don’t have any special detergent Baby shampoo works just as well if not better.

Proper Care and Use

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Here are a few pieces of advice and tips to help make your bras and underwear last longer:

There are many different kinds of bras available in the modern world. Knowing how to care for them is paramount to saving money by extending the life of your existing bras.

  • A sports bra must be washed after every use a sports/active bra does what the name suggests works while you sweat. There are a build-up and excess of odor sweat and skin collected during these activities. (In the machine,(if you must) use tepid water, have the machine set to the gentle cycle, and air dry.)
  • For your more contour or form fit bras with molded cups. To wash these bras soak in tepid water add half a thimble of detergent and lightly massage into the fabric. leave outside the water for 5min to get the detergent to deeply and thoroughly soak, then place back in the tepid water and allow to gently rinse. Clasp around a hanger and air dry. Once they are dry never store them with the cup parts folded into each other. “It’s okay to do it a few times, but continuous storing this way will lead to ripples being made in the fabric and destroy the of the cups. High-end-brand bras are more costly but they offer superior quality and support. They have a longer life span too. most importantly made for the fuller-busted women. These bras cost more for a reason some of the estimates in price and that of the average bra well to be worth it a bra’s lifespan is around at six months.
  • You will Know when your bra is at the end of its lifespan, this is always useful. Clear indicators of this are stretched out elastic, misshapen cups or bent wires, stubborn stains and bras that have tiny holes. If you have any of the above symptoms it is time to invest in some new underwear. 


Vinegar is not only for chips, but it can also lighten and brighten your underwear. You need to take proper care of your underwear, especially your bras.

Underwear is made from delicate materials that need to be properly handled. I hope you found this article to be informative, and useful and will start to implement these changes to your life.

Underwear is expensive and premium brands more so but it is worth it in the end as these cover very sensitive areas that need proper care.

Sports bras, are the best most natural option but keep in mind they are designed to absorb sweat so regular and thorough washing is required to keep them at their freshest.

A keynote when picking out your bra is to go for comfort over style splurge on a special occasion but don’t pick a bra out because it is pretty.

Know your cup size and if you are not sure to get yourself measured, this will save you time and pain and also the dreaded nip slip.