In many cities around the world, regular homes don’t contain a washing machine, due to different standards and rules for residential living in buildings. Sometimes it’s due to machine noises, which can be disturbing, and in other cases, it’s all about the ventilation and pipe system. But, that’s why shared laundries exist, and people can wash their clothes for a few dollars, and take them home clean and fresh.

Also, if your machine breaks, and you have a lot of clothes to wash, laundry services are the best option to have them clean until the damage is fixed. But, how to find a good service? Is there anything you should do, so you can track down the nearest laundry? Today, you can do everything, and even schedule taking and delivery through websites like Liox Laundry, and pay for the complete service. It’s a great solution if you don’t have a car to bring the clothes to the laundry service or bring them back. They can be too heavy, and public transport is not a good solution.

But, surely you need some tips on how to find the best one center around you, so here we are:

Check their pricing


Do they charge for one full machine, or hourly? Some services will measure the weight of the clothes, and based on that, charge you an appropriate price. Pricing is an important parameter when choosing the right laundry service for you. Also, see how you can pay. Do they support only cash, or online payments, credit cards, or monthly fees? You can even check if they offer prepaid cards, so you can use your credit to pay for every visit. And of course, the most important thing is to make sure it fits your budget.

Their average turnaround time

Sometimes it can be a queue in front of you, and their capacities can be pretty limited. That’s why you have to find out how long does it take until your clothes are washed and dried. Most of the reliable services will provide an average estimation of the turnaround time, depending on the number of clothes. If you need a deep cleaning and washing for the next season, then you can wait a few days, but if you are running out of your current clothes, then you will have to find a service to complete that in a day or two.

Their customer policies


Accidents can happen every now and then, and it’s not an unusual thing for the clothes to be damaged in public laundry, or even lost. But, they also should provide a damage and loss policy, and inform the clients about that. Usually, they charge less for the service or pay you according to the level of damage.

How are the clothes treated?

Do they offer only washing, or washing and drying? Additionally, some of them provide folding services too. After that, they pack the clothes in bags, to have them delivered to you. As a customer, you have to know what they are doing with them, and let you choose the type of detergent and softener. Also, check if they are separating white from colored clothes and if they treat them properly.

Read carefully their terms of service


Every professional service must be very transparent about the pricing options, and other conditions. They must assure every customer that they will always provide a consistent washing service, especially if you are using them for a longer time. They may ask you to sign a contract, so both sides can be protected in case of catastrophe, loss, or damage. One of the most important things to pay attention to is if their terms are consistent, without everyday changing and adapting, in their favor.

The detergents they use

Do they provide a variety of detergents and softeners, so you can be sure you won’t have an allergic reaction? Some people are pretty sensitive to the usual detergents, scent boosters, and softeners, so they have to mention that when signing up the contract. That’s the only way to be sure they won’t mix your things in combined laundry, and be more careful with them. Most of them offer hypoallergenic options for the clients who require that. If they don’t have that option, you maybe need to look for another service to use.

Do they offer delivery?


In some cases, people aren’t able to pick their clothes by themselves, and that’s why they are looking for delivery services. Some laundries also can come to your address and pick up the clothes, take them, and have them delivered to you when the washing is complete.

Previous user experience

Your friends and neighbors are surely using laundry services often, and you can consult with them in order to find the best one for you. They will be anyway honest with you, with no fake reviews and ads. Also, when you find one that seems interesting and good for you, you can search through the forums and social media, and read honest opinions on them. It’s not an unusual practice for these services to fake the reviews on their websites, because they will surely filter out the bad ones.



Finding a reliable laundry service can be a pretty difficult task to accomplish nowadays. Additionally, you have to take care if they are respectful of the COVID-19 protocol because the pandemic is not over yet. They should be open for communication and transparent too, so you can exactly know what they are doing with your clothes, and the real time you can expect them to be delivered.

You need to weigh a lot of things so you can decide which service to choose, and every tip we mentioned in this article is useful for that. Every aspect in this article is important when choosing it, and you shouldn’t set for less than that. That’s the only way to always have your clothes fresh and clean, no matter if you will use them regularly, or until your home machine is fixed.