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A proposal is a lifelong memory and a life-changing moment, so of course, you want everything to be picture-perfect. One of the most challenging aspects of the proposal is keeping it a surprise. We’ve compiled some strategies to help you plan the perfect proposal.

Hiding the Engagement Ring

Part of a surprise proposal is figuring out how and where to hide the ring. If a friend or family member is closely involved and part of the proposal moment, ask them to hold onto the ring until it’s time. Some family members and friends are part of the proposal plan to surprise them or they’re along to capture videos and pictures of the moment.

Imagine hiding the ring at home to have your significant other accidentally find it and ruin the surprise. You can rent a safety deposit box to keep your diamond or lab grown diamond engagement ring safe and prevent any proposal spoilers. You can also find clever hiding spots at home where the ring won’t accidentally be found. For example, consider hiding your ring in your off-season clothing box, in a sock hidden in your sock drawer, on the back of a high shelf in your closet, or hidden in a box or container. During the proposal, you can hide the ring box inside another object, such as a bouquet of flowers or a stuffed animal, or inside a decorative box.

Choosing the Right Time and Place for Your Proposal

Now that the ring is safely hidden, it’s time to plan where and when you’ll propose. Think about meaningful moments in your relationship that would make good locations for a proposal–maybe first date, first kiss, where you said I love you, or first home. All of these locations would make amazing spots for a romantic proposal!

Plus, you could also propose the date that these relationship moments occurred for sentimental reasons. After all, you’ll remember the date of your proposal, so you’ll want to select a special date. Some also propose on holidays, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, or July 4th.

Including Loved Ones

Some proposals involve family and friends if it’s something that your partner would want. You can invite friends and family for a party, make the proposal part of that, and then celebrate your engagement. For a more private proposal that still includes your friends and family, have them hide while you propose, and then they can come celebrate with you after the big moment.

The more people involved in the proposal, the harder it is to keep the plans a secret. Ensure that the people you disclose your plans to can be trusted. If you have a family member or friend who is known for spilling secrets, avoid sharing a detailed plan with them. Similarly, you don’t want a loud conversation or an accidentally spotted text to ruin the surprise. Make sure you communicate proposal plans clearly to avoid unexpected surprises or miscommunications.

Creating a Memorable Scenario

Every proposal is personal and meaningful to the couple. Part of what makes it special is because its personal touches represent the two of you. If you happen to be an eco-conscious couple, then you’ll find an exciting range of lab diamond engagement rings. And those who don’t want to go overboard with their budget, they too would find sparkling lab grown diamond rings a wonderful option.

When it comes to the proposal, try to incorporate personal touches or elements that hold sentimental value so the moment doesn’t feel impersonal or generic. Think of your shared memories, such as the place you had your first date or a special relationship milestone. Your special song playing during the proposal is an amazing personal touch.

You can also include personal items or symbols that hold sentimental value to level up your engagement. Feel free to get creative as well, such as hosting a surprise party that will be an engagement party. Some people create scavenger hunts that lead their loved ones on a trail of special memories, with the conclusion being an epic proposal. The possibilities are endless!

Regardless of how you propose, you want the moment captured. Consider hiring a professional photographer to document the moment. You’ll want the memory captured! If your proposal will be only the two of you, discreetly hide a smartphone to record the life-changing moment.

Ready for Your Perfect Proposal Moment?

Your proposal is a huge moment in your life – it’s meaningful, personal, and a memory you’ll have forever. As you plan a proposal, it’s important to consider what your partner would want. Think about your partner’s personality, interests, and dreams.

Would they want a public or a private proposal?

Consider what kind of special touches they’d appreciate. If you want to bounce ideas off of someone, think about talking to friends or family members to see if they have any insight or suggestions.

Regardless of how you plan to propose, remember to include unique touches to make the moment special; capture the proposal either with a professional photographer, hidden phone, or a family member or friend if they’ll be present. Communicate the proposal details discreetly so you can pull off the surprise of a lifetime.