Succulents are an example of very unusual, beautiful plants with which you can brighten your home and make the whole space look completely different. And not only do succulents have wonderful aesthetics, but they are also very easy to grow. You don’t need to be an expert in this area to grow beautiful, healthy succulents and that is a great news for everyone who wants not too demanding plants in their home. An interesting and practical thing about these plants is that they reproduce very easily with leaves and stem cuttings. If you want to learn how to grow a succulent from a leaf and how long it will take, keep reading this article.

What exactly are succulents?


You’ve probably heard of succulents many times in your life, but you maybe didn’t know how to define them exactly and where to classify them. Succulents are a really large group of plants that include many species. For example, cactus and aloe are typical representatives of succulents, but also many, many others. Although they are not aesthetically similar, there is one characteristic that unites these two, as well as all other species that belong to a large group of succulents, and that is that they have the ability to store water in their parts. These parts are usually leaves and stems, but succulents can retain water at the root as well.

What this ability provides them with is that they can survive for a very long time at high temperatures, without the need for too much water. That is why they can live in very dry areas like deserts. A good thing for all those who want to grow succulents in their homes is that these plants are not demanding at all and that they need minimal attention to be beautiful and healthy. This is great news for the people who are not an expert in growing plants, but also for those who do not spend much time at home, but yet want beautiful, colorful succulents that will beautify their home and that they can enjoy from time to time.

How can succulents propagate?


Precisely because succulents store water in their plant parts, they have the ability to propagate very easily through the leaves or stem cuttings. Why? Because in other plants, water loss and dehydration are a very big obstacle in the process of propagating, which often causes unsuccessful process. This is not the case with succulents because they have quite enough water. However, in this group of plants, the emphasis during the propagating process is mainly on the prevention of rot, as well as on the prevention of fungal infections, which often occur due to increased humidity.

How does succulent propagation from leaves and stems work and how long does it take?


You may have heard that succulents may also propagate in water, which is completely true, but many succulent lovers avoid this approach because they feel that it conflicts with the nature of succulents, which is quite true. That is why propagation from leaves and stems is a much better choice.

To begin with, it is necessary to collect the leaves and cuttings of the stem. If you don’t have your own plants to take the material from, don’t worry! In Succulent Market you can find leaves and stems you need and start your propagation process with enjoyment!

The best way to start the process is to leave the plant material in the sunlight to dry for 2-3 days. Plant the leaves and cuttings of the stem in individual, shallow containers that you have filled with a potting mix. You can plant more succulents in one container, but once the roots start to develop, you will need to transplant them again into individual pots, which will require much more time than at the beginning.

Most people wonder how long it will take them to propagate their succulent from the leaves. You will be glad to hear that it only takes 2 months for the plant to start developing intensively. After about 2 weeks, the roots start to grow, and after a few more weeks, you will start to notice that the new leaves are developing, after which you can transplant the succulent and pay full attention to it until it grows into an adult plant.

Watering succulents


You probably know that succulents do not require daily watering because of their structure, so you definitely want to avoid giving them too much water. However, at the very beginning of development, when you propagate them from the leaves, it is necessary to water them every day in order to grow them successfully. One good way to know when and how much to water is to just place the leaves on top of the soil, and then add a little water each time you see the soil dry out.

Remember: You want to avoid overwatering your succulents at all costs. Otherwise, they can very easily rot and die. Be moderate and listen to your plant.

How to take the good care of your new succulents?


In addition to moderate watering, it is also necessary to provide a moderate amount of light to your succulents. Never put young plants exposed to direct sunlight for too long, as this can cause burns.

When you notice that your plants have taken root and need a larger pot, transplant them, because that way they will have enough space for optimal development. Replace the potting mix from time to time and add fertilizers to supplement the plant if necessary.


Succulents are a large group of plants that include many different species. It is common for all species to store water in different parts and therefore they are not demanding for cultivation at all. If you want to propagate succulents, you can do it in water, but propagating succulents from leaves and stem cuttings is a much better choice. With a little dedication, in a few months you will get a cute adult succulent that will beautify your home for a long time.