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9 Ideas to Hide a Key

9 Ideas to Hide a Key
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Hide a key is a far more complicated task than just putting it under the welcome mat. Modern-day robbers know about this trick and it is believed that that is the first place they look.

In a rock

This is one of the most popular options. The rock has secret concealment capabilities. That is designed for your keys. It is an intelligent idea grated that your concealment stone matches the ones already present in your garden.

Security companies ask that you make sure that the rock you choose blends in seamlessly and that it perfectly matches the color, size, and shape of those that surround it. There is a key hider that is a rock

There are drawbacks to the actual rock option. Even though it does blend in, the actual rock itself has no lock. If it did have a lock, a well-versed thief could just pick it up and take it home to open your home at his/her discretion.

So we suggest hiding your keys inside a fake rock, that way you won’t lose them either.

Keep it under lock and key

A safe, that is opened up by using a number pad or combination code is still a very popular option, This method is often used by Airbnb hosts and the real estate agents who are hosting viewings.

This is a perfectly fine and safe idea. Just make sure that you commit the code to memory that you write down the combination and keep it in some low key locations

If you are torn by which safe box is the best to do some research, there are a number of blog posts on the subject as well as Youtube videos to view.

Keep a spare set in your car

Car inside

According to an online safety survey, the most uncommon place to keep your spare key is in your car. This is the most practical place in my opinion.

The best place that was suggested was to place your hidden extra key under the driver’s side floor mat, or locked in your glove box.

If someone decides to break into your car their time is limited they only have a few minutes to find what they want and get out.

Smash-and-grab robbers are not looking under your floor mat for a key or any other valuables as these will be in full view. This is my favorite idea for key concealment.

On the outside

For those people that want a low-tech hiding place but still discrete enough to be unusual this one is for you.

This method involves a piece of string or fishing wire. Just simply tie your fishing wire or string to your key and then lift one of your sideboards and drop the key in. To get it back just simply pull on the string and retrieve your key.

Please, make sure that you memorize where your hiding place. When needing to retrieve your key try to not attract awareness to yourself when you pull it out.

Automate your garage door

House & garage door

Got a garage, another alternative is to add a keypad for an automatic application garage door.

How you achieve this is by typing in the unique code that you use to open it. This is a popular option if you have older kids that let themselves in. It is a nice simple option because it doesn’t require any lockboxes.

However, do not just give the code out as this can become dangerous. Only give it to your immediate family.

If your gardener or Aupair needs to gain access rather make sure you are available to let them in.

Hide and seek


Another very secure station to hide your spare keys, is at an assigned neighbor’s residence and not just because a criminal isn’t going to worry busting into your neighbor’s house just so they can get your spare key.

Being great friends with your neighbors is such an essential part of home surety because the more endowed they are in your life, the more likely they are to assist you if you ever had to confront a threatening circumstance.

Your fellow neighbors can be your most prominent collaborators in times of difficulty, This includes accidentally barring yourself from your home.

One for the tech-heads

Are physical keys even a viable option in this technological age? Why are we even bothered with them or worried about concealing them?

They’re so 20th century Also, 19th we have the capabilities and technological no how to render these outdated means of security obsolete. So why we still debating and or delaying the natural progression?

The fundamental dilemma with keys is that all of them operate all the time. Keys are also cheap, often misplaced, and simple to replicate. If you’re worried about giving a spare key to someone so that they can use it, Maybe it is time to contemplate an electronic, key-coded lock.

The main benefit of employing a commodity like this is that it is re-programmable easily and virtually from anywhere. it allows you to respond swiftly to last-minute events like discharging an employee from your premises.

No need to run to the hardware store to create new keys. No calling a locksmith in a flat panic to replace old locks or to open your home when you have accidentally locked yourself out and lost your spare key.

This is also the safest of all the options mentioned as it’s automated and completely customizable.

The keyless door lock solves all of these problems and more, its almost like you have your own personal security expert guarding your home 24/7/365 plus the design is uber sleek and very modern. I say that it’s worth the investment.

You can find a punch-button lock that locks pickers scoff at because they are so easy to crack, or option 2 is to go high-tech with a “smart lock” that lets you unlock your home using your phone.

Yes, you heard me right your phone is the key to your house! The built-in app is also highly responsive and easy to use. It features additional security measures that make this the smartest investment that you could make for yours and your family’s security.

Depending on what model you get the UI can integrate with other smart devices in your home on a shared network welcome to the future kids.

All you need to do now is just have to make sure that you don’t misplace your phone.

In a boot 

Most people have shoes by the door. Keeping your shoes there is both smart and very practical. So why not place your spare key in one of your shoes that are on your porch?

Who would actually think to look in your shoe? If you want to be even more stealthy put your key in a small card envelope and tape it to the sole of your shoe.

In a tree in your back yard

So you have a tree that has a nice hollow point? Why not use this natural hidey-hole?

Tie your key onto a piece of string or fishing wire and drop it into the crevice. These trees and stumps are the perfect spots for concealment.

You could even take your key rock and hide that in your tree stump if that would put your mind more at ease.

These are all great options with one Idea. Even if you don’t have a hollowed-out stump a tree with some loose bark works just as well. Tie your wire to the key and wedge in between the loose slats of bark.


Safety is a concern for most. We live in an unpredictable world. People will rather hurt you than help you. I know sad but true. The same can be said regarding your stuff, to ensure its safety try some of these methods that I have listed.

A quick tip: Don’t flash your gadgets as they attract unwelcome and sometimes dangerous attention. Be cautious and vigilant of your surroundings and always know your way out even in your own home.

Like I said unpredictable times. Have a spare set of car keys in your room for easy access if you need to make a quick getaway.

Make sure where ever you store your spare key that it is well hidden and tell only trusted individuals of its location. Out of all the options listed the smart locks is the safest as it puts you in complete control. I would suggest making that investment to ensure your family’s safety and for your own peace of mind.

We all need to be a bit more discreet when it comes to hiding your spare key and how to have it not be discovered.

I really hope this article has shed some new light on how best to hide your keys and given you a few novel ideas to ensure your home’s security for years to come. Just by making these few small changes.

Have you ever being locked out of your house? In the new blog post, you can find what to do when you locked out of your house.

I have been writing about holes in clothes before, it takes only 10 minutes to learn how to protect your clothes forever or you can learn how to whiten your teeth at home.

What Causes Mysterious Tiny Holes In Clothes

What Causes Mysterious Tiny Holes In Clothes
img source: besthiking.net

This planet might be billions of years old but every day a new mystery appears. It is no surprise that we can’t solve all of them but human curiosity doesn’t let us rest. There numerous things out there that are beyond the understandings of a human mind.

However, all mysteries have a base of logical reasoning behind it. If you dig deep enough, you would be able to find the truth. There are a lot of things that we need the answer to.

Above all, we want to know the mystery behind the holes in clothes that appear out of nowhere. We all have been there. It doesn’t matter how much of good care you take of your clothes, they just appear out of nowhere.

It could be anything including your favorite t-shirt or even bed sheets. From time to time, you must have noticed the small holes start appearing that sets you off on a row of head-banging.

We have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the exact reason why those small holes appear, yet there is no simple answer to that. One minute you could be happy that you manage to buy a really good t-shirt for a cheap price but next thing you know there are small holes in it after wearing it for one time. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

If you are buying a cheaper fabric then there are chances that it was not designed to withstand any form of pressure.

It can be frustrating, as it happens on day-to-day occurrences. But what is the main reason behind it? Are you secretly biting your clothes in sleep? Does your cat like to nibble on your shirts? Is it the angry guy that you cut off on the road?

Well, as it is stated above, there is no simple explanation for that. However, this mystery has been debunked a long time ago.

After doing careful analysis and research, we have come up with the list of some possible reasons that are causing small holes in clothes to appear.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you randomly find holes in your clothes.

Low-Quality Fabric

holes in clothes

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. In the majority of the cases, the cheap fabric of your shirt is the main reason behind the holes.

Those holes might not be there when you bought them, but they will appear out of nowhere in a matter of days. The poor quality material is not designed to provide extra durability; instead, it is designed to give you the experience for a cheaper price.

Those shirts are often bleached heavily and they go through an abrasive dyeing process. Needless to say, these shirts tend to be less durable, as the quality of the fabric is just not good enough.

This is why you have noticed that some people like to stretch the clothes a little bit when they are out shopping. The reason behind that is that in the poor quality of the fabric, the threads will not be able to hold the fabric together and they will easily tear off.

Similarly, in the good quality fabric, the threads will hold the fabric together and will not let the lint to appear.

It is always a good habit to develop when you go out shopping for clothes; inspect the fabric thoroughly.

You need to stretch them a little bit and check if the loose threads have started to form lint. If they do start to appear, then it is a low-quality fabric and you should avoid it.

Washing machine

When you put you put your clothes inside the washing machine, they are going to be spinning at a high speed. The small holes on the side of the drum could be real trouble if your drum ribs are not tight enough.

Washing machine is making small holes in clothes

What happens is that the small holes in the drum could be the reason why the buttons get stuck inside them.

When the washing machine is doing what washing machines do—that is spin around; the buttons can get stuck into the tiny holes on the drum. When they do get stuck, it can cause the fabric to stretch, as a result, small holes and lint start to appear on top of it.

If you want to avoid that then make sure your drum ribs of the washing machine are tightly screwed. Otherwise, it keeps going to happen and will ruin more clothes.

If you are not a technical person then you can call in the professionals to help you fix your washing machine.


Bugs - moths are making tiny holes in clothes

This might be the darkest fear for most of us. There different kinds of pests that can start living inside your closet and they bit on the clothes.

Usually, moths are the ones that cause the most trouble. This is why it is important to clean your closet from time to time so you don’t let them stay there for long.

If you don’t clean your closet routinely then moths are going to keep their larvae inside your clothes and when they do get hatched, the sight is not pleasant. No one wants to wear clothes that are infested by moth larvae.

There are some home remedies out there that can kill the moths inside your closet. You should buy some lavender and keep it in your closet. Not only they smell great but they kill the moths for you. If you don’t lavender then you simply use a bar of soap, it should do the trick.

If the problem is bigger than you anticipated then it is time to invest in moth repellents. They are quick to do the job, and the only caveat is that they smell really bad. Make sure that you have your nose and mouth covered when you are using the repellent so it doesn’t go inside your body.

Another home remedy for killing moth larvae is that you can always put your clothes inside the freezer. Moth larvae need the warm temperature to hatch. If you freeze them, the cold is going to kill them before they hatch.

Always remember to clean your closet once or twice a month; it will stop the pests to crawl inside. It is easier to stop them from entering your closet than to get rid of them when they do start living inside the closet.

Other clothes

other clothes is making small holes in clothes

This is the most common cause of small holes in your clothes. When you dump every in the washing machine, there are a lot of buttons, zippers, bra straps, and other abrasive things that can harm delicate fabric.

The easiest solution for this is that you need to buy some washing bags and put your bras and zippers in them. As for the clothes that have buttons; just turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine.

Similarly, if you are wearing a shirt that is made out of cheap fabric then your belt hooks will keep on pressing against it. As a result, the fabric starts to tear off and small holes start to appear.

Understandably, one does not keep track of the times when your belt hook is pressing against the shirt. You could be washing dishes or lifting some heavy objects that could make your shirt stuck in the belt hook. Even if the holes are not visible at first, but the damage is already done. It will only take a few days before you start seeing those holes.

First of all, you should not buy clothes that have that much poor quality of the fabric. Not everyone has a big budget when they go out to shop for clothes, but if you keep on buying cheap products; in the long run it is going to cost you the same.

You will be too busy replacing your clothes after clothes, as you had bought a better quality fabric so you wouldn’t be doing that right now.

When it comes to clothes, you need to apply the rule of thumb; that is, quality outweighs quantity. You could have twenty different shirts that are made out of cheap fabric, but they are going to wear off way sooner than five shirts that are made out of good fabric.



These are most likely the reason behind mysterious holes in your clothes. You need to test out every single possibility and check if it works for you.

Another thing, if you are going to go out to buy some new clothes then you need to pay more attention to the fabric. You need to gently stretch the fabric and check if lose threads have started to form lint.

In most cases, you could almost feel the good fabric just by touching. It is always better to invest your money in better quality products than the cheaper poor quality ones.

Bonus: How to fix a hole in a t-shirt?

Fixing hole in a t-shirt.

How To Fix Holes In Clothes Without Sewing?

Clearly this depends on the degree of damage and the type of fabric, however, there is a product called “Bondaweb” in the U.K., which is a mesh of glue attached to silicone paper. There are other brands in the US I’m sure.

  1. Cut a patch of fabric in a similar or lighter weight than the damaged one.
  2. Following the instructions on the pack, iron Bondaweb onto one side of the patch.
  3. Remove the silicone paper from the patch and place it on the reverse of the damaged garment taking care to join the edges of the tear neatly. Press with a hot iron and a damp cloth according to the directions on the Bondaweb.
  4. Trim away any excess patch. The fabric can usually be laundered even without sewing.

Watch this video demonstration for step by step instructions:


Dark Ear Wax – All You Need To Know About

Dark Ear Wax – All You Need To Know About
img source: atlasbiomed.com

Of all the weird liquids our bodies produce, earwax has got to be one of the most useful yet misunderstood substances.

I did my research, dark earwax is not a bad thing. Dark earwax is older than the usual clear earwax you get. Earwax is our body’s way of protecting our ear canals from foreign invaders such as small parasites and bugs.

What are the possible reasons that our ears/bodies have for producing this weird substance?

Most doctors and or medical professionals may not yet understand these benefits, they are certain of this one fact it produced to protect.

To grasp these ideas a bit more clearly, here are some facts you may not have been aware of earwax and why you should read this article before wanting to remove it.

What is Earwax and why it’s produced

Earwax is so gross but it is just as useful and necessary, while most people’s natural instinct is to remove it as quickly as it is produced we suggest holding off until you know the facts about this amazing substance and why it is produced.

The proper term/name for earwax is cerumen It was too difficult to say for some thus earwax was born, this is a natural substance produced by our bodies if you are wondering why ear wax is beneficial. here are a few facts:

Earwax as a protection

Earwax is the natural buffer that helps to prevent dirt and bacteria from finding a way into the innermost parts of your ears and causing damage like hearing loss.

It is a sticky substance, it gathers all the microscopic particles that have a nasty habit of making a home inside the ear canal and then which makes its way through your ear canal, think of earwax as type flypaper that when strategically placed traps insects.

Without this barrier in place, our inner ears would run the risk of being infected and vulnerable.

Earwax prevents infections

It acts as a natural and protective lubricant for the ear canal. Without this protective coating of earwax, the outer ear might be flaky and a bit itchy, there is a then greater risk for becoming inflamed and possibly infected.

Physical barrier

The outdoor of your earwax prevents bugs from getting too close, while the sticky viscosity ensures that the ones that accidentally come inside are then trapped and can do no further damage. Besides Earwigs, those critters eat our earwax and love the warm coziness of our ear canals.

What does your earwax color say about you

Even though almost everyone’s ears make earwax. Its type varies from one person to the next. The color and consistency say a lot about your health.


Even the color of your earwax says more about you, dark earwax means that you don’t take great care of your ears. it gets its color from the dirt and debris it has proceeded to trap. Adult males or females have darker earwax.

  • Dark brown earwax with red tinge may suggest a bleeding injury. If this is the case seek medical help as it could lead to a more serious issue.
  • Light brown, this color is found in young kids and teens orange or yellow earwax is the most common and normal type that you get. Children and teens have a softer, lighter-colored wax.
  • White, yes you get white earwax too, it also tends to be flaky in nature which suggests your body has no odor-producing chemical. Dark-colored, sticky earwax suggests you have an overabundance of this chemical and should probably start to use deodorant.

Our weird bodies

Our bodies know how much earwax to produce is that not incredible. As long as you remain healthy and eat correctly and make sure you practice good hygiene.

Heres a fun fact you probably were not aware of moving your jaw (chewing and talking), helps signal your body to produce excess earwax, Which would not allow dirt and bacteria in your ears without any consequence.

Make a habit of removing excess earwax, this will then send a signal to your body to produce more as your ears are now unprotected.

If you over clean your ears you run the risk of creating an excess that can inhibit your hearing and then put you at a higher risk for developing ear infections and other complications that may require surgical treatment.

Stress and or fear can also expedite earwax volumes. That’s because the same gland which produces the sweat of our bodies’ main signaling system also produces the earwax. Other circumstances where an excess of earwax is produced include these:

  • People with an excess of hair in their ear canals. This mainly affects men.
  • Those who suffer from bad ear infections could be anyone as there are a number of circumstances that could lead to this outcome.
  • People, who have abnormal ear canals or osteomata this case is a rare one only a handful of people suffer from this condition If you suspect you may be one do not hesitate to contact your local Doctor and get it looked at.
  • The elderly, as you age your body goes through these intense periods of change one of these things is your hearing and or eyesight.
  • Those that suffer from certain skin ailments.
  • Even those that might have learning disabilities. Sounds crazy right but earwax production has been linked to certain cases of learning difficulties.

How to safely clean your ears

Although earwax has its merits too much of it can cause a host of issues such as blockages which can cause hearing loss.

The symptoms usually are a heavy sensation of stuffiness in and around your ears, an inner itchy feeling in your ear muffled or inaudible tones if you experience any of the above know that earwax is the cause.

Don’t use an earbud, grip or any sharp implement to attempt to clean your ears

Doing so puts you at risk to push the earwax further into the ear canal where it cannot be dealt with naturally, worse than that you could even puncture your eardrum.

Our ears are sensitive and require the utmost care to ensure they are properly functioning.

Don’t try candling

Candling I am sure you have heard of it, using a candle that is burning placed in the ear to collect the earwax.

This method has had no proven success.

This method is extremely dangerous. just a few of the side effects are burns, wax blockage, punctured eardrums, and serious damage.

Your ears are cleaning sufficient

If you still feel dirty every time you see earwax in your ear there are a few ways that you can safely clean your ears and I will list the proper ear cleaning methods so you can be squeaky clean all over.

Use a warm soapy facecloth

Use a warm soapy facecloth to get into those hard to reach crevices. Allow the warm water from your daily shower/bath to flow into/around your ears every once in a while is probably more than enough to loosen the excess earwax.

Ear cleaning kit

If you have healthy ears and have no medical issues such as tubes or eardrum perforations, you can clear excess earwax yourself by using an ear cleaning kit. Ask your local pharmacist about them and best practices for use.

Visit a doctor

Have you had your hearing tested yearly by a hearing healthcare professional?

Ask your family doctor for a referral, or search for an online directory that will help you to find hearing clinics near you.

They will be advising you on your hearing health, they will also be able to find if you are suffering from excess earwax and they can then safely proceed to get rid of it.

Seek a doctor immediately if your home methods have not to help or if you have a sudden bout of hearing loss if there is intense pain and or bleeding.


We need to take better care of our bodies in general. Our ears are most important they help keep us calibrated and moving in an upward position.

Our ears are sensitive for a reason as they detect danger even before we know there is a problem. This is one of our most needed and recommended tools to ensure our survival.

Propper ear care and knowledge thereof can save us many expensive trips to the doctor. We need to take our health into greater consideration and trust our bodies and their signals.

The list I have put together is to show you that it is possible and necessary to visit your doctor to get yourself checked out before it becomes a real issue that requires medical intervention.

Self-checks can also be done using this complied list and checking off your specific symptoms. Note: that we would prefer it if you saw a trained medical professional as this is what they know.

Only if that is not an option they do the self-check but if any negative symptoms are found seek medical help immediately as it could prevent further injury and or damage!

A point on the ear, known as the Shen Men, could help you feel better

A point on the ear, known as the Shen Men, could help you feel better
img source: brainshapellc.com

Shen men may sound like a foreign term, that is because it is roughly translated it means heavenly gate and it no surprise then why so many people believe in its ancient healing properties. Let’s get stuck into both the medical and spiritual benefits of this ancient belief.

Shen Men is a place on the ear, it is situated at the top of the trilateral fossa. It is one of the most distinguished auricular details and is used in the remedy of most illnesses.

According to NCBI Shen Men is perceived to have a very powerful impact in the treating of multiple states, including discomfort, sedation, habit remedy, and infection.

What is the purpose of Shen men

While Shen Men is globally recognized in the auricular acupuncture world, it is not affiliated with any particular gland, as the Chinese auricular points were acquired through the perception of working effects, and not fundamentally regarding glands and the body.

The Nogier French auricular method, though, was formed Anatomic accuracy and understanding of the anatomic auricular zone, a practitioner will more fully grasp the patient and generally feel more being in the clinical results in the remedy of these auricular zones.

Origins and debates

The famous french Dr. Nogier’s initial findings led to the classification of the body mapping toward the auricle which showed striking regularity concerning the various applications in the study of anatomic and embryological thoughts. Hence, the “inverted embryo”

I was ultimately noticed that various glands’ injury and dysfunction would present in different auricular zones, depending upon the degree of the illness.

Stage 1 auricular zones correspond to normal anatomy or acute pathology and are the portrayal of the initial “inverted fetus”.

Stage 2 matches to stages of entropy circumstances, and the “inverted fetus” is then changed into an upright position.

Stage 3 corresponds to acute and chronic situations, and the homunculus is in the bent show with the head in the central auricle or concha.

The place of a special organ or anatomic structure’s spot will, therefore, be recognized in one or more places depending upon the stage of the conditioning process.

What a mouthful right this was jus the brief medical history and how Shen men practice came about.

Next, we are going to get into the modern-day applications and how they can best serve you. These popular methods include piercings.

For relief of Anxiety

Anxiety and migraines are in no way a fun way to live. One moment you’re doing well, the next crash sometimes with little or warning you become overwhelmed and crippled with pain or panic or in most cases both this can interrupt your focus and makes having a drive a bit impossible.

The world starts spinning. You lose control. You’re not sure how continued this helpless feeling will be. How long will it last, but you know it’s undoubtedly upset your day?

If that seems usual, you’ve not been isolated: Approximately one out of five people endures anxiety and about one out of ten struggles with migraines.

Some find aid through a Shen Men piercing.

What is a Shen Men piercing, and how could it improve upon anxiety, migraines, also likely more?

What is a Shen Men piercing?

Shen men point
Youtube/Michael Reed Gach

A Shen Men piercing denotes that a stud or ring is embedded at a particular point near the top-center cartilage of the ear.

Acupuncturists understand stimulation to this spot soothes anxiety, heightens immunity, alleviates migraines, and focuses the body.

To know the interests following the Shen Men piercing, we have to travel back to its origin arts: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, and eastern medicine.

Acupuncture purpose

Acupuncture uses particular “stress points” on the body to balance the body’s spiritual energy.

These features are contemplated in eastern medicine to establish an individual’s yin and yang (good and bad energy) emerging in a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Acupuncture has happened for thousands of years to build sturdy immune systems, reduce swelling, alleviate injury, still aversion, and more beyond Asia.

Some researchers understand that elevated blood circulation caused by acupuncture could add to healing and wellbeing. Very few systematic studies assess acupuncture’s healing benefits; nonetheless, many people maintain acupuncture soothes their manifestations.

The psychology behind acupuncture is still fresh but the principles and achievement stories are aged.

Auriculotherapy or Acupuncture

Several acupuncturists concentrate on spots on the ear rather than points on the body. This application of acupuncture on the ear alone is known as auriculotherapy.

Amateurs of this campaign, including a French doctor named Paul Nogier, mapped particular points in the ear to classify body parts in the mid-1900s.

Auriculotherapists manage the methods of the whole body can be determined to points on the ear, and ask that exciting these points may affect healing for specific objections.

The utmost import Of Shen Men

Michael Reed Gach showing shen men points
Youtube/Michael Reed Gach

In auriculotherapy, the Shen Men spot is also known as the “Divine Gate.” This spot on the upper-middle ear is thought to join on dozens of current centers throughout the body and organize overall well-being.

Acupuncturists and auriculotherapists seldom excite Shen Men (without a piercing) for customers with anxiety and melancholy, migraines, or similar issues. Concerning these understandings, many people maintain a piercing can help mitigate these signs long-term.

The results of a Shen Men piercing vary from person to person. Here are a few of the most regularly asked inquiries regarding issues from a Shen Men piercing:

Can the Shen Men piercing help me cope with my Anxiety and Depression?

This is solely dependant on the person in question and how severe their condition is. I would say possibly but results may vary.

It is completely subjective. Few people state shorter periods of anxiety following a Shen Men piercing. Seldom, people have been able to lower their prescription dosage for anxiety and that of depression after a piercing. While other people do not notice a change.

These positive outcomes could be a sugar pill or the famous placebo effect (A state where your mind believes it has accepted a powerful remedy and your body begins to respond to this by healing itself, even if the remedy has no actual effect itself).

They could also be sure effects from the activation of the Shen Men spot in the cartilage; without more research, it’s difficult to say.

Placebo effect or not, the results of various encounters are solid and worth examining. Of course, always discuss the outcome with your specialist before adjusting your prescription of any remedy.

Can these Shen Men piercings help with my migraines?

It is again subjective, possibly yes, but it’s tough to say for sure.

There is not sufficient therapeutic study to verify the Shen Men’s effectiveness for alleviating migraines and other discomforts but several people have been able to notice that by having this piercing the intensity of their migraine is lessened and the pain becomes more manageable.

We no saying that it is a definite cure. We only say that it couldn’t hurt to try something unconventional.

It could very well be the answer that you have desperately been seeking or it could achieve no notable results. But if your life is being dominated and controlled by your pesky migraines, what do you have to lose?

Go against the norm and the results may just shock you. Homeopathic remedies are often the better solution as these results rely solely on mother nature and she usually knows what to do, and how to help us.



This has been a practice for centuries, and I doubt that it is going anywhere soon. The Chinese have this incredible knack of figuring out just how our body works and how best to care for it.

Whether you chose to believe in this piercing or not is up to you! I have one and they do in fact work. I again believe that anything will work if you believe in it as your mind is the most powerful underutilized tool that we possess and how we squander its potential.

Shen men are no different from other practices. We have gone through the breakdown of the application and the possible benefits. Ultimately the choice is yours.

We live in an ever-changing world the pace is quickening, It is up to us how we decide to feel in this life and if we can we must take our power back. If having this piercing will bring you some sort of relief from pain and suffering I say it is worth it then.

If you are still unsure go see an acupuncture therapist and ask them what they think. They will most likely stick a needle in your ear and ask you if it’s better now?

The one thing I have about our Asian brethren is They don’t waste time analyzing data and then testing results. They just go straight to the source and just do.

So I think we should all adopt that attitude In life just go for it and to hell with the odds, we make our odds anyway.

What Is A Gusseted Crotch?

What Is A Gusseted Crotch?
img source: pinterest.com

When it comes to picking undergarments; women have to try hard to always prioritize the comfort over visual appeal.

Since you are going to be wearing that underneath, your private parts require as much care as you would imagine. If you show any negligence, it could potentially lead to health issues.

This is why there are various options to choose from in the undergarment department.

One thing has baffled a wide array of men—or women about the pockets on the underwear.

You can often find some people asking what is a gusseted crotch?

The pocket on the thongs is a gusset crotch, which is an element of lingerie. It is sewn on to maintain hygiene. This way delicate skin will not come into contact with the fabric from which the item is sewn. Moreover, the materials of the gusset and the product itself often do not coincide.

They do have a purpose. It has remained a mystery to a lot of people.

The Reason why there are pockets on underwear:

If you want an explanation then you have come to the right place. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before understanding the purpose of pockets on panties.

First thing is that the private parts of the female body are incredibly sensitive. Well, it is the same for anyone, but for women; they are exceptionally sensitive.

Often than not, some women develop irritation and even health problems if they show negligence in taking care of that. It requires extensive care to keep the pipes clean and smooth.

Even using the soap could lead to dry skin and irritation.

Next up, you need to understand that all underwear is not made from the same material. They are made of different materials; sometimes they are made of silk, other times they are made of cotton or synthetic material.

Usually, the silk underwear cost a little extra than the cotton ones, since silk is smooth and doesn’t cause any irritation to the private parts.

However, not everyone can afford silk underwear, so they tend to go for a cheaper option.

Then again, you get what you pay for. It is always a better option to pick the cotton that is handmade or silk.

It can be a hefty task to find naturally made cotton underwear, and it could be costly. Since everyone’s body works differently, some people can still face irritation or itching when they are wearing naturally made underwear.

This is where the small pocket on the underwear comes into play.

Are they really pockets?

Well, if you are looking for a short answer then it is ‘No. They are not pockets’.

Pocket in Thongs

However, they are shaped like pockets, and you could store anything in it. This is what they are designed for. You must have noticed that these pockets are designed right on top of the main private area, and an extra layer of fabric will provide more care to the private parts.

You don’t want to be scratching your private parts when they are itching like crazy, just because you decided to wear some underwear made out of synthetic material.

It is not a classy look to be scratching your junk like that, especially when you are at a fancy dinner and you want to impress your boss to get the promotion. But your underwear causing irritation and making you scratch it often than not.

Back to the main point, you can store something small in that pocket, since it is not very spacious. However, that is not the intended purpose of that. Sometimes an extra layer of fabric can cause your skin to suffocate.

You need to give some room to your private parts for breathing. The extra layer is not letting you do that. Especially, in summer when you are out on the sidewalk for your morning run. The sweat will keep on stacking in that area and it could lead to irritation.

Although the extra layer of fabric can be comforting in the winters as it can provide more warmth. If you take a closer look at the design of your underwear, you will notice that the little pocket is not properly stitched.

This is because it is designed to be taken off so that it will create more room for your skin to breathe.

Myriads of people don’t know that they can just take the layer off. You don’t even need extensive knowledge in tailoring to take that off. All you need is simple scissors and cut from the edges.

Once the extra is off the underwear, you can wear the underwear back on. Now you will notice that there is more air touching your skin, and it cannot get sweaty as easily as before. It can be a comforting experience for women that do get sweaty down there.

If only most people knew the intended purpose of the extra fabric. If you still want to hide your stash in it, then that is your call.

But it is not going to be a pleasant experience if you leave it there for long. It is advisable to not put anything in that pocket, as that area is highly sensitive and could cause some serious health risks.

Are they really called Pockets?

Even though they look and could act the same as the pockets. But they are not called ‘pockets’ in technical terms.

The right term for that is ‘gusset crotch. You might have come across a section for underwear with gusset in the malls, but you didn’t know what they were.

Pocket in Thongs

Well, the term gusset sounds more tasteful than mere pockets, but most people don’t know the real name.

Gussets are designed to give more care to your private parts and not to hold things in it. Sometimes, women want to look good in their undergarments to surprise their loved ones.

It can be a tricky situation to pick the right undergarment, as usually the aesthetic ones are made out of synthetic material. Overall, it is alright to wear that but if you leave that on for a longer period, the synthetic fabric is going to rub against your most intimate area.

It is not only going to create irritation but it is could lead to a permanent injury. You can never be too sure, so always take care of your private parts.

You can still surprise your loved ones in a fancy undergarment with laces on it. This is why gussets provide another layer made out of cotton or silk to give comfort.

Not only is that but there is a chance that harmful bacteria could find a way to cause trouble for you. If you leave them on for a longer period; sweat will create an even more irritating experience for you. This is why it is necessary to give some room to your skin to breathe.

Otherwise, it will be a bigger problem for you. It is understandable that you want to look sexy in your new underwear with laces on it, and you are dying to show it off to your significant other.

However, they are only designed to be worn for a short period of time. They are not designed to be kept on for a longer period of time for the right reasons. If you are looking for a way to spice things up in your bedroom, and you have picked up some right undergarments for yourself.

It is necessary to make sure that the fabric of your undergarments is made out of soft material. It is advisable to avoid synthetic fabric.

Always stick to the naturally produced cotton. According to research, made by five prominent scientists, naturally colored cotton has excellent antibacterial activity. It is even better if you could find something made out of silk. They are not going to be easy on your budget, but they are worth the price.

Furthermore, it is highly advisable to get the underwear that has the gusset or as they call it—undies pockets. The gusset will help you stay comfortable and sexy in your favorite underwear, and if it gets too sweaty down there, then it is time to stitch the layer out of your underwear.

Woman taking shower

The air could pass easily through the single layer of fabric, and it will give less room for the bacteria to attack.


You should never neglect your hygiene, it is always necessary to be on top of your hygiene for a hardworking individual.

If you manage to do not as good as of a job while taking care of your hygiene, then you are literally asking for the bad things to happen. You can read up some journals on how to properly take care of your hygiene.

In the meantime, try to avoid undergarments made out of synthetic fabric, and stick to the ones that have the gusset on them.


Everything has its purpose. I am writing here on EverydayTips from cleaning with nail polish remover to using dishwasher tablets to clean your washing machine or maybe you’re locked out of your house or you looking for ideas where to hide a key. However, I cover you and I hope I can help you too.

What Is The Pocket In Women's Underwear For?

Using Dishwasher Tablets to Clean Your Washing Machine

Using Dishwasher Tablets to Clean Your Washing Machine
img source: bestconsumerreviews.com

Yes, you have read that correctly. While some of you might be wondering how can that work? Well, it is simple; you need to understand what dishwasher tablets are made out of.

Dishwasher tablets are made out of phosphates, enzymes, and different bleaches.

These elements work greatly to clean the dishes, even when your dishes are full of oily substances and other food particles that are stick to your dishes.

When you look at the dirty plates, you must be wondering how to clean that by hand. Well, you don’t have to; this is exactly why dishwashers were invented in the first place.

However, the dishwasher tablets are not limited to cleaning dishes. They can also clean your washing machine.

If you are wondering how dishwasher tablets in the washing machine could help you clean that? Well, you have to the right place. We will discuss all the relevant information you need to know before you can clean your washing machine with the dishwasher tablets.

When you look at the washing machine, normally, you would never think that this cleaning appliance is capable of getting this much dirty.

There was a time when vinegar and bleach were primarily used to clean the washing machines but those days are gone.

Dishwasher tablets

One Australian mother on social media has introduced us with a new way of cleaning your washing machine. It is through dishwasher tablets in the washing machine.  

Initially, she came up with this idea when she bought the dishwasher tablets that did not fit in her dishwasher. Instead of throwing them away, she began to contemplate other ways of using them.

She tried putting them in the washing machine, and the results left the internet with jaws opened.

If you don’t know how you can use your dishwasher tablets for cleaning the washing machine then you don’t need extensive knowledge for that. We will break it down for you so you can clean your washing machine and never have to see the dirty washing machine again.

How to clean your washing machine with dishwasher tablets?

Dishwasher tablets to clean washing mashine

You might have seen some people cleaning their greasy oven doors with dishwasher tablets, but you would have never seen someone cleaning their washing machine with it.

Myriads of people don’t even bother cleaning their washing machines as they are cleaning appliances and they clean on their own.

Well, that’s where you are wrong.

At the bottom of your washing machine, you must have seen the dirt start to pile up. If you put water inside the washing machine, the water doesn’t even look clean, it looks flood water.

This happens when you don’t clean your washing machines from time to time. This will keep on happening if you don’t do something about it.

Lucky for you, you were born at the right time to learn this new hack. All you need is the dishwasher tablets and then fill your washing machine up with water and put the dishwasher tablets inside it.

Next up, you need to give it a few spins, you will start to notice the color of the water is starting to get clearer. Once you drain the water out, you will notice the sparkly clean drums of your washing machine, and it will smell nice as well.

You will never get the same results with any other product, as they don’t have the same ingredients as dishwasher tablets.

What is dishwasher tablets made out of?

Dishwasher tablets are a combination of bleaching products, phosphate, and enzymes. Obviously, they are not designed to clean your washing machine, but they do just as much of a good job as cleaning the dishes.

The phosphate inside the dishwasher tablets is designed to break down the food particles into smaller pieces so that they can easily drain out.

It is the main ingredient in pretty much any detergent; therefore, it works for cleaning the washing machine as well.

Next up, enzymes are important for breaking the proteins and greasy elements on the cellular level. The reason why they put that in dishwasher tablets is to break the food particles, especially the sticky elements.

After enzymes do their magic, the food particles can easily come off the plate and go right into the drain. Furthermore, bleaches are important for cleaning. However, bleach in a higher amount is dangerous to be near any cooking appliance.

That’s why they only put a very small amount of chlorine-based elements to clean the dishes.

Now, if you combine these elements together, they become even stronger, thus, giving the squeaky clean look when you are cleaning your dishes.

Similarly, when you put them inside the washing machine, they do just what they are designed to do. That is to clean.

Can you clean other things with dishwasher tablets?

It depends on what do you mean by other things. As discussed above, dishwasher tablets are designed to break down the food particles so that they can come right off the dishes rather easily.

This works great with other appliances as well.

If you are getting tired of stains on your oven door, then you can easily remove those stains with the dishwasher tablets.

All you need to do is take a bucket of warm water and dip the dishwasher tablets in them. Once the dishwasher tablets have dissolved in the water, you need to wear some rubber gloves and start cleaning the inside of your oven.

This works primarily well on the oven floor, as the water can stay there for longer. Unlike the walls of the oven, it is hard to clean them since the water will easily slide down.

Once you start seeing some results, you can take a sponge and easily dry the oven. You will be surprised to see the sparkling clean oven.

Clean the house walls with dishwasher tablets:

It can be a handful to have creative children inside your house. If you are a parent of children from 3 to 10 then you must have been used to seeing creative polygraphs on the walls.

Fingers of my 3yo daughter on the wall
Fingers of my 3yo daughter on the wall

Now, it is never been easier to clean those walls with dishwasher tablets. All you need to do is soak the dishwasher tablets in the water and clean the walls with a sponge.

Always remember to wear rubber gloves, as it can be dangerous to touch a mixture like that.

Once you have rubbed the mixture on the wall, you will see the results in no time.

Now you can enjoy having creative kids and some clean walls as well.

Cleaning the lasagna dish:

dirty pan

If you like to cook lasagna then you are in the same boat as the rest of us.

We all have faced the nightmare of cleaning the casserole dish. The stains on the dish leave the permanent marks, and no matter how many times you have cleaned it, they just don’t go away.

This is where dishwasher tablets come into the picture. Take the dirty dish and pour some water in it and then put the dishwasher tablet inside it. Once you have done that, simply leave the dish for a few hours.

If the stains are still there, then you can leave it overnight. Next morning, just throw the water out and rinse with some freshwater and there you go!

You now have a completely clean casserole dish. You can do the same with the type of dishes as well.

We all have those Tupperware that has the permanent color of the spaghetti. It usually happens when you leave the food inside them for too long.

Now that you have tried to clean it with detergents, but the colors simply don’t go away. You need to use the dishwasher tablet for that as well.

Simply, do the same thing you did the casserole dish and leave it for a few hours. You will be surprised to see the results.


Dishwasher tablets seem to have been around for ages, and not many people have thought of using them for different purposes.

Most people don’t realize the main ingredients of the dishwasher tablets; they are made out of phosphate, enzymes, and a low amount of chlorine.

When you mix these things up, they break the small particles on a cellular scale, thus, they easily come right off.

You can use the dishwasher tablets for other purposes as well, such as cleaning your washing machine.

Not many people have the habit of cleaning their washing machine. You can’t blame them, as it can be a real labor extensive task.

However, now you can use the dishwasher tablets to clean your washing machine. You don’t need to clean your washing machine manually.

All you need to do is simply put some water inside your washing machine and then put the dishwasher tablets inside it and give it a few spins.

You will start seeing the results in a few minutes. No one knew this would actually work, but it does work and it works better than we expected.