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Women's organizations

Centre For Women's Research
The Centre has 15 years of research experience on women in Sri Lanka with a view to facilitating the realization of their full potential in achieving equality. It promotes women's entry into non-traditional occupations including politics.
Address: 225/4 Kirula Road, Colombo-5 Sri Lanka
Tele/Fax : 941-502-828 / 941-502-153
E-mail: and

Hatton Women's Committee
Works with plantation workers (Tamil women). Among its primary objectives are: to motivate, educate and train plantation women with a view to emancipate them from their current subordinate status and empower them to play a positive and equitable role in society; and to provide for the organization of plantation women in order to enable and develop their confidence, self-esteem and participation in decision-making.

Address: Dunbar Road, Hatton, Sri Lanka.

Pacific and Asian Women's Forum (PAWF)
Provides an informal regional network of women and women's organisations for action, research, education programs. Conducts regional workshops and studies; distribution of alternative media and publication of newsletter links together many different women's organizations in Asia and the Pacific.

Address: 623/27 Rajagiriya Gardens, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.

Progressive Women's Front
Works to improve the conditions for peasant women and publishes a journal in Sinhala.

Address: c/o Sumika Perera, Galketigama, Ibbagamuwa, Sri Lanka.

Voice of Women
A (non-profit) non-governmental organization, which was the first alternative women's group in Sri Lanka committed to the ideals of feminism. The main aim is to publish feminist journals (in English, Tamil and Sinhala) and feminist literature. The centre issues a monthly newsletter and monitors reporting of rape, abuse, harassment and domestic violence etc. in the media.

Address: 21/25 Polhongoda Gardens, 5 Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tel: 941 74 407 879

The Women's Liberation Movement of Sri Lanka
It is dedicated to bringing more equal rights to the women factory workers in Sri Lanka.

Address: 54 Tudella, Ja-ela, Sri Lanka