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Shen men may sound like a foreign term, that is because it is roughly translated it means heavenly gate and it no surprise then why so many people believe in its ancient healing properties. Let’s get stuck into both the medical and spiritual benefits of this ancient belief.

Shen Men is a place on the ear, it is situated at the top of the trilateral fossa. It is one of the most distinguished auricular details and is used in the remedy of most illnesses.

According to NCBI Shen Men is perceived to have a very powerful impact in the treating of multiple states, including discomfort, sedation, habit remedy, and infection.

What is the purpose of Shen men

While Shen Men is globally recognized in the auricular acupuncture world, it is not affiliated with any particular gland, as the Chinese auricular points were acquired through the perception of working effects, and not fundamentally regarding glands and the body.

The Nogier French auricular method, though, was formed Anatomic accuracy and understanding of the anatomic auricular zone, a practitioner will more fully grasp the patient and generally feel more being in the clinical results in the remedy of these auricular zones.

Origins and debates

The famous french Dr. Nogier’s initial findings led to the classification of the body mapping toward the auricle which showed striking regularity concerning the various applications in the study of anatomic and embryological thoughts. Hence, the “inverted embryo”

I was ultimately noticed that various glands’ injury and dysfunction would present in different auricular zones, depending upon the degree of the illness.

Stage 1 auricular zones correspond to normal anatomy or acute pathology and are the portrayal of the initial “inverted fetus”.

Stage 2 matches to stages of entropy circumstances, and the “inverted fetus” is then changed into an upright position.

Stage 3 corresponds to acute and chronic situations, and the homunculus is in the bent show with the head in the central auricle or concha.

The place of a special organ or anatomic structure’s spot will, therefore, be recognized in one or more places depending upon the stage of the conditioning process.

What a mouthful right this was jus the brief medical history and how Shen men practice came about.

Next, we are going to get into the modern-day applications and how they can best serve you. These popular methods include piercings.

For relief of Anxiety

Anxiety and migraines are in no way a fun way to live. One moment you’re doing well, the next crash sometimes with little or warning you become overwhelmed and crippled with pain or panic or in most cases both this can interrupt your focus and makes having a drive a bit impossible.

The world starts spinning. You lose control. You’re not sure how continued this helpless feeling will be. How long will it last, but you know it’s undoubtedly upset your day?

If that seems usual, you’ve not been isolated: Approximately one out of five people endures anxiety and about one out of ten struggles with migraines.

Some find aid through a Shen Men piercing.

What is a Shen Men piercing, and how could it improve upon anxiety, migraines, also likely more?

What is a Shen Men piercing?

Shen men point
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A Shen Men piercing denotes that a stud or ring is embedded at a particular point near the top-center cartilage of the ear.

Acupuncturists understand stimulation to this spot soothes anxiety, heightens immunity, alleviates migraines, and focuses the body.

To know the interests following the Shen Men piercing, we have to travel back to its origin arts: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, and eastern medicine.

Acupuncture purpose

Acupuncture uses particular “stress points” on the body to balance the body’s spiritual energy.

These features are contemplated in eastern medicine to establish an individual’s yin and yang (good and bad energy) emerging in a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Acupuncture has happened for thousands of years to build sturdy immune systems, reduce swelling, alleviate injury, still aversion, and more beyond Asia.

Some researchers understand that elevated blood circulation caused by acupuncture could add to healing and wellbeing. Very few systematic studies assess acupuncture’s healing benefits; nonetheless, many people maintain acupuncture soothes their manifestations.

The psychology behind acupuncture is still fresh but the principles and achievement stories are aged.

Auriculotherapy or Acupuncture

Several acupuncturists concentrate on spots on the ear rather than points on the body. This application of acupuncture on the ear alone is known as auriculotherapy.

Amateurs of this campaign, including a French doctor named Paul Nogier, mapped particular points in the ear to classify body parts in the mid-1900s.

Auriculotherapists manage the methods of the whole body can be determined to points on the ear, and ask that exciting these points may affect healing for specific objections.

The utmost import Of Shen Men

Michael Reed Gach showing shen men points
Youtube/Michael Reed Gach

In auriculotherapy, the Shen Men spot is also known as the “Divine Gate.” This spot on the upper-middle ear is thought to join on dozens of current centers throughout the body and organize overall well-being.

Acupuncturists and auriculotherapists seldom excite Shen Men (without a piercing) for customers with anxiety and melancholy, migraines, or similar issues. Concerning these understandings, many people maintain a piercing can help mitigate these signs long-term.

The results of a Shen Men piercing vary from person to person. Here are a few of the most regularly asked inquiries regarding issues from a Shen Men piercing:

Can the Shen Men piercing help me cope with my Anxiety and Depression?

This is solely dependant on the person in question and how severe their condition is. I would say possibly but results may vary.

It is completely subjective. Few people state shorter periods of anxiety following a Shen Men piercing. Seldom, people have been able to lower their prescription dosage for anxiety and that of depression after a piercing. While other people do not notice a change.

These positive outcomes could be a sugar pill or the famous placebo effect (A state where your mind believes it has accepted a powerful remedy and your body begins to respond to this by healing itself, even if the remedy has no actual effect itself).

They could also be sure effects from the activation of the Shen Men spot in the cartilage; without more research, it’s difficult to say.

Placebo effect or not, the results of various encounters are solid and worth examining. Of course, always discuss the outcome with your specialist before adjusting your prescription of any remedy.

Can these Shen Men piercings help with my migraines?

It is again subjective, possibly yes, but it’s tough to say for sure.

There is not sufficient therapeutic study to verify the Shen Men’s effectiveness for alleviating migraines and other discomforts but several people have been able to notice that by having this piercing the intensity of their migraine is lessened and the pain becomes more manageable.

We no saying that it is a definite cure. We only say that it couldn’t hurt to try something unconventional.

It could very well be the answer that you have desperately been seeking or it could achieve no notable results. But if your life is being dominated and controlled by your pesky migraines, what do you have to lose?

Go against the norm and the results may just shock you. Homeopathic remedies are often the better solution as these results rely solely on mother nature and she usually knows what to do, and how to help us.


This has been a practice for centuries, and I doubt that it is going anywhere soon. The Chinese have this incredible knack of figuring out just how our body works and how best to care for it.

Whether you chose to believe in this piercing or not is up to you! I have one and they do in fact work. I again believe that anything will work if you believe in it as your mind is the most powerful underutilized tool that we possess and how we squander its potential.

Shen men are no different from other practices. We have gone through the breakdown of the application and the possible benefits. Ultimately the choice is yours.

We live in an ever-changing world the pace is quickening, It is up to us how we decide to feel in this life and if we can we must take our power back. If having this piercing will bring you some sort of relief from pain and suffering I say it is worth it then.

If you are still unsure go see an acupuncture therapist and ask them what they think. They will most likely stick a needle in your ear and ask you if it’s better now?

The one thing I have about our Asian brethren is They don’t waste time analyzing data and then testing results. They just go straight to the source and just do.

So I think we should all adopt that attitude In life just go for it and to hell with the odds, we make our odds anyway.