You have decided that now is the time to pop the question and live your happily ever after? First of all, congratulations! Not everyone is lucky enough to go through this experience and spend the rest of their lives with their chosen person. If you have found your “the one” and if you’re interested in spending your happily ever after, you are exactly where you need to be!

In this article, we will talk about the perfect engagement rings! We will help you find the best one that will meet her expectations while sweeping her off of her feet! Just keep on reading and understand what are some key and crucial steps when it comes to picking out your engagement ring.

How to choose engagement rings? Top 10 practical tips:

1)  Don’t do what everyone else is doing


Engagement rings should be a timeless and gorgeous symbol of your love, which means that your chosen ring needs to be something meaningful. Your bride-to-be probably has a specific style and preferred look, so no reason to stick to the current Instagram trend, don’t you agree?

2) The right gem size


Go big or go home shouldn’t be your general rule in this case. You can always go for a big stone (as long as it is within your budget), but the whole point is to buy a ring that suits her personality and style. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars extra on a large stone, think about getting her a ring that is in her favorite color – she will love this.

3) Surprise her and exceed her expectations


Women have been making a statement everywhere in the world with their fierce attitude and feminist rights. Nowadays, girls don’t care as much about you spoiling them or going way out of your way to impress them. What they do want is love, care, as well as items that are not predictable. Make sure that you know her spirit before you commit to this purchase.

4) You can also work with the jeweler or the online store for


Custom ring, in general, feels a lot more planned out and personal. If your bride is a fan of vintage and modern looks, she is going to love a custom-made ring. With it, you can stick to any size, color, shape, or even engraved dates.

5) Ask for help


Engagement ring shopping can be a fun task, but you can also feel overwhelmed once you get to see all of your options out and in person. This is why it is okay to bring your best friend with you, or at least ask the lady who works at a store about her professional opinion.

PS: Nine times out of ten the person you’re buying for already has an idea of what they want.

6) You can also ask your partner’s friends & family


If you ask your partner’s parents for a bit of assistance for picking the right Engagement ring they will be thrilled to help. Even better, if your bride has a sister – bring her with you on this shopping journey. They will help you plan out the whole thing – including the proposal part as well!

7) Get the right ring size when she is sleeping


This one can be tricky if she is a light sleeper, but if you need some help & assistance, make sure that you get the right & exact size. What you can do is wrap a piece of string around her finger while she rests. Measure this later on and get the right size that will fit her flawlessly.

8) Go for the right metal


Choosing out the right metal type and color can also be a bit hard and overwhelming.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular options for your engagement ring:

• Platinum Engagement Ring- this is a strong metal that is 95% pure. It is also 30x rarer than gold.
• 18k gold Engagement rings- is the most precious metal that is 75% gold and 25% other colored material.
• 14K gold Engagement rings – is easily wearable and is made with 58% gold.

9) Get the center diamond for your Engagement Ring


This section depends a lot on your budget since you need to know your color, clarity, as well as carat weight.

Color-wise, you can go for a colorless diamond if you are on a budget. You can also go for color only to some parts of your diamond.

Colors scale, you may go down to I for white looking diamond clarity that says how much a diamond is free of tiny natural inclusions. The highest grade is a gem with minimal imperfections.

Carat says about the weight of your diamond. The more carats – the pricier.

10) Your preferred Diamond cut


Last, but not least, a question that can be super tricky to master and have full control of. A lot of guys struggle with this section, and a lot of them are not aware of what the right answer and approach is.

So, does your bride look like someone who wants either a round, heart-shaped, pear, princess or oval ring? The chosen cut and the gem itself will reflect natural light, which means that you might end up with a lot more brilliance & sparkle than you’re used to. Try to understand her taste by looking at her

Pinterest board (for instance), or see how she feels about someone else’s jewelry when she spots something she likes out in public. Keep your ears wide open!

Ready to pop the question with the right engagement ring?

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