If you like straightening your hair, you must have tried a flat iron .There are different ways to make your hair straight and shiny but flat oronis the most common option. The device uses heat to make the frizziness of your locks vanish, replaced by a straighter and more clean look.

It is also used extensively by women with curly or wavy hair to get a sleek look which would help them look their most professional self. But because it uses heat, a flat iron is not advised to be used everyday. There are some tips with which you can optimize the use of this machine and reduce the damage to your scalp and hair growth. In this article, we will try to cover how to prevent damage by using a flat iron for minimal times per week.

How to Use A Flat Iron Frequently

Before we jump to ideal prescribed usage, it is important to learn just how to approach the process if you are going to do it multiple times a week. The first step in this process is to choose a quality flat iron which can be found on websites of vendors like NumeHair.

The primary concern while using a product should be heat protection. It’s necessary to opt for some level of protection because direct heat can burn the hair and cause them to break and fall. Here are some ways which will help you choose the right of iron based on the texture and waviness of your locks:

  • Ceramic options are great for the average woman who wants shiny and straight hair. It is important to not use ceramic coating and choose a machine entirely made of ceramic. It heats up evenly which is great for the strand in your hand and allows for equal distribution of warmth. The great advantage of this type is the negative ions produced when it is used which causes shine and a sleeker look.
  • Tourmaline flat irons are also becoming popular because they offer a higher level of shine than any other alternative. One should go with this option because they produce about six times more negative ions than their ceramic counterparts and give the hair a healthy boost.
  • Titanium is a costly alternative but it is exceptional in quality. If an individual wants to buy a machine for thicker and coarser hair, they require the best care possible. This Is offered with the help of a titanium flat iron which heats evenly across the trade and gives a good finish.

While choosing a good machine, y0u should also look at the product specifications and the temperature ranges allowed. For instance, the typical departure range suitable for all hair falls between 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, if you are looking to help your thin locks, they will benefit from the lowest temperature setting possible while coarse strands will need about 400 degrees to adjust properly. It is important to go from lower temperature settings to higher ones only if the iron is not giving appropriate results.

The next consideration is to choose the length of the handheld machine which should be comfortable for your grip. Additionally, the length of your locks should determine the length of your device: short hair will benefit from a shorter length of a flat iron while longer length will be good for with normal sized machines. A different principle of selection will apply to curling machines where you will choose on the basis of hairstyle and not hair length.

Here are some other tips you should keep in mind before starting with the straightening process:

  • Use a blow dryer or plenty of air to remove moisture from your scalp after a wash.
  • There are heat protectant products available in the market that should be used on each strand before straightening.
  • When you divide your locks in different sections make sure to stay on each part briefly. 3 to 5 seconds are more than enough for each section and do not linger in one place for too long.
  • Make sure to wash and condition your hair twice a week so that any damage done can be easily repaired.

How Many Times to Use It?

Whenever you are engaging with any machine which tries to alter the natural state of your body, some level of change will be brought upon by external forces. For skin, this external agent is makeup and for the hair, it is heat. The reason why almost all women use heat to curl or straighten their hair is because it is efficient in everyday life.

It saves time and gives lasting results. However, the tresses tend to return to their normal state after a good night of sleep. This can only be prevented by semi-permanent or permanent treatments that alter the state of your locks for a longer duration. Not everyone can go down that road which is why they prefer using a flat iron at home. Not using it everyday can cause significant damage even if the machine comes with heat protectors.

The only way to minimize potential danger to the scalp is by minimizing the use of the machine itself. It is advised to use the flat iron one couple times a week at the most. This is the recommended amount to keep your hair healthier for the long run. Otherwise, one will have to exercise more caution if they plan to use it for long.

The Takeaway

It is important to know what you are getting into when you find the right kind of flat iron for straightening. Using a heat protection product on the hair is essential even if your machine has a heat protection coating. Choosing as per your hair type is also an important step which cannot be missed. One should also know the minimal temperature settings to give the best results. Also remember that the ideal usage amount is just a couple times a week.