Shoes should match the bag, the dress should be such that the colors on it are balanced and match each other, and the earrings should be in line with the hairstyle. As a result of all that, you will get a perfect look, whatever style it is. Oh yes, a smile on your face is most important.

When it comes to choosing earrings, they are available in a variety of colors and shapes and are made of different materials. But the choice is not so simple.

This small piece of jewelry can change and fix the complete look in an instant, so it is desirable to pay special attention to it.

According to the length of the hair, the rule is that the longer the hair, the more earrings you can wear. With short hair, large earrings do not fit, so slightly simpler shapes will fit better.

You can also choose earrings according to eye color. Green earrings will wonderfully highlight green eyes, blue earrings blue eyes, and brown earrings brown eyes. Your face shape is another thing you should pay attention to. For round faces choose thin, long, and earrings with irregular lines, and for heart-shaped faces choose beads, butterflies, or flowers.

Let me guide you through my journey to realization.

Make no mistake about thinking that your earrings are a secondary accessory. If chosen correctly, the earrings will mysteriously frame and illuminate your face like a halo. Here’s what to look out for.

Earrings for short hair

What earrings look good with short hair?

Earrings that look good with short hair are those that are a little longer than the length of your hair.

Whether it’s bob or a pixie, you already know that this type of hairstyle is in fashion this year. If you want to make a full hit, choose earrings that will be a little longer in relation to the length of your hair.

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The key is in contrast. If your hair is extremely short, you should choose earrings in relation to the occasion for which you are wearing them.

  • For daily combinations, you can opt for rings, medium-sized ones, or earrings in the shape of pearls. In any case less conspicuous.
  • For evening occasions or a festive event, choose bigger, brighter ones, those that are more striking.

Look up to celebrities, such as Emilia Clarke, who masterfully matched large, shiny star-shaped earrings with gathered hair, with, of course, a wide smile, which is also one of the most important accessories.

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Earrings for long hair

woman holding her neck while facing left

If you have long hair, and you want your earrings to stand out, choose ones that are XXL in size or, put less, but keep your hair behind your ears.

  • For special occasions, choose gold earrings, with accentuated details.
  • For the daily combination, leave the silver ones.

Another idea, which never fails, is the contrast of texture and form. What is it?

  • For curly hair, put on long and straight earrings.
  • For straight hair, ironed, have your earrings curled, with pearls, zircons, or any details that will fit with your hairstyle.

How to choose earrings in accordance with hair color?

When it comes to blondes, light-colored earrings suit them best. Is gold a good choice? Of course, it is. The only thing is that they should be more discreet for the daily combination.

The most recommended earrings for redheads are earrings in green tones. It will make your hair shine even more.

woman sitting in green overalls beside net

For black and brown hair, earrings of any color are a good choice, except for those that are the same color as the hair itself, because in that case, they would blend in with it and would have no purpose.

How to choose earrings for your face shape?


Earrings for round face

If you have a round face, it is best to choose thin, long and earrings with irregular lines that will lengthen your face. Square or rectangular earrings are also a good choice, and you should avoid tiny round or bulky earrings.

Earrings for heart-shaped face

Subtle earrings and those with more delicate motifs such as beads, butterflies, or flowers will go well with the heart-shaped face. Round and oval earrings will fit you well, as long as they do not taper at the bottom.

Additional tips for choosing earrings

For special occasions, choose earrings with precious stones. Gather your hair to make the jewelry as conspicuous as possible or, even better, pick up a section of hair and leave one strand released.

If you have bangs, without a doubt, teardrop-shaped earrings will suit you best. They are modern, elegant, and easy to combine.

Remember, you are already perfect! Put a smile on your face and be happy. This is all about style and fashion not about ourselves.

Give a try those accessories in combination with the earrings.