Halo engagement rings have long been a popular choice. There are gorgeous modern lab diamond halos and vintage examples of this classic style. But recently, a new modern twist has been given to these lovely rings – the hidden halo.

A hidden halo is precisely as it sounds. It begins with the traditional small row of diamonds encircling the center stone, but instead of having the halo frame the main gem, it is set beneath the center stone.

You can either place your hidden halo around the base of your center diamond or nestle it around the base of the setting, creating a cinched effect around the prongs and shoulders of the ring.

Whichever style you choose, it’s the perfect way to add extra sparkle and glamor to your ring. Although, hidden halos do come with a few extra considerations concerning care and maintenance.

Cleaning at Home

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To ensure the longevity of your ring, it is essential to perform routine cleaning and inspection. Pave settings, which are often used in hidden halos, require extra cleaning in order to keep their brilliance. At home, this means gently cleaning your ring with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild cleanser.

You’ll want to avoid harsh jewelry cleaners or soaps. Rough and abrasive brushes or fabrics are also a no-no. Occasionally, you may want to use a soft brush with gentle strokes to help loosen any embedded debris or grime, but it isn’t necessary every time you go to clean your ring.

After you clean your ring, take a closer look at all of its features. Check that none of the gems are loose or missing. You can also take a peek at the security of your prongs, ensuring they’re not bent or broken. If you do notice any damage, take it to a professional jeweler right away.

Professional Cleaning and Inspection

Just because you don’t notice damage or heavy debris doesn’t mean your ring never needs to be serviced. It’s always a good idea to schedule an annual professional cleaning and inspection (although once a year is a minimum, you can certainly go more often). A professional jeweler uses special tools to clean and inspect your hidden halo diamond engagement ring.

Their tools are able to easily remove stubborn dirt without damaging your diamonds or precious metal. They can also give everything a nice polish, ensuring your ring is just as sparkly as the day you said “yes”! Expert tools also enable professionals to carefully inspect the integrity of your setting and the stones. Because hidden halos contain numerous smaller gems, they are a bit more susceptible to stone loss or damage compared to a simple diamond solitaire.

Prong and Setting Maintenance

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The inspection should also include a review of the prongs and settings. You can do this at home too, but an expert jeweler will be able to get a better look.

You want to ensure that none of the prongs are loose or damaged, as this increases your chance of losing a diamond. Signs of wear can include bent or misshapen prongs, misalignment of the stone, or deep grooves and scratches. If you notice any of these issues, stop wearing your jewelry and have it promptly repaired by a professional jeweler.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals and Activities

Prevention is key with hidden halo rings. We mentioned that you’ll want to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your ring, but don’t forget about exposure during typical activities too. For example, chlorine from a pool can be particularly hard on your jewelry, as can bleach, which is found in many household cleaners. Therefore, you’ll want to remove your ring before doing household chores or swimming.

Of course, if you’re engaging in vigorous physical activity like rock climbing, soccer, or other forms of exercise where your ring can be exposed to rough surfaces or jarring movements that could cause it to come off of your finger, it’s best to simply remove it before you begin. When you do take off your hidden halo ring, use a dedicated jewelry box or pouch to prevent other jewelry from tarnishing over time, scratching, tangling, or coming in contact with your exquisite ring.

Avoid Touching the Center Stone

The center diamond is the focal point of your hidden halo engagement ring, and it is essential to keep it clean and free from oils and fingerprints. Avoid touching the center stone as much as possible, as the natural oils from your skin can create a film on the diamond’s surface, reducing its brilliance.

Insurance and Routine Appraisals

Nevertheless, accidents do happen, which is why insuring your ring against loss, damage, or theft can be beneficial. If you do insure your ring, make sure you keep up with your routine appraisals. Regular appraisal of your diamond hidden halo ring ensures that its value is adequately covered by your insurance plan.

Stay Happy with Your Hidden Halo

Cleaning and maintenance help ensure you’ll stay happy with your hidden halo engagement ring for years to come. Caring for your ring aids its longevity and keeps it sparkling and beautiful, meaning you’ll fall in love all over again every time you look at your gorgeous ring.


A hidden halo engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love and commitment, and its mesmerizing sparkle is something to be cherished forever. By following the maintenance and care tips discussed in this article, you can ensure that your ring retains its brilliance and beauty throughout the years.

Regular cleaning, avoiding harsh chemicals, prudent storage, and periodic professional inspections are all part of the process to keep your hidden halo ring radiant. Remember, taking care of your ring not only preserves its appearance but also preserves the memories and emotions it represents.