Second Semester 2008

Senator Wants More Women in Politics

India Pushes for More Women MPs

Fiji Appoints First Female to Security Council

Gender Equality Group Presents MPs With Kits


235 Female Candidates Equipped Ahead of Election


SADC Ministers Fine-Tune Gender Protocol


Bahrain Government Rejects Proposal to Allow Women to Work From Home


Women Face Tougher Impact from Climate Change


Myanmar Cyclone: Women and Children Make up More Than Half of Victims - UNICEF


Cyclone Nargis: A Sign of Things to Come


Sinking Without Trace: Australia's Climate Change Victims

Australia Needs Years of Heavy Rainfall to Crack Drought: Experts

Professor Offers Other Biofuel Source: Algae


Minnesota Woman Working to Help Cyclone Survivors


Tibetan Women Protest in Nepal, Over 500 Detained


Solomons Women Block Logging Operation


Global Banking Firm to Empower Women


More Women Charge Bloomberg LP with Discrimination


Malaysia Plans Women Travel Curbs


Underground Sport: Saudi Women Shed Veils to Play Basketball


Filipina Recognized for Efforts vs Human Trafficking

Kuwaiti Women Hope To Enter Parliament Despite Obstacles

Fewer Women in India Are Re-Elected Due To De-Reservation

The Philippines Commemorates Woman Suffrage Day

In Indonesia, Quota For Women is the First Step

Australia To Get First Female Governor General

Aung San Suu Kyi Claims Supporters Are Being Beaten

28 Women Voted Into House of Assembly

Women’s Votes Gave Clinton Pennsylvania Win

Drought Hits Millions in the Thai Region

Rush to Biofuel Market Bypass Female Farmers

Humans Overwhelm Climate Equilibrium

Climate Change to Aggravate Food Crisis

Turtles To Be Climate Change Canaries

Warmer Ocean Water Means Less Oxygen

Climate Change Hitting Artic Faster, Harder

New Zealand Glacier  Shrinking Fast

Protest for Gender Equality Results in Injuries

Iraqi Women Take on Roles of Dead or Missing Husbands

A Billion Dollar Raised for Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction

Women Played A Role With Changes In The Islamic World

Iran Women Activists Get Suspended Lashing Sentences

Caritas Signs Up to Women and Development Pledge

Victims Finally Learning To Speak Out Against Japan’s Outdated Rape Laws

Women in Muslim World

First Semester 2008

Fahmida Mirza Takes Her Seat as Pakistan’s First Woman Speaker

Human Rights Activists Urge Mongolia’s Parliament to Cancel the Law on “No Quota for Women”

The “One Million Signatures” Campaign Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws against Women in Iran

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Gets First Woman Judge

Former Philippine President Has Colon Cancer

Kenya’s President Kibaki Asked To Name a Woman Deputy Prime Minister

Female Agenda as Current Affairs’ Issue

Forum Assesses Role of Women in Past Millennium Looks Way Forward

China: Faced With A Water Shortage for the Summer Olympic Games

Australia: Act Now on Climate Change Government Warned

Canada: A Glacial Vanishing Act

Climate Change: A Further Challenge to Gender Equity (How Women and Men Farmers are Affected Differently)

How Much Will It Cost To Fix The Climate?

Climate Change Threatens Amazonian Small Farmers

Is the World Making Progress on Fighting Global Warming?

Climate Change: The World’s Biggest Security Threat

Virginity Pressures for Some Asian Women in Britain

Women Hold Key To Reaching Development Goals

International Women’s Day Rally Forcibly Dispersed

Iraq’s Women: “Our lives were better under Saddam”

Wife Buyers’ Turn to Cambodia after the Vietnam Crackdown

Afghanistan Women Face Rise in Violence

Manila Women Fight Contraception Ban

Abuse of Women Escalates HIV Infection in Africa

Lawmaker Calls for Greater Women in Politics

Most Czechs Believe Number of Women in Politics Insufficient – Poll

Women Gain Ground Slowly in Parliaments, Cabinets

Sensitization of Women in Politics

Women Surpass 30% Quota

United States is Just Average in Terms of Women’s Role in Politics

Women MPs: Afghanistan Ranks 27th

Don’t Underrate Women in Politics

Women are Agents of Change

Women Must Participate in All Aspects of Climate Change Debate, in Particular Decision-Making on Adaptation, Mitigation, say Speakers in Women’s Commission

Include Disaster Risk Reduction In School Curriculum – AAG

Budgeting for a Safer India

Climate Change is Threat to Agriculture: FAO

Cooperation on Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Response

OECD: World Must Act on Climate Change

$300m Disaster Risk Fund Suggested

Climate Change ‘5pc Threat to Economy’

Oyo Embraces Disaster Reduction Policy

March is Women’s History Month

The United Nations Focuses on Challenges Facing Women

Less Violence Vs Women Reported Daily in ’07 - PNP

Women Out in the Cold at Peace Talks

Okinawan Women Fight against GI Abuses

Bridging Gender Divide

U.N.'s Main Women's Body Remains Leaderless

Power of Women Voters

New Party to Focus on Women's Rights

Women Re-Awaken 30 Percent Participation in Government

A ‘First Step’ for Female Involvement in Politics

                    Shattering the Political Glass Ceiling: Local Women Pursue a Passion for Politics

The Female World Leaders' Club

A Woman's Place in Politics

Gender Play and Good Governance

Climate Change Action Hangs in the "Gender" Balance

Putting Gender in Disaster Risk Management Planning

UNDP: Gender Key in Managing Risk

Preparing for Disaster

U.N. Budgeting Bypasses Women

Women Speak Out On Sexual Abuse by Relations

                  Following Passing of a New Law, Cambodia takes Steps Forward

                  in Ending Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Protecting Darfur's Women From Rape

School Textbooks Latest Target of Sexual Apartheid

Over 5,500 Cases of Violence against Women in Morocco in 2007

Fight against Gender Violence

As Myanmar's Economy Crumbles, Prostitution Lures Young

                  Lack of Political Will and the Subordination of Women are Major Barriers to Tackling AIDS

The `She`-Change in Employment

Women in Moroccan Parliament Seek to Change Public Image

Ahead of This Year's Elections

New Cabinet Will Confront Vast Challenges

Rich Surprises Nats with Decision to Quit Politics

Female Lawmakers Seek to Bridge Gender Gap

Women and Politics: More Important than Ever

More Efforts Needed to Empower Women: Erturk

The Question of Quotas

When Women Rule

Have Confidence in Women

China Urges Agreement on Climate Change

                    All-Female Team to Tackle Everest to Spread Climate Change Awareness, Empower Women

Christian Aid and Disaster Risk Reduction

                    Small Island Countries Say Climate Change Already Threatens “Very Existence”,

                    Urge Immediate Aid to Vulnerable States, In General Assembly Debate

Gender Equality Key to Progress

As a Proud Saudi Woman, I Speak

‘Women Entrepreneurship Vital for Economic Development’

Guatemala - Where It's Dangerous to be a Woman

A Few Good Women

Bringing Up Gender Equality

Rape Is Weapon in Kenyan Violence

There's No Surge in Freedom for Iraqi Women in Basra

                    Women in Japanese Local Politics: From Voters to Activists to Politicians

Women and the Politics of Exclusion

Exclusive: Benazir Bhutto's Last Testament

Time For More Women to Get Involved in Politics

Forum Presents Ways to Interest Women in Politics

It’s Not About Feminism. It’s About Hope for Change.

Greater Role of Naga Women in Politics

Nepal Women Seek Greater Political Role

Kurdish Women Hit Glass Ceiling

African First Ladies Fight Violence against Women

UN: Climate Change May Cost $20 Trillion

Gender, Climate Change and Natural Disasters

Environment, Gender Key in Disaster Management

                    To Face Quake, Tsunami: Experts for Long-Term Risk Management Plan

Campaign Launched on Hospitals Safe from Disasters

UNESCO Promotes Gender Equality

U.N. Calls on Saudi Arabia to End Practice of Polygamy

Award for Gender Sensitive Communications

Power Generation by Tribal Women in India

                  Some 250,000 Children Worldwide Recruited to Fight in Wars – UN Official

Saudi Royal Gives Boost to Women Journalists

International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation

Violence Against Women: The Unbearable Status Quo

For Women, Leaning Doesn't Make For Leading

Increase Participation of Women in Politics, Leaders

Women in Politics

For Women, Elections May Be the Milestone That Wasn’t

Politics is Harder on Women

Governance - Group Tasks Women on Representation

Fiji Out of Program for Regional Leaders

A Rising Tide of Empowerment for Women in the Gulf Arab States

Women on Top

Finally, Women Set to Get 33% Quota

                    Global Climate Change, Post Bali Lobbyists, Nepal and the Kyoto Protocol


                    Shivraj Patil Calls upon South Asian Nations to Build

                    Robust System for Disaster Risk Reduction

When Saving Lives Is Not Enough

Earthquakes, Risk Reduction and NGOs  

The Dilemma of Gender and Race

Panel Discusses Women’s Right to Choose

Violence against Women Retards Africa's Development

                    Gender Officers in UN Operations Working to Protect, Promote Women’s Rights

AU Official Opposes ICC Approach to Darfur Rights Abuses

Global Burden of Child Deaths

A Young Girl's Journey: From Iraq to Jordan

No Work for Madrassa Graduates

Group Helps Women Enter Politics

Plight of Women in Politics

Is There a Gender-Specific Leadership Style?

Women - Still Trailing Behind in Politics

Benazir and Feminism

Women in Politics

Women Demand a Fairer Share of Political Power

Gender Politics 2008

15 Women Fight Their Way into Elective Positions in Kenya

Women Leaders in a Violent World

                    Women Bear the Brunt of Climate Crisis: Their Stories from the UN Conference in Bali

Awareness "Key to Ending Discrimination"

Trained to Survive

Wake Up Leaders who Sleepwalk through Climate Change

Prostitution Is Sexual Violence

Forcing the Issue

Unwanted Sex Common among Young Married Women in India

10% of Human Traffickers are Women

Mongolian Women Visit Local Leaders

Canadian Speaker Salutes Women's Role in Kuwait

                    Ongoing Problems: The Increase in Escort Prostitution [“Deriheru”]

Second Semester 2007

In India, A Political Party For Women Only

Gender Politics

Women Ministers March for Quotas

'Spare Women the Rigours of LG Primaries'

Government committed to women's reservation in legislature: PM

Behind Every Great Woman...

Family, Women Minister Considers Micro-Credit Costly

Women in Charge Loses Novelty Factor for Clark and Shipley

Female Mayors Less Bolshie

Government Unveils New Gender Policy

                    General Assembly Debates Strengthening Coordination of

                    United Nations Emergency Humanitarian, Disaster Relief

Women Left Out of Water Talks

                    Call for Good Practices on Gender, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

Women Bear the Brunt of Climate Change

Fighting Climate Change: Human Solidarity in a Divided World

Climate Change - Focusing On How the Vulnerable Can Cope

Measured Response on Warming

Tehran to Get 'Special Police Stations for Women'

Women, Children also Victims of Militarization

Angolan Soldiers Rape Congolese Women

European Parliament to Consider Resolution on Comfort Women

War and Sexual Violence: An Issue of Security

                  More Kids in School, But Adult Illiteracy is a Global Disgrace: UNESCO 

Woman killed in First Pakistan Vote Clash: Police

Paying Lip Service to Equality for Women!

An Equal Right to Life

More Women Needed in Politics: Lib MP

India's First Women-only Political Party Launched

Clinton Focuses on Women's Issues

Female Ministers Rejoice Over Political Empowerment

Jordan Rejects First Woman MP’s Bid to Run in Polls

Conference of Women Legislators in UAE

India's Sonia Gandhi to visit China

Why These Attacks On Women Chasing Political Dreams?

UN Issues Warning on Violence against Women in Post-conflict

Women Peace Laureates Appeal for Myanmar Action

Violence against Women Far Worse

                    International Survey Shows Philippines Tops in Women Managers


                  Vital Voices Ukraine Summit Features Leadership Initiatives for Young Women of Eurasia

Rape Epidemic Raises Trauma of Congo War

Conflict Leaves Women Stranded in Divided Kashmir

Chiefs Fight Violence in the Home


                  Changing Gender Attitudes is the Key to the Achievement of Gender Equality in Azerbaijan


                    ADB-UNICEF Aid for Women, Children displaced by Nepal Conflict

‘Women Better at Politics’

Top Official Stands Up for Nepali Women

Women, Politics and the Internet

Bhutto Should Delay Return

Parties offer Special Fees for Women Aspirants

                  Deputy Governor Wants More Women in Yar'Adua's Government

Ministry to Train Government Officials on Gender Budgeting in Zimbabwe

Are Americans Ready for a Woman President?

Now a New Party for Women’s Cause

Violence against Women is Evil

Saudi Women want to get Behind Wheel

                  Zimbabwean Rights Group says Female Activists Beaten, Abused by Police

India Paper Taps Marginalized Women as Reporters

Atomic Power at Any Cost?

Are Women More Democratic?

                  Mexico expands Opportunities for Women in Male-dominated Military

Make Women’s Literacy a Priority, urges President

                    Former Premier makes Pitch to be First Female President in South Korea

Bigger Voice for Women Vowed

                  Madam Abayaga Advocates Participation of Women in Politics in Ghana

Bligh to Become Queensland’s First Female Premier

Women a Rare Sight in China's Corridors of Power

Sonia Gandhi Lauds Courage of Kashmiri Women

Rafidah: Women Should Get Due Recognition

Moot Demands 33% Seats for Women in Parliament

                    Where are the Women? The Lack of Female Political Leaders in Ghana

The Role of Women

UNICEF wants More Protection for Egyptian Women

                  Alarming Upsurge in Reported Rape of Girls in Côte d’Ivoire, UN reports

China to Act on Gender Imbalance

Saudi Women Kept Off Foreign Missions

A Family Scandal in Afghanistan

Shelter Tries to Rehabilitate Victims of Human Trafficking

FEMM: Gender Issues Still Not on the Agenda

Female Education Remains Key Challenge in Yemen

Dating Violence Warnings Candy-Wrapped in Croatia

                  Minister Inaugurates Women Lawyers' Body

Election may oust Jamaica's Female Prime Minister

Merkel is the Most Powerful Woman: Forbes

Women Demand Greater Say in ODM Decision Making in Kenya

                  Sonia Gandhi, Indra Nooyi among World's 10 Most Powerful Women

Court's New Woman Less Lonely at the Top

UAE Minister of Economy on List of Most Powerful Women

More Reason for Larger Roles by Women

Law + Women = Power

                    Don’t Recognise Wu Yi? You should, She’s the World’s

                    Second Most Powerful Woman

Syrian Women Make Gains in Local Polls

Gender Budgeting

Abortion in the Philippines: A National Secret

"I Almost Have No Fare to Come Back to Nairobi"

                  Governor Aurakzai Sees Change in Attitude towards Women Education

Authorities Tighten Dress Code

                  Government Pledges to Amend Discriminatory Laws - Women Activists

Senate Chief Calls for Probe into Mail-order Bride Racket

“Educate a Woman, You Educate a Nation” – South Africa Aims to Improve its Education for Girls

Helen Clark a Clear Winner with Women Voters in New Zealand

Kuwait’s First Woman Minister Resigns

President Sirleaf Thanks Unity Party Women's Wing

“The Slow March towards Gender Balance in Politics”

CDM Hosts its First Women's Parliament in South Africa