Relocating a household is surely teamwork. However, sometimes it’s up to one person to organize the move and it can be pretty overwhelming. Single parents are in a difficult position handling the kids, work, and organizing the move as stress-free as possible. If you’re planning to relocate, we’ve got you covered. Moving cross-country as a single mom doesn’t need to be too difficult. Just be sure to read our guide and plan the relocation according to these useful tips.

Panicking is no good


Even though moving as a single mom may seem too complicated, don’t start panicking. It is important to know that every move is manageable with the right approach. You should think of this move as a project, which takes time and energy to organize. Take your time and stay positive – everything will be alright.

Try not to panic and transfer those feelings to your kids – everything will be alright! alt.tag: a mom kissing her child on the head

Plan your move on time

As we mentioned, moving a household should be considered a project. Every project requires time and effort to be successfully finished. That’s why you should start planning the move early, so you have enough time to do everything without any problems. As there is a lot to do, you should write all the tasks down. Create a moving checklist that will be your guide throughout the moving process. As a single mom, there’s a lot on your mind, so this checklist will ensure you don’t forget to do anything and relocate your family stress-free.

Include your kids into the moving process


Depending on the age of your kids, you can involve them in the moving process. Firstly, be sure to talk to them about the move as early as possible. The more details they know, they will be more understanding about the whole thing and be able to help you out. Also, talking to your children about the move will help you deal with their emotions related to the move. Kids sometimes can be negative about changing the environment and leaving their school or friends, so open communication can be very helpful.

Assign the tasks

Another reason why you should talk to your kids about the move is assigning the tasks. Depending on their age, your kids can help you out with the moving tasks. They can declutter their rooms, sort out and even pack some of their items. Also, kids can find out more about the new city, do some online research, look for the neighborhood on maps, etc. Kids love being involved in events like this, as it makes them feel more important and helpful. And when moving cross-country as a single move, every help is precious!

Think of your family as a team – everyone should have their role in the moving process.

Hiring pros to assist your move


Handling a move is very challenging, and often impossible to do on your own. That’s why you should trust moving experts to manage a big share of work. Moving pros at will ensure you don’t worry about the delivery of your items to the new address. Trusting a skilled moving team will minimize the stress and save you a lot of time and energy.

Visit the place before you move

If you have enough time until the moving day, organize a family trip to the city you’re moving to. It will help you and the kids familiarize themselves with the new environment. Furthermore, it will give you a chance to meet some of the local people, or some friends that live in the area. Having someone you can talk to after the move is quite helpful and comforting for a single mom moving across the country.

Before moving cross-country as a single mom, prepare for the move by exploring the new place and learning more about it. alt.tag: a woman reading about moving cross-country as a single mom

Pack the household systematically


When moving as a single mom, it’s all about making the process easier and simpler. That’s why you should make the packing and unpacking as organized and systematic as possible. It will help you unpack faster and with the minimum mess in your new home. Start by dividing items by rooms. You can pack room by room, and in that way simplify the unpacking process. Also, make sure you label each box with the room it goes to, and the items it contains. This step will help movers put each box inappropriate room and make less mess in the house. Finally, you will be able to find items faster, in case you need something before you fully unpack.

Pack essentials box

Family relocations are very specific, as kids need to maintain their routines even on the moving day. That’s why you should think a step further and pack a box of essentials. Pack all the items your kids and yourself will need on the first night in the new house. This way you won’t have to unpack every box to get their pajamas, sheets, toiletries, etc. but you will have them at hand as soon as you move in.

Allow others to help you out


You’re strong and independent. But moving the whole house on your own can be a bit too much. You should know that it’s okay to reach out to friends and family to help you out. They can assist you with packing, babysitting, taking care of your pet while you do other moving tasks. This way, according to, you’ll save your sanity, and have enough energy to make this relocation as smooth and successful as possible.

Take care of yourself

Never forget that you are the most important thread in this moving process. That’s why you need to stay healthy and in a good mood, so you can manage the whole thing by yourself. Make sure you eat regularly and stay hydrated at all times. As this is a rather stressful and tiring time, talk to your doctor to recommend you some additional vitamins and supplements you can take to look good and feel even better.

Be optimistic and efficient


We know that moving cross country as a single mom can be overwhelming. However, you need to have an optimistic attitude and make sure you waste no time in moving the organization. This will set a positive example to your kids, and teach them how to handle difficult situations even though sometimes you won’t be there to help them out. Consider this relocation as a challenge, and more importantly – a lesson.