Everyone wants a better appearance and everything that comes with it, so we can be more appealing to the people around us. It’s true that looks aren’t the most important thing about the person, but surely it’s worth paying attention to it, instead of looking messy and unattractive. Every person in the world has weak and strong sides and some tiny things that can ruin their self-confidence completely. Some people love their lips but dislike the nose, or they enjoy their wide-open eyes, but still hate the thin eyelashes that can’t be fixed with the usual mascara. As you can see on, eyelash extensions can come in many shapes and designs, and you can add a little more drama to your face, or make them long and voluminous like they are fragile butterflies.

Just like with makeup, it’s better to have control over what you put on your face because you don’t want to look like you are getting ready for a carnival. When it comes to eyelash extensions, it’s very important to keep the natural looks, without risking putting a different color that will make you look artificial.

Many girls today choose extensions instead of false lashes. It takes a lot of time to be applied. They are the semi-permanent solution, and they help the lashes to look fuller, longer, and eye-opening. The fibers are usually silky or synthetic, and they are nicely put over the existing lashes, to make them look more dramatic. It’s not a usual makeup method – it’s a work of art since the person who is applying them is both trained and talented to estimate the needed length and volume the particular client needs.

They don’t come in one size. The cosmetic expert or the makeup artist should examine the client’s face and structure, so they can enhance the natural looks, without making the person looking like a doll (except they ask and insist on that look).

But, how durable is that result?


If they are properly applied, and you take good care of them, they can last up to six weeks. Keep in mind that it’s generally an expensive cosmetic intervention, so it’s normal to expect a durable result. Also, it takes around an hour for every eye, until it’s done. They will follow the natural growth cycle, which is an average of six weeks, but not more than eight.

Keep in mind that the result can’t be permanent, because every day we lose a few lashes, and since the silk or synthetic ones are practically glued to them, they will fall off at some point. But, you can renew the procedure every 5-6 weeks, so you can avoid complete loss of the extensions. Also, the expert will tell you how to properly take care of them. In the first two days, you will have to avoid wetting them and wash your face very carefully.

If you rub the eyes with a towel, or you use a strong makeup remover, the results won’t last long, and some pieces of the extension can fall off in the first weeks after it’s applied. After the first two days, you can use makeup, but we suggest you avoid applying mascara (except if you have a special one for this purpose). Be careful with oil-based makeup removers, because the oils can literally melt the lashes. Don’t use eyelash curler too. You only need to brush them every day with a clean mascara brush, use an eyelash serum, and sleep on silky pillows.

What else do I have to know about eyelash extensions?


There are three main types of extensions, including synthetic lashes, silky, and mink ones. They are applied using special organic and semi-permanent glue that won’t cause any irritation to your eyes. Also, it won’t damage the natural lashes. Allergic reactions are still possible, so ask the expert what are the ingredients if you have a history with allergic reactions to different types of ingredients and substances.

One session lasts about two hours, and even though the result may last up to six weeks, it’s recommended to renew the procedure every four to five weeks so you can maintain the thickness and wanted length as much as possible.

Some clients are afraid of glue getting in their eyes, but even if that happens, that’s an organic glue, and probably won’t do any problem. If you are allergic, tell the staff, so they can check if you are eligible for extensions. In most cases, this glue is not harmful, but it can be for those with sensitive eyes and skin, so be careful with that. Some girls ended up with eye infections and medical treatment, and that’s why you have to look for a reliable studio or cosmetic clinic.

Are extensions a good choice for me?


It depends on your preferences and how do you want to look. Keep in mind that you have to find a professional with a background and credits, and they must be certified for this type of intervention. They also need to explain to you any potential risk of the procedure. Extensions are great if you want to look dramatic and fabulous, but you don’t like false eyelashes. Also, that means you will save time on applying mascara, because the thicker they are, the prettier they look. Don’t forget that you will need regular fills, in order to keep them in place all the time.

One of the main disadvantages is their price because they can be pretty expensive, and demand a lot of time to be properly maintained. Also, you will have that glamorous look for a week or two, because, after that, the natural cycle of renewing the lashes starts, and maybe one-third of them will fall off with your natural eyelashes.

At the end of this article, we can conclude that it’s good to refill the lashes every four weeks. If you leave them for more than eight weeks, they will completely fall off. So, it’s on you to decide whether you want this procedure and are you ready to pay for it.