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Women's organizations

Asian Pacific Women's Information Network Centre (APWINC)

Address: Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul.
Tel (82-2) 7109428/9886
Fax (82-2) 710-9896
Email kiochkim@sookmyung.ac.kr, kckim@apwin.women.or.kr Website www.women.or.kr

Center for Korean Women and Politics

Address: 256-13 Gongduk-Dong, JaeII Building, No. 906 Mapo-Ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel (822) 7066761
Fax (822) 7066765
Email ckwp90@chollian.net

Korean Institute for Women and Politics
KIWP seeks to promote the political interests and concerns of Korean Women; cultivate a democratic political culture within the Korean society; carry out researches to expand women s political participation and provide education and training programs for prospective women political leaders.

Address: Korea Business Center, Room 1910, 1338-21, Seocho-dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, 137-860, Korea
Tel (822) 34740738
Fax (822) 34746193
Email hyejungy@kiwp.or.kr


Korea Women's Associations United (KWAU)
KWAU was created to unite the power of women's organizations working for women's rights and democracy. It has 31 member organizations representing the Korean women's movement. KWAU strives to build an equal society free from institutional discrimination and a democratic country where human rights are guaranteed. It also seeks to achieve the reunification of North and South Korea.

Contact: Cho Young-Sook
Address: 38-84 Changchung-Dong 1KA, Chung-ku, Seoul 100391, Republic of Korea
Tel. (82-2) 273-9535
Fax (82-2) 273-9539
Email info@www.women21.or.kr

Address: Rm. 1305, 13th Floor, The Korean Ecumenical Bldg, #136-56, Yonji-dong, Jongno-ku, Seoul
Tel (822) 708 4620
Fax (822) 708 4622
Email kwwa@chollian.net, kwwnet@jinbo.net, cpww@netsgo.com


Address: 520-3, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-756 Telephone (822) 2106-5295
Fax (822) 2106-5297
Email m_moge@moge.go.kr