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Marie Yovanovtch, a Canadian-born American national, is a diplomat of America and a senior fellow of Foreign Services of the USA. Yovanovitch has held numerous honorary posts in the state departments of America and is a world-renowned personality.

To know more about this wonderful lady and get a glimpse of her career and net worth, let’s look into this article!

About Marie Yovanovitch

Yovanovitch’s professional life began in early 1986 with her joining the Foreign Service of America and soon gained a lot of popularity. Her progress in the field came rapidly with her being hired to several significant posts by the government.

However, in 2019, she was targeted in a conspiracy hatched against her, presumably by Donald Trump, after which she took her retirement.

Early Life And Family

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Marie Louise Yovanovitch, popularly known as Marie Yovanovitch took birth in Canada on the 11th of November, 1958 to Mikhail Yovanovitch and the one who is known to have played a remarkable role in driving away the Nazis, the famous figure, Nadia (Theokritoff) Yovanovitch.

The Yovanovitch family had to move to Connecticut in 1961. Her primary education was completed at the Kent School where her parents worked as teachers of foreign language.

In 1980, she completed her BA from Princeton College in the field of history and Russian studies. She pursued yet another academic degree, the Masters of Science from the National War College in 2001. The college is affiliated with the National Defense University.

Career And Major Milestones

After joining the Foreign Service in the USA in1986, Yovanovitch soon became the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy that operated in Ukraine. She worked in the post of International Advisor at the university from where she pursued an MSc degree.

From 2004-2005, Yovanovitch was appointed as the senior advisor to the Under Secretary For Political Affairs in the USA, which till this day is the fourth most respectable position in America.

Marie Yovanovitch has been appointed as US ambassador from a continuous period of 2005 to 2011 to the countries of Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The appointment as US ambassador to Ukraine is a more recent incident and lasted from 2016-2019.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Yovanovitch

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  • While still in Princeton College, she earned great fame for herself by publishing a thesis work titled, ‘The Excommunication of Tolstoy, A Personal And Political Event’ which was a 94 pages long work.
  • Yovanovitch is known to be popular with her friends with the nickname of Masha. After she voiced publicly against the conspiracy that brought down her career, a hashtag called #Go Masha became a hit on Twitter.

Net Worth

Marie Yovanovitch had a highly successful professional life and accordingly, the net worth of this wonderful woman is something that demands attention. Yovanovitch is reported to have a net worth of $6 million in 2024.

Even though her conspirators tried to outshine her fame in her professional life, Yovanovitch managed to retain an untainted reputation throughout her career. A woman with incredible talent, she is an inspiration for many.