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When it comes to picking undergarments; women have to try hard to always prioritize the comfort over visual appeal.

Since you are going to be wearing that underneath, your private parts require as much care as you would imagine. If you show any negligence, it could potentially lead to health issues.

This is why there are various options to choose from in the undergarment department.

One thing has baffled a wide array of men—or women about the pockets on the underwear.

You can often find some people asking what is a gusseted crotch?

The pocket on the thongs is a gusset crotch, which is an element of lingerie. It is sewn on to maintain hygiene. This way delicate skin will not come into contact with the fabric from which the item is sewn. Moreover, the materials of the gusset and the product itself often do not coincide.

They do have a purpose. It has remained a mystery to a lot of people.

The Reason why there are pockets on underwear:

If you want an explanation then you have come to the right place. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before understanding the purpose of pockets on panties.

First thing is that the private parts of the female body are incredibly sensitive. Well, it is the same for anyone, but for women; they are exceptionally sensitive.

Often than not, some women develop irritation and even health problems if they show negligence in taking care of that. It requires extensive care to keep the pipes clean and smooth.

Even using the soap could lead to dry skin and irritation.

Next up, you need to understand that all underwear is not made from the same material. They are made of different materials; sometimes they are made of silk, other times they are made of cotton or synthetic material.

Usually, the silk underwear cost a little extra than the cotton ones, since silk is smooth and doesn’t cause any irritation to the private parts.

However, not everyone can afford silk underwear, so they tend to go for a cheaper option.

Then again, you get what you pay for. It is always a better option to pick the cotton that is handmade or silk.

It can be a hefty task to find naturally made cotton underwear, and it could be costly. Since everyone’s body works differently, some people can still face irritation or itching when they are wearing naturally made underwear.

This is where the small pocket on the underwear comes into play.

Are they really pockets?

Well, if you are looking for a short answer then it is ‘No. They are not pockets’.

Pocket in Thongs

However, they are shaped like pockets, and you could store anything in it. This is what they are designed for. You must have noticed that these pockets are designed right on top of the main private area, and an extra layer of fabric will provide more care to the private parts.

You don’t want to be scratching your private parts when they are itching like crazy, just because you decided to wear some underwear made out of synthetic material.

It is not a classy look to be scratching your junk like that, especially when you are at a fancy dinner and you want to impress your boss to get the promotion. But your underwear causing irritation and making you scratch it often than not.

Back to the main point, you can store something small in that pocket, since it is not very spacious. However, that is not the intended purpose of that. Sometimes an extra layer of fabric can cause your skin to suffocate.

You need to give some room to your private parts for breathing. The extra layer is not letting you do that. Especially, in summer when you are out on the sidewalk for your morning run. The sweat will keep on stacking in that area and it could lead to irritation.

Although the extra layer of fabric can be comforting in the winters as it can provide more warmth. If you take a closer look at the design of your underwear, you will notice that the little pocket is not properly stitched.

This is because it is designed to be taken off so that it will create more room for your skin to breathe.

Myriads of people don’t know that they can just take the layer off. You don’t even need extensive knowledge in tailoring to take that off. All you need is simple scissors and cut from the edges.

Once the extra is off the underwear, you can wear the underwear back on. Now you will notice that there is more air touching your skin, and it cannot get sweaty as easily as before. It can be a comforting experience for women that do get sweaty down there.

If only most people knew the intended purpose of the extra fabric. If you still want to hide your stash in it, then that is your call.

But it is not going to be a pleasant experience if you leave it there for long. It is advisable to not put anything in that pocket, as that area is highly sensitive and could cause some serious health risks.

Are they really called Pockets?

Even though they look and could act the same as the pockets. But they are not called ‘pockets’ in technical terms.

The right term for that is ‘gusset crotch. You might have come across a section for underwear with gusset in the malls, but you didn’t know what they were.

Pocket in Thongs

Well, the term gusset sounds more tasteful than mere pockets, but most people don’t know the real name.

Gussets are designed to give more care to your private parts and not to hold things in it. Sometimes, women want to look good in their undergarments to surprise their loved ones.

It can be a tricky situation to pick the right undergarment, as usually the aesthetic ones are made out of synthetic material. Overall, it is alright to wear that but if you leave that on for a longer period, the synthetic fabric is going to rub against your most intimate area.

It is not only going to create irritation but it is could lead to a permanent injury. You can never be too sure, so always take care of your private parts.

You can still surprise your loved ones in a fancy undergarment with laces on it. This is why gussets provide another layer made out of cotton or silk to give comfort.

Not only is that but there is a chance that harmful bacteria could find a way to cause trouble for you. If you leave them on for a longer period; sweat will create an even more irritating experience for you. This is why it is necessary to give some room to your skin to breathe.

Otherwise, it will be a bigger problem for you. It is understandable that you want to look sexy in your new underwear with laces on it, and you are dying to show it off to your significant other.

However, they are only designed to be worn for a short period of time. They are not designed to be kept on for a longer period of time for the right reasons. If you are looking for a way to spice things up in your bedroom, and you have picked up some right undergarments for yourself.

It is necessary to make sure that the fabric of your undergarments is made out of soft material. It is advisable to avoid synthetic fabric.

Always stick to the naturally produced cotton. According to research, made by five prominent scientists, naturally colored cotton has excellent antibacterial activity. It is even better if you could find something made out of silk. They are not going to be easy on your budget, but they are worth the price.

Furthermore, it is highly advisable to get the underwear that has the gusset or as they call it—undies pockets. The gusset will help you stay comfortable and sexy in your favorite underwear, and if it gets too sweaty down there, then it is time to stitch the layer out of your underwear.

Woman taking shower

The air could pass easily through the single layer of fabric, and it will give less room for the bacteria to attack.


You should never neglect your hygiene, it is always necessary to be on top of your hygiene for a hardworking individual.

If you manage to do not as good as of a job while taking care of your hygiene, then you are literally asking for the bad things to happen. You can read up some journals on how to properly take care of your hygiene.

In the meantime, try to avoid undergarments made out of synthetic fabric, and stick to the ones that have the gusset on them.

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What Is The Pocket In Women's Underwear For?