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Rosanita (Annie) Serrano

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Afghanistan


"It is great! Very well chosen stories about women politicians and relevant announcements."


Farida Yesmin

"Thanks for your bulletin. Its very much interesting. I have learnt a lot of information about the women. Its helpful for sharing the information. Thanks for your continued support."

Reena Geevarghese
Women's Caucus for Gender Justice,
New York

"Just wanted to thank you all as i found this very informative ... keep up the good work."

Géza Zsigmond
W%W- WoMen's Statistics Watch

I visited your site. It is very very useful!"

Annie Serrano
Asia Pacific Gender Equality Network

"Congratulations! It's good! The content is very substantive. The news articles respond to my need to be current on what's up in the region related to gender."

Glory Mushinge
Freelance journalist/Vice chairperson,
Media ICT Network for Development(MIND), Zambia

"I find the bulletin interesting and relevant. It would be good to have continous updates on women issues and their involvement in leadership positions. Its of particular interest to me being a journalist, to know how women in other parts of the world are handling some of the critical issues."

Hisako Motoyama
Member of the Executive Board
Asia-Japan Women's Resource Centre (AJWRC), Japan

"Thank you always for your useful information."

M. Shafiqul Islam
Director (Research and Planning)
National Institute of Local Government (NILG), Bangladesh

"Thank you very much for sending Online bulletin to this organisation. This bulletin will tremendously help us in relation with the work of good governance where the women representatives are involved. We will communicate and share the ideas regularly. Really we want to keep in touch with this type of valuable contribution to the women."

Geeta Sahu
National Vice President, YWCA, India

"I appreciate your bulletin since it is highly informative on women issues all over the World. As National Vice-President(East) of YWCA of India, it helps me with facts and figures to conduct Training Programs for volunteers to raise their voice for justice on gender bias so prevelant and resistant in Indian Social setup."

Anjali Varma Fields

"I am very happy to have found this website. Congratulations for doing a great job educating the world about women's suffrage movement around the world."

Luchie B. Salcedo
Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor, Philippines

"Thank you for the June 14 Online Women Bulletin. It was great from your part to send all these informations especially to women , like me, to be informed of what's the updates in some part of the globe as well as calendar of activities posted."

Tabrani Yunis
Director, Center for Community Development and Education
Aceh, Indonesia

"Thank you very much for the online bulleti you sent us. We really need this kind of information since we work for empowering and strengthening women in Aceh, Indonesia. Now we are training some women's groups with voter education."

Tinne Stubbe Ostergaard

"I find your website interesting and would like to receive email newsletters from you. I find the international community of women NGOs very inspiring and the internet provide us with possibilities of networking, easy access to information, sharing of knowledge, wisdom visions - and focus on necessary actions!"

Elizabeth Darlison
Director, The Miller Group, Social Policy Consultants

"Just wanted to say that I think (OnlineWomen) is terrific - informative - global, and, in the context of the ongoing struggle for gender equality - balanced (i.e., has some encouraging news as well as the constant reminder that much. much more is yet to be achieved everywhere). Thank you."

Dessima Williams
Brandeis University, USA

"This is an incredibly useful resource. I have already shared it with 36 students. Please keep me on your. And thank you very much. Cheers."

Verse Limos

"Thanks for the updates----really informative and it shows that there is something being dine for women. I already checked your site. Very good one. Keep it up!"

Paulette Benton-Greig
Center Coordinator, Auckland Women's Centre
New Zealand

"Please continue to send me your excellent news bulletin."

Alma Berowa
Mindanao, Philippines

"Thank you so much for the materials you are sharing with me. Very useful in my classes and in our advocacy work in the NGO. Please carry on. You may not know it but your work helps us a lot in our work on the ground.

Lilialyce Akers
University of Louisville, USA

"Please keep my name on your list.I teach a course on political sociology and this is a great reference for the class."

Zahir Quareshi
Professor of Marketing and International Business
Western Michigan University, USA

"I saw this for the first time and am very impressed with the content - global in nature. Thank you."

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