We can constantly hear negative comments about the 21st century. Are things really that bad? Well, it is hard to say and our task is to focus only on positive events and people that can make our life more comfortable. But, is that always possible? There are certain things we simply can’t neglect, and one of them is violence.

Violence is, unfortunately, present in all parts of the world and there are no exceptions. The biggest problem of all is that there are individuals in the world that make things even worse. One of the most disgusting things for all of us is violence against women.

Are all women perfect? The answer to this question – not all people are good. However, there is no lady in this world that deserves to be treated that way. Because of that, men are those that need to protect ladies from any possible threat.


Unfortunately, mainstream media are full of news of this type. Ladies sometimes get attacked on the streets even during the day. There is no precise part of the day when they are in danger. We won’t even discuss statements we can hear from people such as “her dress was too short”. It is hard to believe that some people can even say things like that.

But, things we just said will not help ladies in situations when they get attacked. Instead of that, this article has another mission. It is much better for ladies to hear a couple of self-defense tips. Promoting the idea of self-defense will certainly bring better results. So, let’s go!

1. Don’t Lose Confidence Ever!

We have to be pretty careful with this piece of advice. Generally speaking, fear in these situations is extremely high. Even if you exercised any fighting sport, everything you knew before won’t help if you paralyze your body because of the fear. Because of that, it is mandatory for every lady to keep her self-confidence at the highest level. That way, she will manage to clear her mind and think of the best possible solutions that can help her “survive”.

But, as we said, we need to be careful. Sometimes, there is a way to simply run away from the rapist, drunk person, or anyone else. If that’s the case, that should be the first thing you should strive to do. But, if you are not in a situation to avoid the attack, then you should try to think of the other options that are in your best interest with a clear mind. You are strong, remember that!

2. Verbal Skills


The predators are clever people. They will not attack every woman they see on the streets. Before they start doing anything bad, there is a big chance they will interview you to see who you are. More precisely, they are exploring your mentality and character to find out whether you are a perfect victim for them.

So, what does a perfect victim mean? It means that they are chasing the ladies that are not physically and mentally strong. If you are not physically strong, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your attitude. Verbal skills play a key role here and they certainly are one of the self-defense methods that can help you. Show to the predator that he should not even think of trying something bad and that you are the wrong victim.

Believe it or not, predators are not brave or strong at all. The fact they attack only women only confirms they are extremely scary and weak. They only feel strong when they are physically and mentally dominant. But, if you show dominance first, he will run away as the biggest coward of all!

3. There Are Certain Tools You Can Use

Can ladies that are attacked by predators use any type of weapon? Is that the reason why they should bring it with them? Well, these are questions that deserve discussion. But, it is good for every beautiful female being to know that there are certain tools they can use for self-defense.

Pepper sprays are the most popular option among many ladies that feel unsafe. It is completely legal and you can use it whenever someone who is physically stronger than them attacks them. It is not precisely determined what “physically dominant or stronger” exactly means, but, in all cases where predators attack ladies, pepper spray is completely legal.

But, that’s not all. Another option you have is to get a women’s taser gun at shows such as This is also an alternative that can help you defeat the predator. Best of all, it is completely legal for these situations and we strongly recommend ladies who feel unconfident purchase it. It is affordable by the way!

4. Safe Distance


Don’t forget about the certain distance that needs to exist between you and the predator. It doesn’t matter if you have a taser gun or pepper spray or if you are into sports. If the predator is too close, you may not manage to show what you know.

Because of that, it is crucial that you keep a safe distance. Let’s say a couple of meters will be just fine. As we said, predators never start to turn their ideas into reality immediately. Before that, they start the conversation. While leading that conversation and showing the attitude that will scare him, apply this piece of advice as well. It will be in your best interest!

5. Surprise the Predator

We left the best self-defense option for the end. Sometimes, you need to be quicker than the predator. They already have an idea to attack you, but they do not know whether you will react or not. It is not difficult at all to recognize a man that has bad intentions.

Because of that, it won’t be bad at all if you use some of the equipment we mentioned above before the predator ever does anything. That way, you will surprise him and he won’t be able to do anything. If you are lucky enough, you will have time to call the police as well!


We have finally come to an end. All these tips are equally valuable and somehow connected. It is important for every lady to remain calm and have a clear mind when tough situations like this one happen. Bring the defensive legal tools with yourself and ensure yourself the appropriate help.