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Sheyla Almeida who renamed herself as her present name Sheyla Hershey is a media celebrity. She gained fame for her huge chest through multiple implants which were popularised by the media.

She had gone under the scalpel multiple times to increase the size of her breast. She is also an actress and has starred in about 3 to 5 films up until now. Here is a quick overview of her life, career, and most certainly her net worth.

About Sheyla Hershey

She was formerly an ordinary housewife just like any other but very soon turned into a media celebrity. She is widely known because of her breast implants that make her breast look huge and brought her into the spotlight.

Her original size of the breast was a B cup, a very typical one which she managed to increase up to 38 KKK after almost 10 surgical operations and implants. After all of these operations, she was destined to meet fame, didn’t she? She is also known to be starring in a few movies and TV shows leading her to her screen life.

Early life and family

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Sheyla Hershey’s birth was in Brazil but currently lives in Houston, Texas. She was born on the 19th of December in the year of 1979. She is also known as a Brazilian boombshell, a nickname given to her by her fans.

She has been married to Derek Hershey, her former husband but they ended up in a divorce in the year 2015. She is currently married to Carlos Keyes but divorced him too very recently.

Her first-ever film was in 2003. That was 2 years ago she became popular, and the cinema was a self comic by the name Last Comic Standing. She has two children, Victor Hugo and Victoria Hershey.

Her Career and major milestones

Sheyla began her career by acting in the movie VH1 News Presents in 2005. After that, she also starred in the movie, The world’s…and me released in 2009, and Human Hibachi in 2024.

In 2019, she was invited to participate in a reality show by the name Botch which was released in the winter of the succeeding year. She is also starring in a movie based on her life, I’m not crazy, which is in the production process at the moment. It is expected to be on TV in the year 2024.

She has been mentioned as the first-ever Brazilian woman with big artificial breasts.

A few unknown facts you didn’t know about Sheyla Hershey

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  • Her health got into complications because of her intense implants and had parasitic infections leading to the removal of her KKK implants and her other implants and finally, her own breast tissue had to be removed.
  • She suffered from COVID-19 and recovered quite well.
  • She is 5 feet 3 inches.
  • She was a housewife prior to her present status as a television celebrity.

Net worth

A clear figure of her net worth is not known to the media but is estimated to be somewhere around 1 and 5 million dollars. She earned all of this money from her professional campaigning as an actress, model, and television celebrity.