The casino world of Canada has long been a place of excitement and glamour, with its bright lights and luxurious venues. But one aspect of the Canadian casino industry is often overlooked – the incredible women who have made it their home.

From high-stakes poker players to renowned croupiers, these female luminaries bring an undeniable power to the tables that can’t be denied.

From former professional blackjack player turned author Cathy Hulbert to tournament champion Jane Blonde, there are so many inspiring female figures within this community.

Their stories are varied but all shine a light on how powerful women can be when they pursue their passions with dedication and skill. It also demonstrates what an impact these trailblazers have had on both players and table staff alike as they strive for success in a typically male-dominated environment.

So next time you step into your local casino or online gaming suite, take note – you could well be playing alongside someone who is truly making history!

Achievements of Women in Canadas Casino World


The casino world of Canada has been shaped and influenced by the achievements of women in remarkable ways. From pioneering female entrepreneurs setting up casinos to professional players winning major titles, women have demonstrated their ability to excel at gambling across the country.

One example is Linda Miller, a Canadian poker champion who has won dozens of tournaments throughout her career including two WPT events and one World Series event. She was also inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2018 for her impressive accomplishments as a professional gambler.

Another example is Shirley Clements Reece, an entrepreneur from British Columbia who founded several successful casinos around Vancouver Island. She was recognized with numerous awards throughout her career, including being named Businesswoman of the Year by The Globe & Mail newspaper in 1988.

These are just some examples among many others that demonstrate how women have made incredible contributions to Canada’s casino industry over time and will continue to do so for years to come.

Celebrating the Contributions of Women to the Canadas Casino Scene


For centuries, women have been at the center of Canada’s casino scene, contributing to its success and innovation. From card shark gamblers like Sophie Tucker and Lottie Deno to female-run casinos such as the Queen of Hearts in Montreal, women have left their mark on Canadian casinos since they were first established.

Today, women are continuing to make a huge impact on the industry. Female entrepreneurs lead many of Canada’s most successful casinos while female dealers grace tables around the country with their skill and charm. Women are also making strides in technology development for new games and gaming systems that will shape the future of Canadian gambling.

From charitable fundraisers organized by ladies’ clubs to high-stakes tournaments hosted by top female players, Canadian women continue to be an integral part of Canada’s casino culture.

As we celebrate these amazing contributions from our nation’s leading ladies this year, let us take a moment to recognize how far we’ve come – both as individuals and as a society – thanks in no small part to those who paved the way before us: The brave queens of cards!

Uncovering Stories Behind Successful Women in Canadian Casinos


From the high rollers of Las Vegas to the tables in Atlantic City, women have been a mainstay in casino gaming for centuries. However, Canadian casinos are often overlooked when it comes to recognizing female players and their success stories.

From pioneering professionals like Billie Jean King and Diane Shurr, who pushed boundaries as first-time professional gamblers; to modern-day stars like Kathy Liebert and Vanessa Selbst, who continue to show that poker isn’t just a man’s game – these inspiring tales will be sure to leave you amazed at how far these unique individuals have come!

Learn about how they overcame adversity and achieved great heights despite societal conventions working against them. Be inspired by their resilience and determination as they defied expectations with every tournament victory or cash prize won from blackjack or roulette tables across Canada.



The casino world of Canada has long been a domain dominated by men, but recently more and more women are taking their place in the spotlight. From hosting tournaments to running casinos, women have been making waves in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

The rise of Canadian online gambling has also made it easier for Canadian female players to join in on the action, with many sites now offering exclusive bonuses and promotions just for them. Queen of the Cards is an initiative that celebrates all these female success stories and shows how anyone can make it big if they put their mind to it.

With such a supportive environment, we can only expect even greater things from Canadian female gamblers!