about was borne out of the vision of Asian Women Leaders to explore creative ways in organizing a network of Asia Pacific women involved in politics, governance, decision-making and transformative leadership

In this so-called Information Age, the Internet—through websites, electronic discussion lists, message boards and email—offers excellent opportunities to link women leaders and visionaries from all over the world without worrying about the cost, time and geographical barrier. Through the abovementioned Internet tools information-sharing, communication, networking and consensus-building amongst women leaders and organizations will be more efficient, faster and cheaper.

In 1999, the Asian women leaders who were gathered during the Global Conference on Women in Politics agreed on utilizing these tools to stay linked together for the advancement of their goals. This consensus led to the development of, which is mainly a one-stop shop for online resources on Asia Pacific women in politics, governance, decision-making and transformative leadership. believes that all women from different races, religious background, social status and political persuasions should come as one and be united in upholding women's rights and pushing for the advancement of all women through active participation and involvement in politics, governance and decision-making. And now when great strides are being made in information and communications technology (ICT) all women should make sure that these ICT tools are made available to them and utilize these tools for their own benefit., is envisioned to: 

  • be the digital working space for Asian and Pacific women leaders wherein they can share and exchange knowledge and information eventually creating a virtual community of women as well as men from the region who believe in getting involved in shaping up their own future;

  • provide data, information and other resources about women in the region involved in  politics, governance and decision-making; and

  • provide people who believe in transformative leadership the space and organization to connect with one another and share with each other their successes, experiences, beliefs, frustrations, celebrations, calls for action, information, resources, data, issues, solutions, and problems.

This project is initiated and managed by the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP) with initial support from the Asia Pacific Gender and Equality Network (APGEN) Program of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).