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I was hesitating for a long time to write about this one. Recently, I was talking with one of my best friends when she asked me how to make a man cry in bed.

If you want to know how to make your man cry in the bed, read on and find out what worked for me.

I only can say that my hubby enjoyed it and completely changed his mind and the way how he approaches me afterward.

To make your man cry in the bed follow these 6 tips:

1. Mind

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Everything begins with the mind. So, be ready to play this game from the early morning. You want to prepare male mind and to drive him mentally during the day.

Don’t be lazy! You want him to enjoy it. Remember, once when you see him enjoying it, you will feel even better.

Morning can start with touching under the blanket or in the bathroom while washing the teeth. Be open to the quicky. It will help you the rest of the day.

2. Be honest

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Don’t fake your desire. Go all-in with your emotions. Show your man how happy you are and how much you enjoy his company.

This “project” requires you some unusual things to do. Be ready and relaxed beforehand. Forcing anything can make it harder for you to achieve to see your man crying in the bed.

3. Break routine

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The best way to plan it and still keep it to look usual is to be spontaneous. If your routine is to wake up and wash your teeth, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and similar, be ready to surprise him somewhere in between.

A right way can be to start with compliments on his body shape, intelligence, great attitude or just his appearance just after waking up.

Touching and kissing should follow during morning routine or while eating breakfast under the table.

4. Be sensual

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Whatever you do, don’t forget to be sensual. Every move has to be followed by sensual eye contact or by touching your hair.

Ok, there is a time when you have to communicate everyday tasks. During regular communication, stay focused but a little bit perverse. Don’t allow any topic to cold them down completely.

5. Keep them interested

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As I said before, try to keep them interested. Send a messages to your macho man that will trigger his imagination while he is at work.

Don’t overuse it, be aware that the best will come in the bed at the end of the day. Keep them interested and flare up his imagination.

Let them know that he needs to save his energy for the night. A soon as that moment is closer, make your comments dirtier and explicit.

6. Fireworks

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Let them eat. Keep using eye contact and keep telling him motivating and encouraging words. His self-confidence is the most important for what you want to achieve.

Make a break, let them think that it’s over.

Wear sexy underwear and regular home clothes over it. Wait for a right moment, wait for his reaction, continue with dirty talk.

Another thing that helped me and still works is this beautiful toy. Have a try maybe your man likes it.

Let them lay down and enjoy. It’s your showtime!



From my experience, I can say that the day I create for my man from time to time makes us very happy. It evoked some old, almost forgotten emotions.

That’s not all. After one day where I gave my best to make them happy, he started to think about how he can make me happy, and it made a fantastic atmosphere in our house.

Let me tell you a secret ?

Almost all guys love dresses! Spice the whole experience make sure you don’t have anything under. He will get crazy. Don’t ask me how I know ?
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Touching love messages to make him cry

I found that some topics that we discuss touches him more than other. I tried couple of things and here is my top choice.

Touching love messages that (almost) always make him cry are from these life topics:

  • Let him know how much you are thankful to his mother because she raised a great man despite all struggles she had.
  • Tell him how proud of him you are and that you’re happy that he is or will be father of your children.
  • Show him that you don’t want to control him and that you understand that he wants hangout with friends and that’s fine. You will be always there for him.

Those are the topics but you can prepare your own stories based on it. It works very well for me. We often take our relationships for granted but we forget to express what we really feel about those that we care the most. Let’s get more expressive and karma will do the rest for us.

Bonus video

If you want to know more tips on how to make your man cry in bed check out this video:

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