Modifying and adjusting everything in our apartment to meet our style and needs is what we all do, even if it is a rental, but, at some point, especially after living at the same rental place for quite some time, we tend to become sloppy. It is nothing unusual since it is not our place, to begin with, right? Wrong, as the look of any place we currently live in represents us and only us, which is why it is of great importance to act and do the same things as we would do if we were living in a house that’s ours.

If you are renting a home, and you have been there for years with no plans to leave, then you might find it quite easy to just bring new things into it and leave them wherever they fall. From clothes to home decor to other knick-knacks, clutter does not need much time to build up in the rental home. That is okay if you don’t plan to move, at least any time soon, as, after all, all of that stuff is ours, and in case we need to move, we need to bring them with us.

When you trying to find apartments for rent in berkeley ca. It’s important to remember that the way you keep your living space reflects your personal style, even if it’s not technically “yours.” To avoid letting clutter build up over time, take the time to modify and adjust your apartment to meet your needs and preferences. Just as you would in a home you owned. Whether you plan on moving or staying put, keeping your apartment tidy and organized can help you feel more at home and comfortable in your living space.

Transportation is yet another aspect to cover, as the issue is that, if we ever do decide to move, or if we have to move due to some change in our agreement with our landlord, we are going to have a whole bunch of stuff to contend with, and it probably will not be easy to transport at all.

Clutter is bad in any situation, whether you have moved into one of the houses for rent in Indianapolis or houses for sale in some other Midwestern or Southern or Northeastern city. For more information, you can visit

You never want clutter, but if you live somewhere, it can be easy to accumulate it. So, how do you avoid it? Here are some helpful hints.

1. Make It about Finances


Money makes the world go round, and no matter what some may think, money is important, and one smart way to avoid clutter is to make it all about our finances. That means if we can’t afford something, there is no reason to bring it into our house and spend a lot of money to buy it.

So, throughout our time in this rental house, whenever we’re out somewhere or shopping online and want something, we should ask ourselves if we can really afford it. Does our budget allow for this, and is there room amidst our other expenses to pay for this?

If not, there is no reason to buy it, and then that item does not become clutter. It’s as easy as that. In that way, we will avoid buying unnecessary stuff, which will become handy not only when it comes to moving, but we will also have more money for things we really need.

Another way to look at things is to use the advice we got as kids-we should always ask ourselves whether we actually need something before buying it. It may look like a silly thing, but you would be amazed if you turn around the room and look at all the things you have no use for but are just lying there since you already bought them. Considering the price and whether you need something in the first place can do wonders for both your monthly budget and clutter-wise.

2. Assign a Place for Each Item


Clutter is made up of stuff that has no place in our home. Paper, exercise equipment, photo album, and other things we never use are nothing else but clutter. They sit out on the countertops and tables and look really bad and messy.

So, one key to avoiding clutter is to find a home for everything, which means that home storage is key. There are so many options for storing things neatly away from view, and for example, under-the-bed storage works here, as does closet storage for clothing and other daily-use things.

If everything in your rental has its place, you can’t even let clutter happen in the first place, and besides that, the house will look clear and orderly. There will also not be long packing once we need to move from that house and find another one, which is also pretty important since it is something that every person wants to finish quickly and without unnecessary stress.

3. Avoid Paper at All Costs


We just mentioned the paper briefly, but it’s worth saying again. Paper is perhaps the number-one culprit in a cluttered house. It sits on tables, dressers, counters, radiators, floors, and every other free place in the house.

The problem is that everyone wants to send us their papers, from insurance companies to our utility providers, and it is always in our mailbox and coming into our house. So, one way to avoid this is to go completely paperless. Change your options with every organization you can so you get emails instead of real mail. It will make things much easier because we will have everything in one place, and we do not need to worry about sorting papers and checking if we paid our bills in time.

When paper stops coming through our threshold, we will be surprised at how much less clutter we have and how easier it is to organize things around it. There will be more space for important things, and our homes will look much better when there is no clutter around them.


Follow these tips to keep your rental house from getting too cluttered, and you will have a much easier time getting around and moving when the time comes. Keeping the things around the home organized and orderly will make the whole life easier because there will not be unpleasant situations when you need something quickly, but it is impossible to find it because of too much clutter. Besides that, packing things that are already organized is much easier because all you need to do is to sort them into boxes and unpack them in the new house.