Modern life is definitely not easy and most adults know it. Although the contemporary trends in society teach us about equality especially in terms of gender and family roles, things can never truly be equal because men and women are different by nature. Men are better at certain things or at least they come to them more easily, and the same goes for ladies. Despite the differences, the tough schedules and hectic lives that society dictates cause numerous mental states like anxiety, depression, stress, and irrational fears.

If left unchecked, these problems will advance and develop into serious and problematic states that prevent us from properly functioning. Our daily tasks and obligations become harder, we dread them since we think we are unable to do them the right way, and there is constantly some kind of fear or an anxious feeling in our mind that is awaiting a bad scenario. Most often, there is nothing of the sort waiting to get us, it is all in our mind. These problems have their causes elsewhere and they need special strategies to be tackled and solved.

If you wish to overcome such problems and get the control of your life back, you need to know the best strategies for overcoming fears and anxiety. These two often go hand in hand and cause one another. Either of them can take place first and the other one follows soon after. The key part is to identify what causes it and not just to treat the symptoms. In this article we talk about this exact problem and bring to you the best ways to deal with it all. To learn more, make sure to check out

Problems of a Modern Woman


Before we move to the strategies, we have to determine the basic and usual reasons why women have fears and anxiety in the modern world. Considering that more and more women have careers in comparison to the old days when they were largely housewives, both partners have busy schedules that often makes them see little of each other. That means there is nobody to comfort you at the end of the shift because it is your partner’s job to work. Even if you have some time together, it is not enough.

Then there is the house and the kids, both of which need your attention during your time off. And although boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands help more than before, it is not enough. Apart from all of this, there is little time you have for yourself to pursue your hobbies and interests and to grow as a person. All of these problems lead to the general state of fright and anxiety about the regular working day since you know how it will play out and you want more. It is time you did something about it.

1. Research and Know Your Fear


The first step is always the hardest one when you wish to tackle your fear and beat it. Before that can happen, you have to know exactly what it is and face it head on. Is it work related, or is it an individual who causes it? Is it perhaps the general state of your private life or how happy you are with yourself, both your physical and mental state? Record the patterns in your behavior and try to identify what causes your anxiety and fear. Is it the doorbell, the realization it is time to go to work, or the fact that it is the end of the day? Whatever it is, document it until you see the pattern.

2. Positive Thinking, Daydreaming, and Imagination


It does sound like a cliché, but thinking positive thoughts in meaningful way and daydreaming/planning about simple things that would make you feel better really do help. Imagination leads to creativity and it will help you express yourself in your thoughts more. Mind that you should not use it completely freely but purposefully focus on the positive sides. To do that, you will first need to have your own happy place, a corner of your home where you feel at ease and at peace. It can be your bed, a comfy armchair, or even your garden. Play some calming music or whatever you like, light a candle, or fix up a bath. Take half an hour or so and just think about what makes and what would make you happy. The more you do it the closer you will get to accomplishing it, and eventually you will think of a way how to do it for real.

3. Do What You Enjoy


Forgetting who we are and what makes us happy with life is always the best course towards anxiety and fear about our obligations and tasks. Of course you would like to never again work in order to survive, and of course you hate when there is laundry, dishes, or cleaning to do. Similarly, you would hardly think twice if somebody else took care of the kids for a change while you relax and work on yourself. Well, all of these thinks would not seem to you half as hard if you devoted time to yourself and did what you enjoy. If you are passionate about reading, do it. If you like art, go to the theatre, art exhibitions, or museums every once in a while. Is it sports and fitness? Get out and be active every day. Whatever it is you have to find at least an hour a day, or else you will have time to think about bad things and not enough happiness to combat the fears and anxious thoughts.

4. Healthy Choices


Last but not least, being healthy makes us feel good whether we are experiencing physical or mental problems. A healthy and balanced diet, good sleeping habits, breathing exercises, and as little stress as possible will all help you to feel better in general. Actually, cut all of the negativity from your life as you try to eliminate the fears and anxiety that keep coming back. Toxic relationships, doing things you do not enjoy, or being too polite and have people take advantage of you. All of these things eventually lead to unhappiness, fears that it will always be like this, and anxiety regarding similar situations. Put an end to it all and start implementing healthier decisions and choices as soon as possible.