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Aikens is known to be one of the most determined, courageous and extraordinary women of all time. Her mind-blowing journey into the wilderness has been shown on a reality TV show. She is Well known for her perseverance and challenging personality. It is clear that she loves adventure. This has always inspired her and helped her to cross the most challenging barriers nature could offer. Be it animal attacks or severe weather conditions, she has been through it all and most importantly, never stopped.

To know more about this inspiring woman and all the challenges she has faced including some interesting facts about her, keep reading.

About Sue

Sue celebrates her birthday on 1 July. She is a 58-year-old woman and is an idol for many women. For her age is no barrier. As she lived in the Alaskan wild and starred on the TV show Life Before Zero she has proved to many people that if there’s will there’s a way.

Early Life and Family

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Sue happens to be a single child of her parents. Her parents got divorced when she was young and she was left alone in Alaska at the age of 12. She claims this to be an explanation for why she is a loner. Complications in her family relations made her strong and stern at a very young age. This taught her many survival techniques and provided her with great exposure as at the time, she used to move from place to place. She was however able to graduate from high school and earn a name for herself.

Career and Major Milestones

Started in 2010 when she appeared in a television show. She was casted in various other shows in the year 2011 and 2012. However 2013 seemed to be the year she was able to gain the spotlight. It was this year when she along with others showed what life was like to live in the remote parts of Alaska as hunters and what all was required to be done for their subsistence.

Aikens also runs her own river camp for the summers where she is able to pass on her stories and inspire many children.

Few things You Didn’t Know About Sue

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  • Sue is one to not back out. Her stories and tales never end. She had a lot to tell about her life and appeared on The Ellen Show.
  • Aikens lost a lot of weight in the year 2024. Her commitment to a fit lifestyle is stunning and this made her lose 34kg of her weight.
  • Every success story is however filled with many other challenges. Sue has been reported to file a lawsuit against the producers of her show and claims to have been out in dangerous situations without proper safety.

Net Worth

Through this article, you must have noticed how pursuing your dreams can take you anywhere. Despite having a challenging and troubled childhood, Sue has outshone many. She has beat the odds, inspired many and now has a humongous fan following. So much so that her net worth is 1.5 million dollars.